Subject: General Guidelines for Posting to Make Friends and Seem Intelligent
From: M A T T H E W  N.  S H A R P
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1992 06:41:35 GMT
Followup-To: alt.newbie,,alt.geek,misc.test
Organization: Center for Industrail Cultrue[tm]
Keywords: manners hints friendly

Watching the recent (did I say "recent"?  I meant "Watching all the
postings") trend towards Confrontation in this newsgroup, I felt
we all needed to get a new "feel" for what the purpose of this
newsfroup is, and how we can best achieve that purpose.

	G U I D E L I N E S   F O R    P O S T I N G   T O    R . M . I

		by Matthew Neill Sharp

	Purpose of the group:  Many people are under the faulty
	 impression that the purpose of this newsgroup is the
	 exchange of information pertaining to Industrail Cultrue.
	 This is, of course, incorrect.  The purpose of this group,
	 as well as most other groups, is to function as the cathartic
	 outlet for hundreds of angry young people.  With this in mind,
	 it is much easier to lay down a set of Guidelines that will
	 further this purpose, and lead to greater efficiency among
	 its readers.


	1.  Always State Your Opinion As Fact.
	    Never use the phrase "I think" or "I feel."

	2.  Make Sure That You Disagree With As Many People As Possible.
	    It is sometimes difficult to accept a viewpoint
	    other than your own simply for the sake of argument,
	    but it _must_be_done_.

	3.  Attack Other Users Whenever Possible.
	    a) Use profanity as frequently as possible.
	    b) Use colorful metaphors for the Victim's stupidity.
	    c) Attack the spelling errors of the Victim.
	    d) Attack logical fallacies.
	    e) Never attack the substance of the Victim's message.
	       Do not grace it with response.
	    f) Refrain from using RESERVED WORDS (such as "Geek",
	       which I have a monopoly on).
	    g) Use the phrase "Get A Life" frequently, ignoring
	       the fact that you _yourself_ most likely have no life
	       to speak of, and are sitting home on Saturday night,
	       posting to a newsgroup which discusses people you
	       have never met.
	    h) Always claim to be the spokesman of a general consensus
	       against someone.

	4.  Pretend That You Are Wise and Well-Travelled.
	5.  Post With Very Little (If Any) Appropriate Material.

	6.  Use "Smileys" As Often As Possible, And Whenever They Are Not
	    Needed.  This insults people's intelligence quite nicely.
	7.  Delete Pertinant Information To Which You Are Responding.

	8.  If Possible, Do Not Include Any Of The Original Message.

Follow these rules.

Do not question me.

Do as I say.

Matthew Neill Sharp

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Subject: Commerciality
Message-ID: <>
From: (Miles Egan)
Date: 15 Nov 92 08:22:24 GMT
Organization: The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California, USA
Article-I.D.: riscsm.1992Nov15.082224.13842
Lines: 18
Status: RO

        Far be it from me to want to fan the flames of the
old-industrial/dance-industrial debate, but I stumbled across
a quote which seemed particularly relevant:
"Each breakthrough is kidnapped from thee youth/radical culture 
and is emasculated, mutated and rendered impotent. Only then 
is it returned to us packaged and harmless to them, as 
commercial music, token rebellion and obvious yet useless 
anti-social behaviour that not only ensures thee continued 
existence of their omnipotence butter also generates increased 
incoum for their coumfort, security and future research into 
                        Genesis P.-Orridge
                        (in his inimicable orthography)

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From: (Grupo 09 - Sist. Dist. I)
Date: 7 Dec 92 21:00:42 GMT
Organization: UTexas Mail-to-News Gateway
Article-I.D.: spitfire.9212072037.AA29825
Lines: 950
Status: RO

 *This is the universaly printable version of DDK*

 |\      |\      |      /
 |  \    |  \    |    /
 |    \  |    \  |  /
 |      \|      \|/
 |      /|      /|\             
 |    /  |    /  |  \                             __   __       ___     __  
 |  /    |  /    |    \                          |  | |__|      |  | | |_   |
 |/      |/      |      \                        |__| | \       |__| | |__  *


| DISKOS DO KARALHO:             CATALOGO                   Dec/91 to Mar/92 |

                                                  PARENTAL ADVISORY:
                                                  (this file contains 
                                                  VERY explicit lyrics)
                                                  Don't show it to your
                                                  parents. They might
                                                  enjoy it and use it to
                                                  masturbate each other.

  'Discos do Karalho' (Cock Records) is a PORTUGUESE (love it or suck it)
independent record company. The following list is a little sample of our vast,
dazzling, marvellous, delirious, allucinating, perverse, sick and very serious
catalogue (CATALOGO). It includes death-metal bands, grindcore, hardcore,
gorecore, pro-skinhead bands, only racist bands, nigga rap, anti-skin bands,
sugar pop music, portuguese modern music, underground music, blood'n'guts
bands, raggamuffin', experimentalistic slaughter music, industrial hardcore,
techno, techno pop gay, new bite (french/belgium music), hard electronic body
music, techno hardcore, synth-cyber-gay-punk music, religious hardcore music,
ice breaking OSTs, cybercore, onanyst popcorn, noise pop metal music,
electroporn music, fistfuckedcore, chickenshitjazz, psychobilly music,
sonicsperm bands, sonic terrorism, undergoat music (we think goats are sexy
little things, don't you?), orgasmguitar music, speed fucking metal, comunist
folk music, tradicional portuguese hardcore folk music, lickpussycore music,
core dumped music, emptycore bands, segmentation violation OSTs,
minianimalist music, pornoclassic music, bestialityfreakcore bands,
contemporneous portuguese music, chantic goat himallian music, depressive
morbid core bands, rapedancemotherfucker music, fartcore music, Manchester
Gay Music, skarappingcore bands, songs to sing while being sodomized, acid
bath music, acidasscore bands, ...

  ... and, to cut a long story short, ROCK'N'ROLL and other sodominor types of


       ...get ready to be X-HOOKED   (that is to say SHOKED, asshole!)
                 (this is our slogan:)

ddk001: Gonorreia: Cu Vadis                                           lp/cd/k7
ddk003: Mystical Carcass: Gipsy salesmen extermination                lp/cd/k7
ddk004: Mystical Carcass: Bonus                                       10"/cd-s
ddk005: Orgasmik Kadaver: Trip in the testicles                    12"-ep/cd-s
ddk006: Hairy Bitches: Shave your head                                12"/cd-s
ddk007: Hairy Bitches: Shave your pussy                                  lp/cd
ddk008: Virgin Nuns: Tales from the darkness of a pussy             2lp/cd/2k7
ddk009: Mystical Carcass: 69 Asscakes                              12"-ep/cd-s
ddk010: Ex-Virgin Nuns: I wanna have sex with the Pope                12"/cd-s
ddk011: Mystical Carcass: Mass Fucking                                lp/cd/k7
ddk012: Enema: A kind of magic (tribute to Freddie) (Queen)           12"/cd-s
ddk013: EleKtroKutated Pennis: Chainsaw picnic                        12"/cd-s
ddk015: Ex-Virgin Nuns: The Pope is gay                                  lp/cd
ddk016: The Flying Assholes: Look Mom, I've just cut off my pennis       lp/cd
ddk017: Rotten Flesh Eaters (RFE): Your Grannie was tastie has hell!  12"/cd-s
ddk019: Orgasmik Kadaver: Self-mutilation                             lp/cd/k7
ddk020: The Brain Tumour: The barking vagina                             lp/cd
ddk021: Cannibal Women: Please let me suck your cock...               12"/cd-s
ddk022: TV Fuckers: Electrical pleasures                              12"/cd-s
ddk023: Imperialistic Bastards: We want to sodomize
                                the British royal family        10"-limited e.
ddk024: The Flying Assholes: Shit sandwiches                       12"-ep/cd-s
ddk025: Ex-Virgin Nuns: Vibrating crosses                               mlp/cd
ddk027: The Black Nixons: Nuke the Whitehouse!                     12"-ep/cd-s
ddk028: A.I.D.S.: A fuck in the ears                               12"-ep/cd-s
ddk029: Mystical Carcass: Brutal DeLuxe                                  lp/cd
ddk030: The Flying Assholes: Lookout! Here comes shit! (live)            lp/cd
ddk031: The Brain Tumour: Nausea is heaven                               lp/cd
ddk032: Ex-Virgin Nuns: H.I.V. Orgy Live (live)                          lp/cd
ddk033: The Flying Assholes: Everything I kill, I kill it for you (B.Adams)/
                             Brian Adams was raped by my dog          12"/cd-s
ddk034: The Old Rotten Thatcher Vagina: The queen was a Nazi travesti
                                        during the war             12"-ep/cd-s
ddk035: The Black Nixons: Shit in the Bush                              mlp/cd
ddk036: Menstrual Disease: Love with putrefact goats                     lp/cd
ddk038: TV Fuckers: Orgasm on VHF                                     12"/cd-s
ddk040: Mystical Carcass: I wanna be your God (Stooges)            12"-ep/cd-s
ddk041: The Flying Assholes: Let's kill pigeons                    12"-ep/cd-s
ddk042: The Brain Tumour: Shit your brain out! (live)              12"-ep/cd-s
ddk043: Ex-Virgin Nuns: The divinity of menstrual licking               mlp/cd
ddk044: The Ieltsin Bastards: Hail Stalin!                            12"/cd-s
ddk045: The Black Nixons: Fuck up the volume (Marrs)                  12"/cd-s
ddk046: Gonorreia: Aborto!                                               lp/cd
ddk047: Cannibal Women: CockHunting                                     mlp/cd
ddk048: The Brain Tumour: MindCrusher                                    lp/cd
ddk049: The Flying Assholes: The raping of a golden fish              12"/cd-s
ddk050: Ex-Virgin Nuns: CruciFucks                                 12"-ep/cd-s
ddk051: Orgasmik Kadaver: God told me to skin you alive... (live)        lp/cd
ddk052: Sons Of Europe: Swatikas Arise!                                  lp/cd
ddk053: Sons Of Europe: Perfume of a burning Jew                      12"/cd-s
ddk055: Los FistFuckados: Up yours! (live)                         12"-limited
ddk056: The Dancing Vagina: The groove is in your ass                 12"/cd-s
ddk058: RFE: If you find a dead dog in the road,take it with you
             and make a barbecue                                      12"/cd-s
ddk059: Old Rotten Thatcher Vagina: Princess Diana has A.I.D.S.
                                    (I know 'cos it's all my fault)   12"/cd-s
ddk060: Sons Of Europe: Lick my jackboots, nigger!                    12"/cd-s
ddk061: Sons Of Europe: We are the lords (prepare to die, all you scum)  lp/cd
ddk064: Old Rotten Thatcher Vagina: Prince Charles made me a blow-job 12"/cd-s
ddk067: Orgasmik Kadaver: Nose penetration                            12"/cd-s
ddk068: Brain Tumour: Jerusalem virus in your head / Every friday the
                      13th I loose my mind                            12"/cd-s
ddk069: Ex-Virgin Nuns: Clitoris cutting                                mlp/cd
ddk071: The Scatologists: Aplied scatology                         12"-ep/cd-s
ddk072: Los FistFuckados: Measuring the depth of an ass                  lp/cd
ddk073: Sons Of Europe: Auschwitz holiday kamp                          mlp/cd
ddk076: Arian Force: Fuck the turkish                                 12"/cd-s
ddk077: Sons Of Europe: Perfume of a burning Jew (Himmler Mix)        12"/cd-s
ddk078: Enema: Sodomized by a bulldozer                                 mlp/cd
ddk079: The Flying Assholes: I blow pussies for a living                 lp/cd
ddk080: The Flying Assholes: Bitting YOUR Nails                       12"/cd-s
ddk081: Vagina Ice: Ice Dick                                            mlp/cd
ddk082: Menstrual Disease: Licking the anus of a dog                    mlp/cd
ddk083: Masturbate Sequence: Move your ass, burn your dick         12"-ep/cd-s
ddk084: Vagina Ice: Rape, rape baby                                12"-ep/cd-s
ddk085: Brain Tumour: Rape the white grain (Death In June hardcore
                      with Napalm Death beat)                        12"/cd-s
ddk086: The Flying Assholes: The fly (U2 pushed from the last floor
                             of a skyscraper)                      12"-ep/cd-s
ddk087: The Singing Anus: Le mystere des voix analles                    lp/cd
ddk088: TV Fuckers: High definition prostitute                           lp/cd
ddk089: Sons Of Europe: Burn a nigger, make a party! (hurrah!)     12"-ep/cd-s
ddk090: MC Anus: Hey anus, give us dick!                              12"/cd-s
ddk091: Sodomia Fatal: Mae, tenho um furo no cu!                   12"-ep/cd-s
ddk092: Ex-Virgin Nuns: The sin69 (we've done it)                     12"/cd-s
ddk093: The Singing Anus: The stinking opera                            mlp/cd
ddk095: SuperSonic Suckers: The sexuality of a pregnant rat              lp/cd
ddk096: Enema: Klister addikts                                           lp/cd
ddk097: Mystical Carcass: Zombie ejaculation                             lp/cd
ddk098: A.I.D.S.: H.I.V. Roulette                                     12"/cd-s
ddk099: Brain Tumour: TurboRaping                                        lp/cd
ddk100: The Flying Assholes: To all the girls we killed before
                             (greatest hits)                             lp/cd
ddk101: The Flying Assholes: BugBurgers                               12"/cd-s
ddk102: Black Nixons: Rape-a-mania'91                                 12"/cd-s
ddk103: Ieltsin Bastards: Gorby to Siberia, now!                      12"/cd-s
ddk104: Sons Of Europe: Deutschland uber alles(c/ batida Soul To Soul)12"/cd-s
ddk105: Orgasmik Kadaver: Love with the exumated                         lp/cd
ddk106: Orgasmik Kadaver: A picnic at the graveyard /digging for love 12"/cd-s
ddk107: TV Fuckers: Video friction                                      mlp/cd
ddk108: MC Anus: Open your heart                                      12"/cd-s
ddk109: various: A DDK copulation (all covered with blood)               lp/cd
ddk110: The Heretic Christus:Penetration of the pope's amputated head 12"/cd-s
ddk111: The Heretic Christus: In the pope's harem                        lp/cd
ddk112: Orgasmik Kadaver: Licking the slugs that cover your sweet
                          putrified body                           12"-ep/cd-s
ddk113: The Scatologists: The strange texture of horse shit              lp/cd
ddk114: Mystical Carcass: Massive castration                            mlp/cd
ddk115: Ieltsin Bastards: Mother Russia was a whore                      lp/cd
ddk116: Vagina Ice: The teenage prostitutes drug addicts turtles rap  12"/cd-s
ddk117: Ex-Virgin Nuns: Acid orgasm                                      lp/cd
ddk118: Masturbate Sequence: (Watch out) Ricochet                     12"/cd-s
ddk119: The Flying Assholes: Rockaway bitch (Ramones)                 12"/cd-s
ddk120: Brain Tumour: Good Vibrators / Suckin'USA /
                      / California whores (Beach Boys)             12"-ep/cd-s
ddk121: RFE: '9.3' DeadSuckers                                     12"-ep/cd-s
ddk122: The Car Washers: We suck!                                     12"/cd-s
ddk123: IQ Null: Blank (No ideas, no record)                       12"-ep/cd-s
ddk124: Enema: Multifaced anus                                           lp/cd
ddk125: Men Under The Train: Smashed by the TGV (The 1st and last Ep) 12"/cd-s
ddk126: Los FistFuckados: Gloves, butter and a good fist make the world
                          go around                                      lp/cd
ddk127: The Flying Assholes: My collection of cop's dicks          12"-ep/cd-s
ddk128: Toilet Drinkers: A cup of rotten sperm for breakfast          12"/cd-s
ddk129: Mystical Carcass: Encyclopedia of fistfucking                    lp/cd
ddk130: The Dancing Vagina: Fuckadelica                               12"/cd-s
ddk131: Sons Of Europe: Arise Deutschland                                lp/cd

