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"Antarctica Journal of Mathematics"
Пришел прекрасный спам

From: anta_j_math05@yahoo.co.in
Subject: [SPAM: 14.95] sir, please submit a paper

Dear Professor
Please submit a paper to our
journal "Antarctica Journal of Mathematics"

You can also submit two hard copies and addresses of
two referees. See journal's website fr Instructions to Authors


(адресаты - два десятка академических е-мэйлов
с maths.gla.ac.uk и maths.liv.ac.uk)

Вообще бизнес печатания математического
журнала - чрезвычайно выгоден, ибо при подписной
цене в $150/год, достаточно продать годовых
200 подписок, чтобы отбить бабки, а 200 академических
библиотек, покупающих вообще все, найдутся всяко.

А ведь можно назначить не $150/год, а $450/год,
многие так и делают и рубят бабки по-конкретному.
Соответственно, математических журналов число
удвоилось, типа, за последние 15 лет.

Но Антарктический Журнал Математики тем особенно
интересен, что издается университетом, которого реально
нет - т.е. конторой, которая продает через Интернет
дипломы о высшем образовании любому желающему.

Таких довольно много уже. В России число
высших учебных учреждений, дающих диплом,
выросло за эти 15 лет в 20 раз, в Америке,
я думаю, и того больше.

Журнал, между прочим, довольно известный.
Вот [ здесь люди обсуждают, бывает ли такой |
здесь люди издеваются над фактом его существования |
а здесь люфи радуются, что их статью туда приняли
и скоро напечатают

А вот домашняя страница
, разноцветности необычайной просто.

Ко мне приходят тонны спама, предлагающие
за бабки настоящий университетский диплом. Причем
приходят, что самое забавное, на е-мэйл, который у меня
остался с тех самых еще времен в harvard.edu.


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2004-06-30 11:07 (link)

А вот, кстати, фото антарктического редактора

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2004-06-30 17:52 (link)
Миша, Кеннеди Вестерн заставляет всеж учиться. Он состоит в detc.org, что предполагает некое аудиторство.
Я,- знаю.

Бумажки любому желающему дают конторы, чьи страницы выглядят подобно антарктическому журналу.
Кеннеди Вестерн там просто от Хуя, нарисован; не причем он тут.

Не к тому что Вы порете Хуйню, нет, а к тому что Вы по ошибке накладваете друг на друга подмножества "очень большое количество заочных учреждений" и "мириады откровенно продающих медкнижки онлайн-ларьков у метро".

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2004-06-30 18:04 (link)

...That's not the case in most states,
which may be why these institutions of
lower learning are proliferating. John Bear, a former FBI consultant,
estimates the diploma-mill industry takes in more than $500 million a year
nationwide, up from about $200 million two years ago.

Alan blames the Internet. "Anybody can set up a Web site that looks like a
real university," Alan says. Even people looking for legitimate mail-order or
Web-based degrees can be fooled.

Alan says, "It's hard to figure out who their faculty really are, hard to figure
out where they are physically located. For example, Kennedy Western
University has a small office in Wyoming, the only place it has a license to
issue degrees. But it has a staff of 80 or 90 people in California, most of
whom are telemarketers."

Date: 04-06-04 10:10


BE VERY CAREFUL. Kennedy-Western University is NOT AN
MILL. In fact if you use them on a resume in many states it
is considered fraud. You can not use your GI Bill with them
as they are not accredited.

If you want to learn more about how bad Kennedy Western
really is, go to www.degreeinfo.com. Click on the
\"Discussion Board\" on the top of the screen. From there do
a search on Kennedy Western.

Kennedy Western is Licn. in Wyoming. This is far from being
accredited. They were kicked out of California and some other
states. In fact, California residence are not allowed to
attend Kennedy Western.

I can't stress how bad this schools reputation is. BE


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2004-06-30 18:17 (link)


K-WU has never been accredited by any recognized agency.

K-WU operated in California under the Authorized category, where it
was not evaluated by state officials.

K-WU still operates in California, but moved its license (twice)
when state authorities changed the rules and would begin evaluating it.

K-WU awards bachelor's degrees for very little work.

K-WU awards life-experience credit towards its graduate degrees,
based on very little or no documentation.

K-WU has claimed spurious accreditation.

Question: What would indicate that K-WU is anything but
illegiitmate? Seriously, is there some aspect of the school that
would indicate otherwise? Anything? Anything at all? Even one little
thing? I'd love to hear it, because I can't recall anyone ever
defending the school except by minimizing the importance of the
facts listed above. Really, just one thing that other people can see
that would lend credence to K-WU. Just one.

Rich Douglas
Senior Member

Cheyenne is also home to Kennedy-Western and

American Global Universities, which have small
offices within a block of each other in the city's
sleepy downtown. An unannounced visit to
Kennedy-Western reveals a quiet and stark basement
office. No one is seated at the front desk to greet
visitors. After several minutes Stephanie Baty, whose
business card reads "Wyoming
Admissions/Coordinator of Alumni and Corporate
Development," appears in the foyer.

She says she is not authorized to answer reporters'
questions, and says the office is primarily used for
data entry. Another person works there with her,
and, she says, a third person will be joining the staff
shortly. The university's Web site
(http://www.kw.edu) encourages students to visit its
"administrative" office in Thousand Oaks, Calif.,
where officials say staff members in admissions,
student services, information services, and
accounting are located.

But the university is barred from enrolling California
students because it is not licensed by the California
Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational
Education. Kennedy-Western also stopped recruiting
Oregon residents through the mail after it was
contacted by Drew A. Lianopoulos, an Oregon
assistant attorney general. In a December letter, he
said the university misleads Oregonians into
believing that a Kennedy-Western degree is
recognized in Oregon, which it is not.

Kennedy-Western honored Mr. Lianopoulos's
request even though officials said the college was
doing nothing illegal. Christine S. Upton, a Los
Angeles lawyer representing the university, wrote in
a January letter to Mr. Lianopoulos that the U.S.
Constitution does not allow Oregon to regulate a
distance-learning institution licensed by another

Kennedy-Western at one time used an Idaho mailing
address, but when it sought renewal of its
registration there in 1998, it was turned away by the
state board of education because the university
lacked accreditation. Robin Dodson, chief academic
officer for the Idaho State Board of Education,
estimates that Kennedy-Western's revenue is
between $6-million to $10-million a year. "It's a big
international operation," he says. His office used to
receive as many as 200 telephone calls a month from
people inquiring about the university, he adds.

Kennedy-Western officials declined to reveal how
many students are enrolled at the university or what
percentage are from foreign countries. They say it
also has offices in Jakarta, Indonesia; Moscow; and

Tuition is based on students' professional experience
and ranges from $4,500 to $8,200. Kennedy-Western
says students do assignments and communicate with
faculty members through the Internet, telephone
calls, and faxes. Students can also take exams and
listen to lectures online, Kennedy-Western officials
say, but the university's Web site has no links to
courses, which are a common feature of accredited
distance-learning institutions. The site does,
however, have an array of marketing features,
including audio clips of unidentified students
enthusiastically promoting the college.

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2004-06-30 18:18 (link)

Еще они тоннами рассылают спам
(ко мне приходил неоднократно)

Такие дела

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