Urozhai i Posevy,

Russian translation of Recoltes et Semaille, memoirs of Alexandre Grothendieck.

A work of Yulia Fridman and Misha Finkelberg.

Yulya and Misha have dedicated this translation to the memory of our highschool friends Anya Pogosyants and Igor Slobodkin, who died in a car crash. Anya was Yulya's and mine classmate, and Igor was a classmate of Misha, from Moscow school #57; they died in Massachussets. They were young and beautiful. Anya and Igor have a homepage.

The Postscript version of the book follows.

The TeX sources of this work are found here. ``Alt'' scheme of Cyrillic encoding is used. In all likeness, these files will never TeX on your machine, unless you are some sort of expert in Russian TeXing (which I am not). I included these for the benefit of folks devoid of Postscript capabilities.

A paper `` propos d'Alexandre Grothendieck'', found through WWW search. This paper appeared in a French popular journal about mathematics: Le Journal de maths.

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