---------------------- Special Xmas 91---------------------------------------
ddk132: SuperSonic Suckers: Silent night ('till we play it) (live)       lp/cd
ddk133: RFE: The flesh of Santa Claus                                    lp/cd
ddk134: Elektrokutated Pennis: XMas time (kill everyone)              12"/cd-s
ddk135: Brain Tumour: Torture Santa Claus, now!                       12"/cd-s
ddk137: various: Katastrofik Kastration: A XMas kolektion      3lp/2cd/4k7/2vd

ddk138: The Flying Assholes: Anal amnesia                                lp/cd
ddk139: IQ Null: Blank II (silence mix)                               12"/cd-s
ddk140: Arian Force: The Jew graveyard profanation                       lp/cd
ddk141: Sons Of Europe: V3                                              mlp/cd
ddk142: Brain Tumour: Desire for a stinking cunt                         lp/cd
ddk143: New Fast Automatic Duffy Ducks: That's all, fucks!         12"-ep/cd-s
ddk146: The Ice Rapers: Venho-me na drive a: (I come in drive a:)  12"-ep/cd-s
ddk147: Toilet Drinkers: From the toilet to the sink                     lp/cd
ddk148: Toilet Drinkers: Piss addicts                                 12"/cd-s
ddk149: The Marching Dicks: Be my slave!                              12"/cd-s
ddk150: The Porno Children Razors: I wanna make a pair of boots with
                                   your skin!                      12"-ep/cd-s
ddk154: Old Rotten Thatcher Vagina: Motherfucker Major                   lp/cd
ddk156: Los FistFuckados: StarDick                                       lp/cd
ddk157: Hairy Bitches: God shave the queen                              mlp/cd
ddk159: SuperSonic Suckers: Submit to imbecility                         lp/cd
ddk160: Sons Of Europe: Duke of Amerikkka                             12"/cd-s
ddk161: MTBF (Medium Time Between Fucks): ShitWare                       lp/cd
ddk162: Gay Submarine: Nuclear nerd                                   12"/cd-s
ddk163: Naughty Nuns: Anus Santus                                        lp/cd
ddk164: Ex-Virgin Nuns: Monastery of sin                                 lp/cd
ddk166: Stoned Roses: Fools goat                                      12"/cd-s
ddk167: Violent Vibrators: The perfect pervert                        12"/cd-s
ddk168: Orgasmik Kadaver: Requiem for God                                lp/cd
ddk169: Political Pimp: Bus bordel                                    12"/cd-s
ddk170: Brain Tumour: Bullshit brain                                     lp/cd
ddk171: Masturbate Sequence: Get off!                                 12"/cd-s
ddk174: The Car Washers: It's a mistake (I connected the hose to my
                         ass)                                         12"/cd-s
ddk176: The Car Washers: United dollars of Benetton                      lp/cd
ddk177: Brain Tumour: Hanged by the balls (live)                       2lp/2cd
ddk179: Church Of Faith: Ecstasy ostia                                   lp/cd
ddk180: Church Of Faith: Unbeliever                                   12"/cd-s
ddk181: NWA (Niggers With Aids): Fucked by the police                 12"/cd-s
ddk182: IQ Null: Blank III (still no ideas)                           12"/cd-s
ddk183: USA (United Sadics Aid) For Afrika: We are the world (still
                                            no food) (hunger mix)     12"/cd-s
ddk185: Animal Liberation Squad: Liberation for the women             12"/cd-s
ddk186: The Car Washers: Oil up your ass                                mlp/cd
ddk187: The Ice Rapers: CYBERia                                          lp/cd
ddk188: The Ice Rapers: Neural cock                                   12"/cd-s
ddk190: New Fat Automatic Duffy Ducks: What's up doc? (my cock!)   12"-ep/cd-s
ddk191: Toilet Drinkers: Heroin, you're my heroin                  12"-ep/cd-s
ddk193: The Ice Rapers: Ice breaking (to reach your pussie)        12"-ep/cd-s
ddk194: The Heretic Christus: Christ was a masochist / Crussifie
                              me, sister (Fatima Mix)                 12"/cd-s
ddk195: The Car Washers: My job realises all my sexual fantasies   12"-ep/cd-s
ddk197: The Heretic Christus: The erotic Christus                        lp/cd
ddk198: Gonorreia: As tuas mamas sao boas... grelhadas!            12"-ep/cd-s
ddk199: The Porno Children Razors: An X-rated murder                     lp/cd
ddk200: The Flying Assholes: Get that dick out of my nose             12"/cd-s
ddk201: The Flying Assholes: Get that boot out of my ass                 lp/cd
ddk202: Mystical Carcass: A rave on your dismembered flesh               lp/cd
ddk203: The Singing Anus: Chemical warfare (Dead Kennedys)            12"/cd-s
ddk204: The Car Washers: A kick of gasoline (the best!)               12"/cd-s
ddk205: Toilet Drinkers: Taking my brain for a walk                      lp/cd
ddk206: Ex-Virgin Nuns: Matinal sickness (tens uns dias de atraso...) 12"/cd-s
ddk207: IQ Null: Zero Blaster (bynary music, only zeros)              12"/cd-s
ddk208: Ratas Do Porao: Anarcofodia                                      lp/cd
ddk209: Sodomia Fatal: (33 pontos) Remendo anal                          lp/cd
ddk210: Arian Force: Flag of honor                                    12"/cd-s
ddk211: The Flying Assoles: Holidays in Croacia                         12"-ep
ddk212: Ice Rapers: 1.44 Megaecstasy                                  12"/cd-s
ddk213: Viva Fidel: Cuba Libre!                                       12"/cd-s
ddk214: Mystical Carcass: The principles of sadism                       lp/cd
ddk215: Young Goats: Young Goats plays Curte a velha                     lp/cd
ddk216: Gay Submarin: Putting cookies in the ass                         lp/cd
ddk217: Viva Fidel: Povo unido!                                       12"/cd-s
ddk219: Bombeiro Em Chamas: The Chiado campfire tapes                    lp/cd
ddk220: Mc Anus: Get out (of my ass)!                                 12"/cd-s
ddk221: The Flying Assholes: (I was) Born in East Timor(B.Springsteen)12"/cd-s
ddk222: Viva Fidel!: (Gimmie gimmie) American dollars                    lp/cd
ddk223: Vacas Loucas: Leite Frenetico                                 12"/cd-s
ddk224: Metallicking: And fucking for all                               2lp/cd
ddk225: MTBF: My spitfire is down                                     12"/cd-s
ddk226: Young Goats: The father, the son and the holy goat            12"/cd-s
ddk227: Cartel De Mendilin: La Cocaracha                              12"/cd-s
ddk228: The Porno Children Razors: Porno Xmas for everyone               lp/cd
ddk230: Weekend Hooligans: Mummy i want a brain for my head           12"/cd-s
ddk231: Eric ClaptAnus: (Desperetly seeking) Cocaine                  12"/cd-s
ddk232: IQ Null: Nil Class                                            12"/cd-s
ddk233: The Car Washers: Sniff that gas                               12"/cd-s
ddk234: Sodomia Fatal: Festa danus                                    12"/cd-s
ddk236: IQ Null: Empty as emptyness itself                            12"/cd-s
ddk237: The Car Washers: Sniff that gas (traque mix)                  12"/cd-s
ddk238: SuperSonic Suckers: Kleenex safe sex                             lp/cd
ddk239: Sons Of Europe: White arian male                                 lp/cd
ddk240: Vagina Ice: Vagina mice                                          lp/cd
ddk243: Old Rotten Thatcher Vagina: Prince Charles is impotent (ahah mix)lp/cd
ddk245: Viva Fidel!: We're alone                                         lp/cd
ddk247: A.I.D.S.: Sex party (Infect everyone)                         12"/cd-s
ddk248: IQ Null: No imagination,no ideias, no nothing
                 (1 lado preto e os outros tambem)                         2lp
ddk249: Skinhead O'Connor: Nothing compares to your cock              12"/cd-s
ddk250: The Ieltsin Bastards: KGB (Kick Gorbatchev on the Bunda)         lp/cd
ddk252: Blood Sucking Freaks: Menstrual Orgy                          12"/cd-s
ddk253: International Gay Club (IGC): The more you love, the more your
                                      anus get larger (the worry mix) 12"/cd-s
ddk254: Masturbate Sequence: ChromeCondom                             12"/cd-s
ddk258: Chernobyl Beat: Radioactive ejaculation                          lp/cd
ddk260: Orgasmik Kadaver: The putrified Record (greastest hits)          lp/cd
ddk261: The Brain Tumor: Drill your brain                                lp/cd
ddk262: The Brain Tumor: Leaking brain                                12"/cd-s
ddk263: Brian Anus: Sodomy of 69                                      12"/cd-s
ddk264: Porno Children Razors:Bleeding ass 'cos of razor fucking(yeah)12"/cd-s
ddk265: IGC: The art of licking dick                                     lp/cd
ddk266: The Scatologists: The sexual life of horse shit                  lp/cd
ddk267: Imponent Impotent: Public obrigatory torture is a good idea!     lp/cd
ddk268: Los Fistfuckados: The greatest fists                             lp/cd
ddk270: Young Goats: La peau rouge (After a good spanking)               lp/cd
ddk271: Ergue-te Portugal: Skinalhada amiga                           12"/cd-s
ddk272: Arian Force: Arrest Nelson Mandela                            12"/cd-s
ddk273: Aborted Dog: Nothing like a blood bath for the skin              lp/cd
ddk274: World Corporation Of Suckers: I buied the Moon                   lp/cd
ddk275: Chernobyl Beat: Nuclear Asshole                                  lp/cd
ddk277: IQ Null: A pennis for an idea (still no nothing)              12"/cd-s
ddk279: Toilet Drinkers: Licker of solid dejects                      12"/cd-s
ddk280: The Flying Assholes: Welcome to the MasturbateDrome              lp/cd
ddk282: The Flying Assholes: Shit is good food (Dead Kennedys)        12"/cd-s
ddk283: Ex-Virgin Nuns: Ex-Virgin Mary                                   lp/cd
ddk284: SuperSonic Suckers: Who da fuck are da World Corporation of
                            Suckers?                                  12"/cd-s
ddk285: World Corporation of Suckers:MotherFuckers SuperSonicSuckers  12"/cd-s
ddk286: The Car Washers: Your kiss made me want to piss               12"/cd-s
ddk287: Los Fistfuckados: Pisame, pisame mucho (como se fuera esta
                          noche la ultima vez)                        12"/cd-s
ddk289: Maconna: Lick a virgin                                        12"/cd-s
