Great Babylon is fallen

Pictures by Pavel Invanov (1990-92), made with black ink on paper. The names are chosen arbitrarily, original pictures had no names.

``tree of life''
``dome of angels''

``mama i nejtronnaya bomba''   

``pis'mena pozabytykh plemen''   
``a place of opulence''
``the solar globe''
(flipside of ``opulence'')
``zagadka zulusov''   
``orgy of the Red Satan''
flipside of ``orgy''
``dimensions of pleasure    
and pain''     
``zavtrak missionera''
``great Babylon is fallen...''
``samaya lyubimaya skazka''
``smertel'nye puli Ivanova''
``the whore of Babylon''
flipside of ``whore''
``zamok pauka''

``...And there followed another angel... saying, Babylon is fallen, she is fallen, that great city... because she made all nations drink of the wine of her fornication...'' -- Rev. 14:8

   Pavel Ivanov.