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Bring back the Circus Maximus
В ленте кто-то спрашивал тексты с альбома
Music, Martinis and Misantropy Бойда Райса ("и друзей").

Вот, нашлись только что "People" -
безусловный шедевр, ага.


Do you ever think about
What a lovely place the world would be
Without all that people
That make life so unpleasant
Without all that small, petty people,
all the ugly, annoying people

Many try not think about it
I like to think about
What could be done to these people
Something cruel
Something mean
Something just
But the meaner the better

Have you ever dreamed of killing all these stupid people
Not just the unintelligent people
But the sort that don't know anything about anything
Yet seem to have opinions about everything
They're only too ready to offer you their advice
about how to run your life
And yet look at how they run their own lives

But the most part, they accomplish nothing
They contribute nothing
Their lives are miserable
But they talk, talk, talk

At very least, their tongues should be cut out
At the very least.

Do you ever wanna kill all the people who tell lies?
They certainly deserve it
Not necessary the big liars, or even those who teach lies as truth

I'm talking about people who say one thing and do another
Or who tell you they've send something express mail when
You know they haven't

Did you ever want to kill all the slow people in the world?
The people who are in front of you when they should be behind you
The Crime that the swift should be held back by the slow
And it's criminal that nothing's done to rectify it.

And what about all the really ugly people?
Add them to the list as well

Some people try not to think about life's ugliness
I've thought about it
I've thought about it quite a lot
Something should be done to these people
Something to make them suffer
The way they've made us suffer

I say
Bring back the Circus Maximus, for starters
unless these weeds are dealt with
They'll poison everything
They are poisoning everything

We need a gardener
A brutal gardener
A thorough, thoughtful gardener

Фантастически красивый и правильный текст.
Относится практически ко всем.

Кроме баб детородного возраста разве что - они
могут родить кого-нибудь не заслуживающего петли.
Шансы, конечно, минимальные, со всем этим генетическим
мусором, до краев заполнившим народный генофонд;
но хоть какие-то.

А так вообще -
Bring back the Circus Maximus.

О да.

Есть люди, сделавшие карьеру из собственной никчемности.
Им не стыдно. Люди живут в собственном бездарном,
бессодержательном и лживом речевом потоке как желудочные
палочки в потоке говна.

Пальцем я не показываю, вы их сами знаете.


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2004-05-09 07:48 (link)
о чорт!


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2004-05-09 09:12 (link)
чёт там понерусски всё. а нет ли текста стихотворения которое бойд читает на том альбоме? начинается "down the whitening pathway, in a garden old...", а заканчивается "and she did. of couse." никак не могу найти. чудный стих....

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