ddk290: Mystical Carcass: The McDonald's pneumatic hammer massacre       lp/cd
ddk291: Ice Rapers: Trip in the sex net                                  lp/cd
ddk292: Ice Rapers: Gif's BBS / (Hours later) My hand hurts...        12"/cd-s
ddk293: MTBF: Cybernetic perverts                                        lp/cd
ddk294: MTBF: The Microsoft mousefucking                              12"/cd-s
ddk296: Ex-Virgin Nuns: Divine pleasures-Sodomized Christus              lp/cd
ddk297: The Brain Tumour: Fuck my ears! / Gimme noise!                12"/cd-s
ddk298: Hot Ass & Sharp Stick: Spin me around (Dead Or Alive)   12"-limited e.
ddk299: Hanna Thommy Lesson: Take off one of my pubic hairs by
                             introducing your hand in my mouth        12"/cd-s
ddk300: Hanna Thommy Lesson: Where a pennis begin                        lp/cd
ddk302: Sharp Stick: God told me to fuck you alive
                     (macumba-ate-a-morte mix)                        12"/cd-s
ddk303: Hanna Thommy Lesson: Undress your skin and let me salt you    12"/cd-s
ddk304: Sex In June: The guilty have no pennis                          mlp/cd
ddk305: 69th Comm: The eternal copulation                                lp/cd
ddk306: The Car Washers: Car Washing (with my tongue...)                 lp/cd
ddk307: The Heretic Christus: Pope's headkick                            lp/cd
ddk308: The Heretic Christus: Heaven's freezing / Burn in hell        12"/cd-s
ddk309: Burning Tits: Fried eggs                                      12"/cd-s
ddk310: Burning Tits: Fist me!                                           lp/cd
ddk311: Sons Of Europe & Intifada: Forget the stones, let's drop the
                                   bombs!                             12"/cd-s
ddk312: Orgasmik Kadaver: Enslaved corpse                               mlp/cd
ddk313: IQ Null: C'est fini (before it really began)                  12"/cd-s
ddk314: IQ Null: Forever blank                                           lp/cd
ddk315: Sex In June: The porn years                                         cd
ddk317: A.I.D.S.: The H.I.V. Xmas circus                                 lp/cd
ddk318: Sex In June: Cathedral of beers                                     cd
ddk319: Burning Tits: Wet, wet, wet!                               12"-ep/cd-s
ddk320: MudGirls: If you love me, lick me!                            12"/cd-s
ddk321: Orgasmik Kadaver: The romanticism of a mortuary chapel           lp/cd
ddk322: Mystical Carcass: A satanic mass on your pubic forest            lp/cd
ddk323: The Porno Children Razors: Watch out, ladies! Gonna shave your
                                   pussies!                           12"/cd-s
ddk323: The Flying Assholes: Raping paralitic old ladies           12"-ep/cd-s
ddk324: Ozzy Assburn: Satan is sexy                                   12"/cd-s
ddk325: Crippled Minds: Don't you (forget about my cock)               12"/cd-s
ddk328: Burning Tits: Burning bra                                        lp/cd
ddk329: Brain Tumour: Fuck like a beast                                  lp/cd
ddk330: Sex In June: My balls that summer                               2lp/cd
ddk332: Los Fistfuckados: Fists of love (tribute to Steve Albini)     12"/cd-s
ddk333: The Legendary Pink Cocks: Any gay now                            lp/cd
ddk334: Amazonian Freedom Fighters: Sodomize Sting                 12"-ep/cd-s
ddk335: The Cannibals: Stuff sweet Stephanie in the microwave
                       (troma mix)                                    12"/cd-s
ddk336: Masochist Communist: Sexual affair with Lenin's brain            lp/cd
ddk337: The Coprophiliacs: Shit banquet                                  lp/cd
ddk338: Masturbate Sequence: 1,2,3...C'est fini! (fast guy mix)       12"/cd-s
ddk339: The Legendary Pink Cocks: Island of gays                         lp/cd
ddk340: Amazonian Freedom Fighters: The Amazonian tree chainsaw massacre lp/cd
ddk341: Amazonian Freedom Fighters: Amazonian indian barbacue         12"/cd-s
ddk342: Altered Beast: My romance with a goat                            lp/cd
ddk343: Altered Beast: Dog rapers                                     12"/cd-s
ddk344: Hairy Bitches: Shaved by the police                              lp/cd
ddk345: Hanna Thommy Lesson: Fullfill my holes and make me some new ones
                             (and fullfill them too)                   3lp/2cd
ddk346: Hanna Thommy Lesson: Take a deep breath and shit your
                             toothplate in 3 seconds                  12"/cd-s
ddk347: Los Fistfuckados: The worship of Pope's arm                      lp/cd
ddk348: The Cannibals: Everybody has something good inside               lp/cd
ddk349: The Cannibals: Your skin! Give it to me! NOW!                 12"/cd-s
ddk351: The Legendary Pink Cocks: The golden ass                         lp/cd
ddk352: (Hot) Babes In Disneyland: Raped by Mickey Mouse              12"/cd-s
ddk353: Coco Twins: Heaven on las vergas                                 lp/cd
ddk354: Orgasmik Kadaver: Graveyard orgy                                 lp/cd
ddk355: Ice Rapers: Bug in brainware (tribute to William Gibson)   12"-ep/cd-s
ddk357: The Legendary Pink Cocks: The crushed velvet afuckalypse         lp/cd
ddk358: Cow Ill: Horse masturbator                                       lp/cd
ddk359: Sex In June: Heaven strip                                     12"/cd-s
ddk360: 69th Comm: Turn of the drill                                        cd
ddk361: Cow Ill: The unreleased sperm of Hellraiser                12"-ep/cd-s
ddk364: David Boi: Fist in, fist out                                  12"/cd-s
ddk365: Amazonian Freedom Fighters: Ecologist hunting season             lp/cd
ddk366: Children Of Hiroshima: Eat your lunch and shit your lungs     12"/cd-s
ddk368: Possessed Priests: Wanna be sodomized by one of Linda Blair's
                           dildoes                                    12"/cd-s
ddk369: Happy Bondage: Happy bondage to you...                        12"/cd-s
ddk370: Chernobyl Beat: Euroxima                                         lp/cd
ddk372: Toilet Drinkers: Stealing people's nails (Dead Kennedys)      12"/cd-s
ddk373: Children Of Hiroshima: Falling apart (thank you, oncle Sam!)  12"/cd-s
ddk374: Sex In June: Brown cock (guess where it got that color...)       lp/cd
ddk375: (Hot) Babes In Disneyland: In bed with all Disneyland            lp/cd
ddk376: Mystical Carcass: Love in a pool of blood                        lp/cd
ddk377: 69th Comm: Turning people into SOAP!                            2lp/cd
ddk378: Caw Ill: Lusty and Sodomized Dead (L.S.D.)                       lp/cd
ddk379: Happy Bondage: A good pussy is a tied one                     12"/cd-s
ddk380: Children Of Hiroshima: I wanna hold your hand! (Beatles)      12"/cd-s
ddk382: Burning Tits: I love each cock!                               12"/cd-s
ddk383: Flying Assholes: 5 year old girl with no pants on! (oba,oba)    mlp/cd
ddk384: Sex In June: 93 bloody fun drills                               mlp/cd
ddk385: Happy Bondage: James Bondage/James sodomized by their guitars 12"/cd-s
ddk386: The Marching Dicks: Gonna rape your navel, babe!           12"-ep/cd-s
ddk387: Children Of Hiroshima: I kissed her and then I had 43 teeth   12"/cd-s
ddk388: Brian Anus: Raping up the neighbours                             lp/cd
ddk389: Brian Anus: Kids wanna cock                                   12"/cd-s
ddk390: MudGirls: Mud best                                               lp/cd
ddk391: Burning Tits: Enslaved virgins                                   lp/cd
ddk395: MTBF: Virtual fucking                                            lp/cd
ddk396: MTBF: MTBF meets the gay computer                             12"/cd-s
ddk397: Brain Tumour: The Smoking Vagina                                 lp/cd
ddk399: Enema: Brown bed                                                 lp/cd
ddk400: Cu-rent 69: A song for Douglas... in his bed!                 12"/cd-s
ddk401: Young Goats: Boy meets goat                                   12"/cd-s
ddk402: Orgasmik Kadaver: Desire for skeletons                     12"-ep/cd-s
ddk406: The Heretic Christus: War to Vatican!                            lp/cd
ddk407: Sons Of Europe: Jews walking into the incenerator /
                        Rape all the niggers with their own dicks!    12"/cd-s
ddk408: Happy Bondage: Tight nooses make me wet                       12"/cd-s
ddk409: Orgasmik Kadaver: Achiving orgasm in the moment of death      12"/cd-s
ddk411: Les Putains De Paris: Pascal anal (turbo mix)                 12"/cd-s
ddk412: Sadistic Nurses: Euthanasian freak                         12"-ep/cd-s
ddk413: The Cannibals: Meat is murder (smix)                          12"/cd-s
ddk414: Los Fistfuckados: Fisted by the police                           lp/cd
ddk415: Possessed Priests: Exorcize me / Bring me a bucket            12"/cd-s
ddk417: Les Putains De Paris: Les chiens enculees (Vuillemin sadomix) 12"/cd-s
ddk418: Les Putains De Paris: L'affair Tintin 1 - Tintin aux putes       lp/cd
ddk419: Sadistic Nurses: Bisturi addicts                                 lp/cd
ddk420: Sadistic Nurses: The old lady beat box                        12"/cd-s
ddk421: Freiras Marotas: Anus de Deus (Agnes mix)                     12"/cd-s
ddk423: Les Putains De Paris: L'affair Tintin 2- La bite de cpt. Haddock lp/cd
ddk424: RFE: Airplane crash banquet                                      lp/cd
ddk426: Toilet Drinkers: The Dazzling adventures of the toilet mouth man lp/cd
ddk427: Les Putains De Paris: L'affair Tintin 3 - Castafiore gay party   lp/cd
ddk428: IQ Null: Static                                                     lp
ddk429: Metallicking: Fuck'em all                                        lp/cd
ddk430: Imponent Impotent: Who wants to fuck forever? (Queen)         12"/cd-s
ddk431: Los Fistfuckados: Sand in your vaseline                       12"/cd-s
ddk432: A.I.D.S.: It's a kind of Magic (NBA mix)                      12"/cd-s
ddk433: Arian Force: Hitler sodomy party                                 lp/cd
ddk434: Arian Force: I want to smell Eva Braun's panties              12"/cd-s
ddk436: New Kidneys On The Cock: New killings on the block               lp/cd
ddk437: A.I.D.S.: Who wants to live forever (2nd tribute to freddie)  12"/cd-s
ddk439: Sugar Cocks: Sick for boys                                    12"/cd-s
ddk440: Church Of Faith: Kill, kill, kill, the priests(Dead Kennedys) 12"/cd-s
ddk441: SuperSonic Suckers: I drill children(tribute to Jello Biafra) 12"/cd-s
ddk442: The Old Rotten Thatcher Vagina: Suckingham palace                lp/cd
ddk443: Flying Assholes: Raping Disneyland                               lp/cd
ddk444: Cu-rent 69: The bed of the porn                               12"/cd-s
ddk445: Los Fistfuckados: Dreaming about being fisted by Ranxerox        lp/cd
ddk446: The Legendary Pink Cocks: The Fuckers                            lp/cd
ddk449: Huge Black: The chainsaw party                                   lp/cd
ddk450: Burning Tits: You said it would hurt, didn't you?             12"/cd-s
ddk451: The Flamming Pistachios: The fly of the rotten tomatoes          lp/cd
ddk452: IQ Null: Niente!                                                 lp/cd
ddk454: The Dancing Vagina: The clapping vagina theme                 12"/cd-s
ddk456: World Corporation Of Suckers: Viva las vergas (we have a tribute
                                      to Jello Biafra too!)           12"/cd-s
ddk457: ElectroBite: La Merdelhese ( Cresson mix)                     12"/cd-s
ddk459: The Shitheaded Ukranian: I kissed Gorbie lips                 12"/cd-s
ddk460: IQ Null: Nada!                                                   lp/cd
ddk461: Huge Black: Pissing complection                               12"/cd-s
ddk463: SuperSonic Suckers: InVagine    (John Lennon)                 12"/cd-s
ddk464: Pastor Sem Olho: Ovelha ranhosa                                  lp/cd
ddk467: ElectroBite: Hymne pour Le Penn                               12"/cd-s
ddk468: The Flying Assholes: Massive Masturbation                     12"/cd-s
ddk470: Aborted Dog: Raping dead rats is good for health                 lp/cd
ddk471: IQ Null: Rien!                                                   lp/cd
ddk473: (Hot) Babes In DisneyLand: To motherfucker                       lp/cd
ddk474: Toilet Drinkers: Bottle full of piss                          12"/cd-s
ddk475: Ex-Virgin Nuns: Praying for a cock                               lp/cd
ddk476: Ieltsin Bastards: Boris Rules!  (bye bye gorbie mix)          12"/cd-s
ddk477: Prince (of Gays): Batmuma                                     12"/cd-s
ddk478: Prince (of Gays): When dicks cry                              12"/cd-s
ddk479: The Flamming Pistachios: FP is our name and stupidity is
                                 our game                                lp/cd
ddk480: Electrobite: De Paris jusqua a Le Cap(ado)                       lp/cd
ddk481: Fuck Collins: She's an easy lady (also known as whore)        12"/cd-s
ddk482: ElectroBite: Arabe emmerdeur                                  12"/cd-s
ddk483: Masturbate Sequence: The ejaculation jump competition         12"/cd-s
ddk484: X2: Ass tune, babe                                               lp/cd
ddk485: X2: Misterious gays                                           12"/cd-s
ddk487: MTBF: Byte in the ass                                         12"/cd-s
ddk488: Masturbate Sequence: Right in the eye!                        12"/cd-s
ddk489: Burning Tits: Bite my tits                                       lp/cd
ddk490: MTBF: A deadlock means a dead cock                               lp/cd
ddk493: Sumiticos: Strange gays here we come!                            lp/cd
ddk494: Sumiticos: I sucked something I couldn't finish               12"/cd-s
ddk495: Jimi Xentrix: Are you ex-pennisless?                            2lp/cd
ddk499: Sugar Cocks: Wife is good food                                   lp/cd
ddk500: Sumiticos: The queen in bed                                      lp/cd
ddk501: Sumiticos: The boy with a cock in his eye                     12"/cd-s
ddk502: The Flying Assholes: Rape around the clock                    12"/cd-s
ddk505: Os Cu-ras: Gays don't cry                                     12"/cd-s
ddk507: Mao Porca: Coracoes cornudos                                     lp/cd
ddk508: Orgasmik Kadaver: I love you (but you're not dead! So I have
                          to kill you. Don't you think so?)           12"/cd-s
ddk509: Brain Tumour: Obrigatory lobotomization to everyone, NOW!     12"/cd-s
ddk510: Os Cu-ras: In between gays                                    12"/cd-s
ddk511: (Hot) Babes In Disneyland: The spanked marine                    lp/cd
ddk514: World Corporation Of Suckers: Whore without cunt                 lp/cd
ddk515: Os Cu-ras: Three invaginated boys                                lp/cd
ddk516: Cu-rent 69: Mice land (the paradise of all the hungry asses)     lp/cd
ddk519: Cow Ill: Spankology                                              lp/cd
ddk520: Sumiticos: Deep mouth sucks again                             12"/cd-s
ddk525: Crippled Minds: Once upon a crime                                 lp/cd
ddk526: Ice Rapers: Ghost in my computer / Supernatural turbopascanal 12"/cd-s
ddk527: Young Goats: When a man loves a goat                          12"/cd-s
ddk528: Gays'n'roses: Living pet's die                                12"/cd-s
ddk529: Simply Dead: Scars                                            12"/cd-s
ddk532: Sumiticos: Girlfriend in a cama                               12"/cd-s
ddk533: MTBF: Turbobacanal                                               lp/cd
ddk534: Aphonic Youth: Dirty Boot(fucking)                              mlp/cd
ddk535: Skinny Pussy: fufuFUCKEDfuck                                     lp/cd
ddk536: Vacas Loucas: Chupando a via lactea (no imagination mix)      12"/cd-s
ddk537: Os Cu-ras: Piss me, Piss me, Piss me                            2lp/cd
ddk538: Os Cu-ras: The perfect goat (tribute to a dead imagination)   12"/cd-s
ddk539: Huge Black: Bad pennis                                        12"/cd-s
ddk540: Huge Black: Songs about sucking                                  lp/cd
ddk541: IQ Null: No imagination, no records, no record company. The END.    cd
ddk543: Sumiticos: Kill around the fountain                           12"/cd-s
ddk548: IQ Null: Empty set                                               lp/cd
ddk550: RFE: Graveyard's dog food                                     12"/cd-s
ddk551: Burning Tits: The greatest tits! (...arf, arf)                   lp/cd
ddk552: The Legendary Pink Cocks: E' khu hard con caspa                  lp/cd
ddk554: Sumiticos: Hole full of balls                                    lp/cd
ddk555: Sumiticos: Cemetry goat                                       12"/cd-s
ddk558: IQ Null & Ice Rapers: Formatted Brain                           2lp/cd
ddk560: Aphonic Youth: (Perverse) sister                                 lp/cd
ddk561: Aphonic Youth: I got a catholic cock                          12"/cd-s
ddk562: Skinny Pussy: To dark pussy                                      lp/cd
ddk563: Sex In June: Europa and the goats of heaven                   12"/cd-s
ddk564: Cu-rent 69: As the world piss a pear (live)                      lp/cd
ddk565: RapeWomen: Two nuns on the back of a mule                        lp/cd
ddk568: Aphonic Youth: (Into) Bed's mom diving                           lp/cd
ddk569: Aphonic Youth: All society in her hole (What a big bitch mix) 12"/cd-s
ddk571: Echo Rape The BunnyMen: Songs to lick and suck                   lp/cd
ddk572: Orgasmik Kadaver: Necroticism - The state of the art
                          (A copulation of single... corpses)           2lp/cd
ddk574: Sumiticos: Pretty gays make graves                            12"/cd-s
ddk575: Airborn Cocks: Sky diving into your ass                       12"/cd-s
ddk576: Sweet Grannies: Kick them in the balls                           lp/cd
ddk577: Sweet Grannies: Cute little baby (in the microwave)           12"/cd-s
ddk578: The Wondersmuck: The eight cock fuck machine                     lp/cd
ddk579: TrashVision Dump: Papar-te                                       lp/cd
ddk580: TrashVision Dump: I want your glove                           12"/cd-s
ddk581: Michael Nudeman: The cock, the beef, this knife and her cutter
                         (advantages of sexual ablation) (ost)           lp/cd
ddk582: Erector Zazou: Gynaecologies                                     lp/cd
ddk583: In The Nurse: Phda                                              lp/cd
ddk584: Gore Division: Hung nun pleasures                                lp/cd
ddk585: Love & Buckets: Wet dream of teenage non-stop ejaculator         lp/cd
ddk587: 10000 Mean Jacks: All for one and pussy for all                  lp/cd
ddk588: The Exploding Wedding Present: Bride flesh all over the world    lp/cd
ddk589: The Exploding Wedding Present: Bride's eyes droping on the bride
                                       cake                           12"/cd-s
ddk590: The Soap Cunts: Penis wash and piss bubbles                      lp/cd
ddk591: Skinny Pussy: Skin balls, pussy head                          12"/cd-s
ddk594: The Living-Dead Kennedys: Fresh cunts for rotting cocks          lp/cd
ddk595: The Wondershmuck: Never sodomized Elvis (unfortunately)          lp/cd
ddk596: Michael Nudeman: The slaughtered man's contract (ost)            lp/cd
ddk597: In The Nurse: Horse Sperm Storm                                  lp/cd
ddk598: The Gores: Morrison barbecue hotel                               lp/cd
ddk599: Aphonic Youth: Live at the anal singing festival                 lp/cd
ddk600: Cock Cock: Cockroach testicle                                    lp/cd
ddk601: BrocheLand: I'm gonna suck you up                             12"/cd-s
ddk602: Fuck Collins: Su-Suck-udio                                    12"/cd-s
ddk603: Sons Of Europe: Sliced piece of Jew                           12"/cd-s
ddk604: The Flying Assholes: Give Piss a chance (John Lennon)         12"/cd-s
ddk605: Brain Tumor: Smelly socks, Saddam sucks                             cd
ddk606: Imponent Impotent: Too sexy for your dick                        lp/cd
ddk607: Tv Fuckers: Video killed the radio penetrations               12"/cd-s
ddk609: The Old Rotten Thatcher Vagina: God sodom the Queen              lp/cd
ddk610: Cu-lture Cu-lambe: Do you really want to hurt my cock?        12"/cd-s
ddk612: Lesbian Attack: Lick the Queen                                   lp/cd
ddk613: Ex-Virgin Nuns: Vatican's sexual orgy                            lp/cd
ddk614: SuperSonic Suckers: Ozone hole penetration                       lp/cd
ddk615: Durex Durex: Hungry for a cock                                12"/cd-s
ddk616: Fuck Collins: Agains all cocks                                12"/cd-s
ddk619: Sumiticos: William, it was really nothing ( Broxou mix)       12"/cd-s
ddk620: Os Cu-ras: All cocks are grey                                 12"/cd-s
ddk621: Os Cu-ras: Standing on a bitch                                  2lp/cd
ddk623: Maconna: Dickless Tracy                                       12"/cd-s
ddk624: Lesbian Attack: Finger long, pleasure dome                        cd-s
ddk626: Dick-Lite: World Dick                                            lp/cd
ddk627: Arian Force: Blood from a dead immigrant                      12"/cd-s
ddk628: IQ Null: ' '                                                   3lp/2cd
ddk630: Os Cu-ras: Head on the cock                                         cd
ddk632: The Sucking Stones: (i can get enough) satisfation (with only
                             one gallon bottle in the ass)            12"/cd-s
ddk634: The Flying Assholes: Sodomize by a parachute sky diving          lp/cd
ddk637: The Flying Assholes: Let it bite (Beatles)                    12"/cd-s
ddk638: MTBF: Menage-a-Trois with C and Pascal                        12"/cd-s
ddk639: The Sucking Stones: Under-cock-er of the night                12"/cd-s
ddk640: Criancas Violadas: Enrabados pelo lobo mau                       lp/cd
ddk643: Weekend Hooligans:Nice going mom, you just hit a nigger with
                          my truck                                    12"/cd-s
ddk644: Michael Nudeman: A pennis and two nuts (ost)                     lp/cd
ddk646: Nick Slug & The Bed Pissers: Your funeral... Orgasms for all     lp/cd
ddk647: Vagina Ashtray: Smoke from a darkened roasted heart              lp/cd
ddk648: World Insemination Enterprises: Live AIDS                        lp/cd
ddk649: The Butthole Sniffers: Stinking winds                            lp/cd
ddk650: Michael Nudeman: Disembowling by numbers (ost)                   lp/cd
ddk655: Samantha Fucks: The pill sessions                          12"-ep/cd-s
ddk656: Silicone Youth: Hot girl's melting tits                       12"/cd-s
ddk657: The Hungry Cocks: Lydia for lunch                             12"/cd-s
ddk658: Michael Nudeman: Prospero's Fucks (ost)                          lp/cd
ddk659: Sex In June: State slaughter                                  12"/cd-s
ddk661: MTBF: MTBF meets the junky computer                              lp/cd
ddk662: MTBF: Control capa capa                                       12"/cd-s
ddk663: Aphonic Youth: Gay realm nation                                 2lp/cd
ddk664: Aphonic Youth: Eric's strip                                   12"/cd-s
ddk665: John Porn: Naked pissy                                           lp/cd
ddk666: In The Nurse: Le strip                                           lp/cd
ddk667: Dead Fuck Dance: Within the bean of a flying nun                 lp/cd
ddk668: Dead Fuck Dance: The sodoming of the muse                     12"/cd-s
ddk669: Sex In June: She said destroy me with your brand new cock     12"/cd-s
ddk670: Aphonic Youth: Sperminator Jr                                 12"/cd-s
ddk671: The Living-Dead Kennedys: In god we thrust                 12"-ep/cd-s
ddk672: Michael Nudeman: The appendix and other surgeries                lp/cd
ddk676: Anti-Gay Club: Land of milk and shit                             lp/cd
ddk678: Testicle Department: Merda Firma                                 lp/cd
ddk679: World Corporation Of Suckers: Gengis Kunt                        lp/cd
ddk680: Rancho Fucklorico Alentejano: Fui ao rabinho da Celeste       12"/cd-s
ddk681: Orgasmik Kadaver: Grave voyeur                             12"-ep/cd-s
ddk682: Car Washers: To come in the gas pipe (greatest fucks)            lp/cd
ddk684: The Living-Dead Kennedys: Sircumcision surgery disasters         lp/cd
ddk685: Murder Industry: Worst then AIDS                                 lp/cd
ddk686: Flying Assholes: Greatest assholes (live hits)                   lp/cd
ddk687: Flying Assholes: Asshole (2 trains missing!)                  12"/cd-s
ddk688: Michael Nudeman: L'enculee de Paris                              lp/cd
ddk689: Queer: I want to rape a bicycle                               12"/cd-s
ddk690: Sex In June: Fucking horse night                              12"/cd-s
ddk691: Altered Beast: Horsed                                            lp/cd
ddk693: Army Boot: Gay toy soldier                                       lp/cd
ddk694: Army Boot: Shit in the boots (after a good bootfucking)       12"/cd-s
ddk695: Samantha Fucks: Open from 9 to 5                              12"/cd-s
ddk696: The Living-Dead Kennedys: FuckedChrist                           lp/cd
ddk697: The Living-Dead Kennedys: MTV jack off the air!               12"/cd-s
ddk699: Merda Na Boca: Mau halito                                     12"/cd-s
ddk701: Queer: Radio AIDS                                             12"/cd-s
ddk702: Airborn Cocks: Air pleasures 1: A fuck with a 747                lp/cd
ddk703: Maconna: Who's that bitch?                                    12"/cd-s
ddk705: Big Black Niggers: 1001 ways to skin a skin                      lp/cd
ddk706: Big Black Niggers: Fucking white ass                          12"/cd-s
ddk707: Army Boot: Skin deads                                            lp/cd
ddk708: Sons Of Europe: Burn nigger burn                                 lp/cd
ddk709: Prince (Of Gays): U got the chainsaw                          12"/cd-s
ddk710: The Darling Buddies: It's all up for you                      12"/cd-s
ddk711: Maconna: Open my legs                                         12"/cd-s
ddk713: Prince (Of Gays): Sun or The Times (who cares? I just want
                          someone to fuck me!)                           lp/cd
ddk714: Prince (Of Gays): Piss                                        12"/cd-s
ddk715: The SugaCuhs: Ear today, tomorrow next meat                      lp/cd
ddk718: Les Disques Du Orgasme: La masturbation paleolitique             lp/cd
ddk719: Sumiticos: Ask me (if I'm gay and I'll answer yes if you are
                   too)                                               12"/cd-s
ddk720: Os Cu-ras: Pornografitti                                         lp/cd
ddk723: Orgasmik Kadaver: Sex with the disabled                          lp/cd
ddk724: Crippled Minds: Mandela's dick                                 12"/cd-s
ddk725: NWA: Again in jail (for stealing dope from a baby)            12"/cd-s
ddk727: World Corporation Of Suckers: Sodomize Snoopy                 12"/cd-s
ddk730: Murder Industry: A blood bath is good for the skin            12"/cd-s
ddk735: Mystical Carcass: God raped the queen                            lp/cd
ddk737: Orgasmik Kadaver:(Nothing like) a good cold dead rotten pussy 12"/cd-s
ddk739: Brain Tumour: live ear bleeding... for bloodsuckers (live)       lp/cd
ddk740: Burning Tits: Suck my nose                                    12"/cd-s
ddk741: Ronald Reagan Cancer: Bush's matinal sickness (he's some
                              days late...)                           12"/cd-s
ddk743: Broxe Dell' Arte: Juramento com uma bandeira no cu            12"/cd-s
ddk744: Dexy's Midnight Fuckers: Celtic Suck Brother                  12"/cd-s
ddk745: Os Cu-ras: Why can't I be in you                              12"/cd-s
ddk746: Sons of Europe: Summer of hate                                  2lp/cd
ddk746: Young Goats: TV Sadics                                           lp/cd
ddk747: Rabones: Sheila is punk raper                                 12"/cd-s
ddk748: Rabones: I wanna sniff some pussy                             12"/cd-s
ddk749: Broxe Dell' Arte: Free Cock                                      lp/cd
ddk750: Caes Viados: Cheira-me, lambe-me o  cu, salta-me para cima    12"/cd-s
ddk751: Moimehus: Peidus maximus                                         lp/cd
ddk752: Nuns & Moses: Your ass is the sea                             12"/cd-s
ddk753: Nuns & Moses: Thou shall not fuck goden calves                   lp/cd
ddk756: Annie Mel: Look what they've done to my pussy, ma!            12"/cd-s
ddk757: Lloyd Collicas: Rat eat snakes                                   lp/cd
ddk758: Lloyd Collicas: Marie Ann cream                               12"/cd-s
ddk759: Rick Ashtray: Never gonna give you free                       12"/cd-s
ddk762: Handwork & The Wet Dreams: Hard work                     Box: 5 12"/cd
          1. I was a moist intellectual (Momus)
          2. It's a handfull world (Sam Cooke)
          3. I wanna be hold by your hand (Beatles)
          4. Ballad of the barrel onanyst (Momus)
          5. Faster then the speed of night (Bonnie Tyler)
             (Duet with Shakin' Stevens)
ddk763: Hanna Thommy Lesson: Something beautiful inside you (Red,
                             smelly and sticky)                          lp/cd
ddk764: Hanna Thommy Lesson: Puke in my vagina (I can never crap it
                             back to you)                             12"/cd-s
ddk767: Moimehus: Poisson au end                                         lp/cd
ddk768: Moimehus: Fuck her perfect                                    12"/cd-s
ddk770: Annie Mel: Marijuana on my mind                               12"/cd-s
ddk771: Annie Mel: Sixties are shit (except 9)                           lp/cd
ddk773: Hanna Thonny Lesson: Shittin' all of my insides
                             (Bring-me-a-bucket mix)                  12"/cd-s
ddk779: Moimehus: Don't stop the knife                                12"/cd-s
ddk781: Hanna Thommy Lesson:The last of the famous long-tittled songs 12"/cd-s
ddk784: Maconna: Into the goat                                        12"/cd-s
ddk785: Lloyd Collicas: Brand new cock                                12"/cd-s
ddk789: WaterGays: The hole of the nun                                12"/cd-s
ddk792: Crippled Minds: Street hooking years                             lp/cd
ddk793: Porno Children Razors: Pornographic slaughtering youth           lp/cd
ddk794: Ozzy AssBurn: High gay to hell (ac/dc)                        12"/cd-s
ddk795: WoodenCocks: Completely cocked up!                       Box 3lps/3cds
          1. Giant (guess what...)
          2. HypnoBite (live in France)
          3. Woodenfoot cock on the highgay
ddk796: Pig Floyd: The dark side of a nun                                lp/cd
ddk797: Sons Of Europe: Chants to sing while profanating a Jew graveyard    cd
ddk798: Ex-Virgin Nuns: The spins and turns of a sanctified dick      12"/cd-s
ddk800: Flying Assholes: The last fart of the famous assholes            lp/cd
ddk801: Orgasmik Kadaver: Graveyard brothel                              lp/cd
ddk802: Love & Sockets: A fuck in RPC                                   lp/cd
ddk803: Sex In June: Behind Rose McDowall (Fists of rape)            12"/cd-s
ddk805: Willie Of Nelson: Country & WetSperm                            lp/cd
ddk806: Murder Industry: GrindBones                                  12"/cd-s
ddk807: Nirvana Sex Garden: Smells like teen sperm                   12"/cd-s
ddk808: PigRape: Wellcame in Mexico's asshole                          2lp/cd 
ddk809: The Flying Assholes: The flying assholes plays RAPECORE!        lp/cd
ddk810: Nirvana Anal: Orgia no canil camarario                       12"/cd-s
ddk811: Nirvana Anal: A grande festa do matadouro municipal             lp/cd
ddk812: Murder Industry: Abattoir                                       lp/cd
ddk813: Murder Industry: The sensual sound of a chainsaw          12"-ep/cd-s
ddk815: New Murder: Blow(job) life                                      lp/cd
ddk817: Murder Industry: Treaty about the industrial aplications of
                          little children's corpses                      lp/cd
ddk818: Murder Industry: Lesson 1: Materia Prima                  12"-ep/cd-s
ddk819: The Grave-Diggers: Post-Mortem                                  lp/cd 
ddk820: Jesualdo & The Hot Asses: Na cama com o agarra xota             lp/cd
ddk823: Gore Division: Love will rape you apart                      12"/cd-s
ddk824: Ozzy Assburn: The balls of the beast                            lp/cd
ddk825: Various: Death Rate Boom - The deathcore copulation             mlp/cd
           Featuring the first Death Pop band ever! - The Deadly Popcorns
         The Deadly Popcorns: Obituary column's writer orgasm
         Mystical Carcass: Mystical trip due to sniffing a rotten corpse
         Orgasmik Kadaver: When I kissed you I found a snake in the
                           place where your tongue used to be
         Murder Industry: Stab it deeper, honey! Your not bleeding enough yet!
         The Grave-Diggers: Your dead grandmother is now a whore!
         Jack Off Riper: The autopsy revealed 1 litre of my sperm in your
ddk826: Velvet Undergoat: Stephanie Sucks me!
ddk827: Ronald Reagan Cancer: Cowboy junkie
ddk828: Flying Assholes: Me, a sheep and a jacuzzi
ddk829: Fart: The last penetration of Reid                              lp/cd
ddk832: More Republica Masturbonica: Wild Enraberica                 12"/cd-s
ddk833: P.I.L.A.: This is not a goat song                            12"/cd-s
ddk838: Goat Bastards: DesCUNTing the insalubrious                      lp/cd
ddk839: Various: Dicas para um bom orgasmo * Perverted tips          box 4cds
           1. The Grave-Diggers: Sex with a 500 year old corpse
           2. Orgasmik Kadaver: 1- Unburry your grandfather;
                                2- Put your cock in the nose hole of his skull
                                3- Wait until your cock is fully erected by 
                                   the cold of his brainbox (the tickles 
                                   performed by the slugs inside the rotten
                                   skull may help, too!)
                                4- Move your hips back and forth listening to
                                   the delicate whistlings produced by the
                                   circulating air as it goes through the
                                   empty eye orbits of the skull
                                5- Continue until you reach the kingdom come!
                                   (If you suck his coxis meanwhile you may
                                   get even beyond!)
ddk840: Willie Of Nelson: Sex-Mex                                       lp/cd
ddk841: The Deadly Popcorns: A thousand little frisky child's cocks     lp/cd
ddk842: Coco Twins: Gaylands                                            lp/cd
ddk843: Toilet Drinkers: 10 piss cocktails inside                       lp/cd
ddk844: The Scatologists: Cooking aplications of horse shit             lp/cd
ddk845: Skinny Pussy: Ain't you in bed yet? (live)                         cd
ddk846: Ice Rapers: Melting your cheap plastic cunt (hot guy mix)       lp/cd
ddk849: The Scatologists: Horse shit stinks again!                      lp/cd
ddk850: International Gay Club: Axl Rose's big ass!!!                   lp/cd
ddk853: Ice Rapers: Fistfucking with a data glove                    12"/cd-s
ddk854: Ice Rapers: CyberBrothel                                        lp/cd
ddk856: Love & Sockets: Pratical hints for distributed fucking             cd
ddk857: Brain Tumour: Kick in the cunt                               12"/cd-s
ddk861: The ShitHeaded Ukranians: Wet dreams with Stalin             12"/cd-s
ddk862: Masturbate Sequence: Masturbationin a non-gravity environment12"/cd-s
ddk863: Sons Of Europe: Epic slaughter                                  lp/cd
ddk864: MTBF: Automatic blow-job machine                                lp/cd
ddk865: MTBF: Mechanical sucker                                      12"/cd-s
ddk867: Old Rotten Thacher Vagina: The amazing imbecility of prince
                                    Charles                              lp/cd
ddk868: The Toilet Drinkers: Licker of a thousand toilets (the singles
                              collection)                                lp/cd
ddk869: Gregorium: Master of sickness                                   lp/cd
ddk871: MTBF: Introduction to expert suck systems                      2lp/cd
ddk872: Masturbate Sequence: ...and the juice has just take off!     12"/cd-s
ddk873: KKK (Klitoris & Kunt Kulture): The return of the death
                                        penalty for assholes             lp/cd
ddk874: Flying Assholes: More dead than alive... in Paris               lp/cd
ddk875: Los Fistfuckados: Orbital Fistfucking                        12"/cd-s
ddk876: Los Fistfuckados: Lethal bleeding (small anus, big hand)        lp/cd
ddk877: Orgasmik Kadaver: Torturely live                                lp/cd
ddk878: MTBF: The sucking machine is gonna get you!                    mlp/cd
ddk881: MC Goat & The New Poor Little Goats: The action against
                                              animal rapers rap       12"/cd-s
ddk882: Murder Industry: Malevolous death massification                 lp/cd
ddk884: The Ass Foundation: The flavour of a magestic cock              lp/cd
ddk885: Flying Assholes: Logical tactics to conquer a pussy             lp/cd
ddk886: Snuff Films Factory: Live without a net                        2lp/cd
ddk888: MTBF: Virtual erection                                       12"/cd-s
ddk889: Sons Of Europe: Burn,nigger,burn/Flames of purification   12"-limited
ddk893: MTBF: Installing a network in your ass                       12"/cd-s
ddk894: MTBF: ?
ddk896: Queer: Queer ass atack                                          lp/cd
ddk897: Queer: There must be an angel (playing with my ass)
               (Freddy in heaven mix)                                12"/cd-s
ddk898: Sex In June: Cum in Christ and murder him                    12"/cd-s
ddk899: The Famous Sinatra Impersonators: Faggots in the night       12"/cd-s
ddk900: Sumiticos & Orgasmik Kadaver: Cemetry gays                   12"/cd-s
ddk902: Various: Music to take a crap in peace and quiet while          lp/cd
                 eating a nice pineapple
          - Orgasmik Kadaver: The poetic beauty of a rotten asshole
          - Amazonian Freedom Fighters: Paper factory owners
          - Sons Of Europe: GayKillers
          - Queer: Another Freddy bites the dust
          - Brian Anus: Straight from the ass
          - Dead Fuck Dance: Fodarello
          - Weekend Hooligans: Damn! You just hit his left ball, man!
                               The target is his cock, remember? Now,
                               shoot again.
          - Happy Bondage: Vaginal ashtray
          - Brain Tumour: Your tumour is bigger than mine! (Jelousy mix)
ddk903: Gregorium: Cantus gregoriANUS                                   lp/cd
ddk905: Sol Erectus: Lex colliones                                      lp/cd
ddk906: MTBF: FTP (Fuck The Pope)                                    12"/cd-s
ddk907: Jesus And Mary In Chains: J.C. In Ecstasy                    12"/cd-s
ddk908: MTBF: TCP (Torched Children's Pennis)                           lp/cd
ddk909: Murder Industry: Dream with the screems                         lp/cd
ddk910: RFE (Rotten Flesh Eaters): The autopsia party                   lp/cd
ddk912: The Deadly Popcorns: Frog fuckers                            12"/cd-s
ddk913: La Furia De Los Paus: Cocks on strike                           lp/cd 
ddk915: Murder Industry: Your lungs smell of roses (when the blood is
                         pouring out)                                   lp/cd
ddk916: Skinny Pussy: Ass rites                                         lp/cd
ddk917: Sol Erectus: The killing ride (she's a wild bitch)              lp/cd
ddk918: Nirvana Sex Garden: Never find (your ass)                       lp/cd
ddk919: Skinny Pussy: Smothering rope                                12"/cd-s
ddk920: IGC (International Gay Club): Your balls taste like strawberries
                                      when the sperm is jumping high 12"/cd-s
ddk921: Queer: I want it all (in my ass)                             12"/cd-s
ddk923: Gays'n'Roses: Cock, cock, cock in the backdoor               12"/cd-s
ddk924: Maconna: Into the grave                                      12"/cd-s
ddk925: Sex In June: Oh! How we laughed! (Memories of an ex-comander
                     of a nazi concentration camp)                      lp/cd
ddk926: Fuck Line Assembly: Caustic dick                                lp/cd
ddk927: Bill Clitoris & his Sex'O'Phone: Plays the american erections   lp/cd
ddk928: Bill Clitoris & his Sex'O'Phone: The spermy white house      12"/cd-s
ddk929: MTBF: MTBF meets the goat computer                              lp/cd
ddk930: Fuck Line Assembly: Testicle navel implant                      lp/cd



The DDK Lirics:

"Lick a virgin" by Maconna: (ddk274)

Lick a virgin
Raped by the very first time
Lick a virgin
When his cock feels close to mine

"She said destroy me" by Sex In June (ddk668)

Into her darkness       Into her darkness             Into her darkness
Into her darkness       Into her darkness             Into her darkness
Like jackals howling    The bodies caressed           Like jackals howling
Like blood irrupting    With burning gas              Like blood irrupting

Into her darkness       Into her darkness             Into her darkness
Into her darkness       Into her darkness             Into her darkness
The bodies in tatters   The navel cutters             The virgin was raped
The virgin is raped     Her raped by the strong       The balls of the beast

Into her darkness       Into her darkness             Into her darkness
Into her darkness       Into her darkness             Into her darkness
As if seeking there     Still fucked, still bleeding  As if seeking there
Rope's bloody trail     The crack of the neck         Rope's bloody trail
The dead dog licking    The cut shit blunder          The dead dog licking
Fucking and fucking     The blood call of sperming    Fucking and fucking

                        She said destroy me with      She said destroy me with
                        your brand new cock...        your brand new cock...

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Subject: ClockDVA
Message-ID: <>
From: (Mark Wagner)
Date: 12 Dec 92 23:57:44 GMT
Lines: 53
Status: RO

Greetings rmi'ers
1.  ClockDVA's single "Bitstream" may have some bearing on the 
"robocopulation" thread (sorry for digging up the dead).
The following text occurs on the CD insert:
"(Electrosex and Beyond)
     "Numerous research [sic] in to [sic] applied technologies have all 
arrived at similar implications (Electrosex and Teledildonics).
     "How Wachspess[,] a hardware hacker from San Francisco, invented a 
device capable of converting sound into tactile sensations.  Danilo De 
Rossi has engineered a "Smart Skin", [sic] this [sic] artificial dermis 
is capable of sensing pressure to varying degrees and can sense texture 
as fine as the bumps on a braille [sic] manuscript.  Currently[,] 
telephone sex has emerged.  In a recent paper by Allucuere Rosanne 
Stone, "Sex and Death Among The [sic] Disembodied"[,] she describes the 
process of constructing desire through a single mode of communication. 
In this process the participants draw on cultural codes to construct a 
scenario that compresses large amounts of information into a very small 
     "To many the idea of electrosex and teledildonics seems repugnant, 
[sic] computer [sic] ethicist Joseph Weizenbaum would consider it anti 
human [sic], and perhaps it is.  Contemporary philosophers have pointed 
to the progressive mechanization of human culture and the future of 
sexual expression as a site of a potential cultural collision of immense 
     "The secondary social effects of technosex are potentially 
revolutionary.  If technology enables you to experience erotic frissions 
or deep physical, social, emotional [sic] communion with another person, 
with no possibility of pregnancy of sexually transmitted diseases, what 
then of conventional morality, and what of the social rituals and 
cultural codes that exist solely to enforce that morality?  Is 
disembodiment the ultimate sexual revolution and/or the first step 
toward abandoning our bodies?
"Sex and Death Among The [sic] Disembodied".  Paper presented at the 
Conference of the International Association for Philosophy and 
Literature 1990:  Allucquere Rosanne Stone.
Learning a Sense of Rhythm with a Neural Network".  Proceeding of the 
first International  Conference on Music Perception and Cognition.  
Kyoto, Japan October 1989: Masako Nishijima and Yuji Kijimama.
"Smart Skin": Shawna Vogel.  Discover April 1990.
"Virtual Reality": Howard Rheingold.  Secker and Warbury London 1991.

 * Origin: NineJackNine (1:121/99)

From!!caen!!!!!!fauern!!!rrkeuche Thu Dec 17 18:30:55 EST 1992
Article: 18942 of
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Subject: ClockDVA-Digital Soundtracks
Message-ID: <>
From: (Rainer Keuchel)
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1992 17:39:45 GMT
Organization: The Ugly Spirit Corporation (T.U.S.C.)
Lines: 91
Status: RO

ClockDVA:Digital Soundtracks CD 92  CONTEMPO 217  Tot: 67:47

The sensual Engine/Cycom/The Presence/Sound Sweep/Chemical
Delta Machines/Stills of Emotion/The Inversion/The Operators
E-Wave/Diminishing Point/Stations of Mind

On the package it says that they commenced it 1989.

(from the cover)

The Inner Cinema: 

We are by nature visual thinkers,living in a sono-optical realm where
we are dominated and moulded by the images and sound of our inner
desires.In Tantric Science there is a theory relating to sound in its
broadest sense as a spectrum of frequencies that can re-make and
re-model matter.Recently a Swiss scientist Hans Jenny has developed
specialised instruments to vibrate sound trough various media capturing
on film the harmonic patterns produced by sound.These photograms of
sonology clearly indicate that a theory which is known to be over
2,000 years old was perfectly correct,this re-affirmation opens new
doors to perception and cognition.Even at the present stage of
technological development  our instruments are still inadequate.
How can we measure a scale if we have no idea as to the size and
structure of that scale? Information gained by intuition over
2,000 years ago without the aid of externalised machanics points to the
seat of knowledge,the mind.

If everything we make is an extension of the mind,then mind and its
creation are one,although there can be no doubts as to the existance of
abhorrant states.Which only further indicates that we are not in full
control of the mind.Even so anything that can be thought can exist or
alternativly are we as Aleister Crowley believed "feeble transmitters
for another as yet unknown force".Martin Heidegger says "A person is
neither a thing or a process but an opening through which the absolute
can manifest."Are our dreams a new topography of the psyche operating
on a waveband not normally perceived during the waking state of
Beta Rythm 13-30Hz ? Normally dreams occur during the Theta Rythm 7-7 Hz
and reports have indicated that Delta waves 1/4-4Hz appear at the onset
of PSI phenomena,but the exact neuro mechanism still remains unseen.
Nobel Prize winner Nigel Sperry in the lead paper for the Annual Review
of Neurosciences says "Current concepts of the mind-brain relation
involve a direct break with the long established materialist and
behaviorist doctrine that has dominated neuroscience for many
decades.Instead of renouncing or ignoring consciousness,the new
interpretation gives full recognition to the primacy of inner conscious
awareness as a casual reality.Once science modifies its traditional
materialist-behaviorist stance and begins to accept in theory and to
encompass in practice with its casual domain the whole world of inner
conscious subjective experience then the very nature of science itself
is changed.

Today V R Mind amplifier designers are bringing about every tighter
connections between human thought processes and computer information
processing capabilities.Haptic displays for scientific visualisation
that will aid in molecular design pharmaceutical and medical imaging
are just some of the areas currently being explored.Neuro-chemistry is
also on a treshhold of great discoveries,research onto psychotropics is
revealing new insights into the functions and the chemical structure of
the brain.As current technology develops means to extend the realms of
the senses we will see further increases in the ways in which we can
experience and visualise our dreams and desires,and the possibilities
of extending and of developing the spectrum of perception in both a
human and machine based context.The central core within cybernetics is

The Inner Cinema is the seat that gives rise to the visions that
become the realities of tomorrow,what shapes this process and how is
still beyond our present state.What is emerging are glimpses into the
mysteries that have been ascibed to the workings of sacred system.Sound
like vision is form.In the time to come it will be possible to
translate these forms into new areas although these manifestations will
be the actualisation of concepts that have already been seen by
visionaries like Stephane Mallarme whose book IGITUR wrote between 1867
and 1870,but which he dared not publish,was however published after his
death in 1925.IGITUR is an adventure into the realm of the unknown the
first poetic work to be based entirely on the materialistic mysticism
which later turned out to be the basis of surrealism.In his
descent/ascent into the absolute,Igitur experiences various states of
being among these are that "Sound will be robbed of all its
characteristics except the beat".As a result we are to envisage the
sensation of rythm without sound.Light will be likewise be divested of
everything but its shadow,shadow and its reflection the barriers
between the visual and auditory need no longer exist.Seeing is
represented as the ultimate manifestation of hearing.

A.Newton August 1992
General Paranoyaxc  []
"Man,all I saw were their teeth."

From!!!rochester!udel!gatech!!!!decwrl!netcomsv!!mason Tue Mar 23 20:16:43 EST 1993
Article: 21954 of
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Subject: Re: Top Ten Industrial LP's
From: (Mason Jones)
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1993 17:58:25 GMT
Distribution: na
Organization: Charnel House
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.1 PL6]
Lines: 72
Status: RO

Pezz D. Spencer ( wrote:
: In article <> (Patrick C. Smith   ) writes:
: Anyone else?

This is pretty useless (why do I bother?) without some description and
discussion of the thoughts behind the choices (unless NIN and FLA are
the meat of your list). I disqualified a number of my top 10 favorites
because to my mind they're really not industrial (Foetus, Coil, Crash
Worship, etc).  This list isn't necessarily in order, either, and is
strictly off the top of my head this morning, so tomorrow it could
be different.

	1. Test Dept "Unacceptable Face of Freedom"
Certainly the pinnacle of their career (though #4 below is close!),
this is also perhaps the best percussion-based industrial album ever
recorded. The anger and the power behind the drumming on "Fuckhead"
and "Crusher" are pretty damn hard to top.

	2. SPK "Information Overload Unit"
This could probably be "Leichenschrei" instead, it changes from day to
day, and the two are pretty similar. One of the earliest, noisiest
industrial recordings, and perhaps surprisingly, the recent CD re-issues
show that it's aged pretty damn well.

	3. Throbbing Gristle "Heathen Earth"
This live document is to my mind the best of their material. TG's live
stuff is notoriously uneven, but for this show they seemed to be really
well in sync. The result is an amazingly beautiful, textured recording.

	4. Test Dept "Beating the Retreat"
A rawer recording than #1 above, and the percussion isn't as powerful.
But it is perhaps more intricate, and there are more noisy textures
at work here. Awesome.

	5. Z'ev "Bust This"
The man who popularized metal percussion at his best. This LP, which
is sadly not out on CD, has some really powerful drumming which at
times approaches Test Dept's finer moments. Very, very strong stuff.

	6. Non "Blood & Flame"
The definitive Non recording, no doubt. While "Physical Chaos" and
others may actually be "noisier" (how do you measure that), the noisy
structures on this recording are absolutely wonderful.

	7. Esplendor Geometrico "EG 1"
This could be "Kosmos" or "Mekano-Turbo" too, but this one had a rawer
feel, without as much rhythm to it, and somehow seems more purely cool.
EG probably influenced a lot of current dance-industrial folks, because
their works were some of the earliest to take pure white noise and
stretch it around a rhythmic framework. Extremely cool stuff.

	8. Organum "Ikon"
It's hard to match Organum for droning, difficult ambience (if that
isn't an oxymoron). This choice of their recordings is purely random,
really, since they're pretty reliably great.

	9. Dissecting Table "Ultra Point of Intersection Exist"
This along with the first 7" are pinnacles of high-speed metal
percussion, electronic noise, and harsh shouting.

I can't come up with a 10th one off the top of my head, though a
number of possibilities present themselves: Cabaret Voltaire "Voice
of America"; Merzbow "Ecobondage"; Controlled Bleeding "Knees &
Bones" and so on.

   Mason Jones               Charnel House Productions          P.O. Box 170277, San Francisco, CA
                             94117-0277    Phone/fax (415) 255-8554

From!!ogicse!emory!!!uum1!!ldivakaran Tue Mar 30 03:07:49 EST 1993
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Subject: Re: clock-dva question (part II)
Message-ID: <>
From: (Ashok Divakaran)
Date: 29 Mar 93 08:15:08 GMT
Organization: Macalester College
Article-I.D.: mac.1993Mar29.141508.4148
Lines: 88
Status: RO

OK, now to pick up where I left off on the DVA album discog...
(see my earlier post)

	After the recording of "Buried Dreams" Paul Browse left DVA to form
System 01 with Johnny Klimek. He was replaced by Robert Baker. System 01 have
put out two CDsingles on the Interfisch label. I have their first one ("From
Psychodelics to Cybernetics") that, in spite of having some really dull
remixes, is an essential buy for the DVA nut. I heard a track from their second
("Victim 34"--the track was "Drugs Work") and didn't care for it much, and so
haven't picked it up.
Back to DVA:

6. Man-Amplified (1992): Sort of a continuation of the Buried Dreams style,
although I personally don't like it as much. Again, 100% electronic; in fact, I
remember thinking, while first listening to this album, that DVA are the true
inheritors of the Kraftwerk "Computer World" tradition. Compared to Buried
Dreams, the sound is more fragile and crystalline and far less dense/murky, and
the song themes are less varied and "arty" (for want of a better word)--they
all deal with interactions between human beings and technology in a rather
pseudo-scientific and occasionally shallow way. However, they enhance the music
very well. One big change is the introduction of a Harold Budd-like piano sound
on several songs, which somehow makes listening to this album a little less
challenging. Again, I could never call this dance music/techno/Electronic Body
Music (ugh--what a phrase)--it's far too cerebral and dark to make you want to
dance. There are three chilling beatless ambient pieces (although two of them
have blip sequences) that are quite wonderful. Not as rich as Buried Dreams,
but nonetheless a gorgeous tapestry of electronics that's way ahead of most of
the competition.

DVA also released two singles off the album--"Final Program" which is passable,
and the essential "Bitstream" single with the unreleased "Virtual Flesh" (which
is pretty intense intellectual hardhouse, if that isn't a contradiction in
terms!) and some dynamic remixes, a couple of which speed up the BPMs a bit.
Ambient industrial fans, note: the Hafler Trio/Karkowski remixes are terribly
dull, though, so don't buy this single for their sake. "Bitstream" is the most
bouncy/housey DVA tune yet and is superb too. Buy.

7. Digital Soundtracks (released 1993, recorded over the last couple of years):
An interesting collection of recent DVA instrumental work. Don't let the name
mislead you--practically every song has a discernable beat. The first time I
heard it I was awfully disappointed, but it's beginning to grow on me. The
sound is much closer to Man-Amplified than to B. Dreams (the tinkly
piano!!)--indeed, at places it reminded me of Jean-Michel Jarre's more
percussive moments. The disc, on the whole, is less busy than DVA's other work,
and is almost easy listening in comparison. However, there are some nice
progressions within some tracks, with syncopated basslines playing little games
with each other and the trademark DVA stereo blip effects joining hands with
them to screw up your mind. Not as good as their other stuff, but still an
essential buy when you look at all the garbage that's floating around.

Note that most recent DVA and TAG work comes with pages and pages of
pseudo-intellectual horseshit that is, in most cases, eminently avoidable.

Adi Newton is also now a member of Lustm0rd, an ambient-industrial outfit
that used to be the solo project of Brian Williams, the guy who's been
associated with SPK, who's collaborated with Nurse With Wound, Chris and Cosey,
and all the rest of them. The most recent Lustm0rd ("The Monstrous Soul")
features Newton and Williams. In my opinion, "Paradise Disowned" is still the
best Lustm0rd ever, though--a real nightmare. But I'm getting sidetracked. Our
friend Adi has also collaborated with Andrew McKenzie of the Hafler Trio on a
full-length under the name "Psychophycisist"--wonder when that's coming out,
maybe on Lustm0rd's Side Effects label--and he's also contributed to the last
few Hafler Trio CDs.

To sum up: here's the order in which I'd buy DVA:
	1. Buried Dreams
	2. Advantage
	3. Man Amplified
	4. Thirst
	5. Digital Soundtracks
	6. Black Souls in White Suits

This is obviously quite simplified--a linear ordering of anything creative is a
bit pointless. But it's an indication. As for TAG, if you see a copy of
"Digitaria" GRAB it--absolutely essential. It's on the Sweatbox label, which
went kaput ages ago. "Teste Tones" is OK--interesting the first five listens
but it begins to drag after a while. The good thing is that it's available
domestically and on CD. And, of course, all the TAG singles are essential 
listening too. They're all on Sweatbox (except Broadcast Test, which I think 
has now moved from Interfisch to Contempo). TAG also did a live album (at the 
Berlin Atonal Festival) for the Dossier label. Again, out of print. Will 
someone please reissue all this on CD???!!

Phew, hope this helps.  
Ashok Divakaran				       Phone   : (612) 696-7060
Macalester College, 1600 Grand Avenue	       Internet:
St. Paul, MN 55105, USA			       Bitnet  : ldivakaran@macalstr

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Subject: negativconcertland info
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From: (....What Is?....)
Date: 19 Jun 1993 22:26:08 -0500
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Status: RO

Hi!  I've posted this before, but I've noticed that people will miss one
post & see the next one, so here it is again, all updated with new info.

I saw Negativland in concert at the Belly-Up Tavern in San Diego
on May 5.  My friend brought his DAT recorder and his $200 stereo
microphones, and recorded the concert.  It turned out cherry!

So cherry, in fact, that I'm making a double CD out of it.  Would
you be interested in a copy?  (It'd be the second bootleg concert CD
with DDD on it that I've ever heard of (the Butthole Surfers was the

The 2-CD set is $15.  $5 of that goes directly to Negativland for their
legal defense & paying off Island Records funds.

Keep in mind that this is technically not a bootleg.  Negativland
allows people to tape their concerts.  In fact, Mark Hosler was trying
to help me get a VCR hooked up to the in-house video camera circuit
(alas, wrong kind of video connectors).

Here is the track listing.  Be aware that I made up names for most of
them, since I don't know what they were actually called.  All times were
taken from my master DAT tapes.

Disc 1
2:17 - Introduction
5:06 - Dick Vaughn speaks
7:02 - The Hellbound Plane
6:25 - Longdistance Dedication
9:34 - The Copyright Law part 1
5:01 - Time Zones
7:49 - History of the U-2 Incident
7:00 - U2 Part 1 (with the Weatherman)

Disc 2
21:27 - The Copyright Law part 2
 7:24 - Perfect Scrambled Eggs
 6:02 - Christianity Is Stupid
 3:50 - Proud To Be An American (lip sync)
 2:25 - (end of concert)
 2:54 - Mark Hosler speaks
 8:47 - Four Fingers

The title is "negativconcertland", and the cover is a really cool
black-and-white picture of toast popping out of a toaster.  The booklet
contains a description of what was going on during the concert, a letter
from Casey Kasem explaining why he won't allow the U2 single to be
re-released, the entire text of "Fair Use", an essay on the copyright
law that they were distributing at the concert, and much much more.
Every inlay card is individually hand-numbered by me.  (#1 is going to
go to Negativland.)

Mail me if you're interested.  The CD is being made now.  I expect to
have 1000 of them in my hot little hands by July 9.  I made the 30%
down payment on June 18th, and it takes 3 weeks to make the CD.  (And
no, I'm __NOT__ using CMSI!  :-)

I digitized one track ("The Hellbound Plane") onto my friend's
Sparcstation, and it is now available by anonymous FTP at
as /tmp/, and should be available soon on

Steve Boswell
Which would you prefer, a turtleneck or a henweigh?

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Subject: Re: Billy Idol...cyberpunk?..what the fuck?!
From: alien@podbox.UUCP (Alan Hines)
Date: 1 Jul 93 03:56:10 CST
Organization: Texas KunstNet - Pair O Dice BBS
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Xref: husc14 alt.cyberpunk:15917
Status: RO (James Knowlton) writes:

(james' sanctimonious posturing deleted)
Here james, why doncha take *me* on?  I'd be interested to see how you respond
to the following:
Billy Idol huffs:
> I'm not a rock star.
You're a poser.  By that I mean, literally, "one who poses."  Having 
grown up during the age of music video, I consider it a valuable 
means of determining at a glance whether an artistic project has 
any real thought or depth behind it (Skinny Puppy, Psychic TV, etc.), 
or whether it's just yet more vapid corporate-produced bullshit 
designed to sell posters to pre-teens.  That's what your "artwork" is, 
and this whole "cyberpunk" deal is just your latest pose.
Here's a quick summary, Billy, of the concept behind *all* of your 
videos:  The Face, The Hair, The Sneer, The Pose, face, pose, face, 
face, sneer, hair, pose, face, sneer ad nauseum.  The only difference 
in your latest video is that you intersplice various quick, colorized 
cut-edits of The Face, The Sneer, The Hair, etc. with your standard 
vamping and posing for the camera (this, I guess, makes it 
"cyberpunk," in your view).  You may or may not know this, but the 
whole concept of cut-up video sculpture actually originated with 
Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs, and was later refined into its 
current form by Genesis P-Orridge during the Throbbing Gristle era 
(see "Esoterrorist," ReSearch magazine, etc.).  The way I see it, 
you're standing on the shoulders of giants to hawk trite bullshit.  
You'd better fucking believe that's going to be met with violent 
opposition by people like myself, who are actually trying to expand 
on Gysin, Burroughs and P-Orridge's work in a meaningful way.

See man,  I was listening to you way the hell back when I was in the 
8th grade - that's over 11 YEARS!  In the intervening time I've 
changed and grown and evolved immeasurably, but artistically 
speaking, you haven't.  It seems to me you've spent the past decade 
trying to reclaim the kind of commercial success you had with 
"Rebel Yell" (mo, mo, mo...).  Now, after all this time, and all those 
vapid top-40 hits and just ridiculously stupid videos, this whole 
"cyberpunk" pose represents your Big Step Forward.  I mean, what the 
fuck, did somebody hand you a copy of Mondo 2000 and say "hey billy, 
you're way passe, this is what's cool now, get hip"?  That's pretty 
much how it appears.

Ya know, the thing I can't believe is that with your total poser 
history, you're shocked to discover that upon declaring yourself 
some kind of spokesman for a hyper-intellectual counterculture, you 
get savaged.  I hate to be the one to point this out to you, Billy, but 
most of the people you might describe as "cyberpunk" stopped 
listening to you a long, long time ago.  Whatever contribution you 
might have made to the punk era (during which most of us were in 
elementary school, which basically makes it ancient history) has 
long-since been nullified by your evolving into the ultimate 
manifestation of everything that punk abhored.  Your indignance 
about your "integrity" is laughable - for a genuine example of 
maintaining integrity throughout the same time frame, look at the 
various members of Throbbing Gristle.
And by the way, MTV has taken a considerable amount of abuse on 
these boards as well, precisely because they're the kind of 
megacorporate imbeciles who'll play the hell out of your stupid 
poser video and hold it up as Quintessential Cyberpunk - thus 
bastardizing the ideals upon which this counterculture is based and 
further commoditizing the whole concept.  Simply put, Billy, 
whenever somebody mentions the word "cyberpunk," I'd prefer they 
not be thinking of you, or of the MTV hacks that made you.

The preceding was originally posted to RMI, but didn't make it very far through
the net for some reason.  As an addition, I was referring to the "Heroin" video
above, but tonight I saw the "Shock To The System" video, and I must say I'm
almost *embarassed* for the man.  Musically it's on about the same level as,
say, Judas Priest, and visually it's just more of Idol's classic posing coupled
with multiple blatant rip-offs of that crappy Japanese film called "Iron Man." 
Special notice given to the new hairstyle, which was pasted into about 30
distinct, individual spikes to mesh with a later image of Billy as a cyborg. 
Really deep lyrics, too, like "A shock to the system...feels good...all right,
yeah..."  It was about as pleasurable a viewing experience as, say, watching
beached whales suffocate.

"Cause the cathode ray tubes      XXXXXXXXX
 to resonate and implode;             X        
 You Are Your Own Screen."          XXXXX           For easiest mailing
                                      X        address all correspondence to:
       - Genesis P-Orridge.       XXXXXXXXX    
                                      X     dogface!podbox!

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Subject: Threshold House Newsletter - Summer Solstice 1993
From: (Gary Hill)
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1993 10:05:40
Organization: University of Southampton
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A number of people asked me to post this so here it is, lots of interesting 
info about Coil, something for Throbbing Gristle fans, and even some NIN.
Reproduced without permission, any mistakes send hate mail to the OCR software 
not me :-). I'll post the mail order stuff later.


Page 1


At present the THRESHOLD HOUSE oflqce is in the midst of a total re-organisation and refurbishment. This
has been ongoing since February and perhaps goes a little way to explaining the delays some have experienced
with orders. and the lack of personal response to letters and general enquiries. It can only get better! Everyone will
eventually receive a reply of some sort. Bear with us (in some cases for a considerable time!) Please remember we
are not a big organisation with staff etc. to do anything for us - everything has to be done personally and by hand.
To help u.s. please address letters fully and use your full name. telephone and/or fax no. We have had quite a few
packages returned by the GPO claiming you didn't exist. If you're writing to chase up orders. please include
complete details (date and items) ofyour order and your payment

We have decided. after much heart searching, to release an unlimited version of the Stolen & Contaminated CD
next month. The main reason is that it has already been pirated in Europe, and we are now hearing rumours that
a US counterfeit edition, is planned and may be out by the time you read this. In the original  limited bona fide
edition the CD was marked Loci CD4 10204341. Made in the UK by PDO. If yours says anyhing else it's a bootleg!
The new authorised recording will have a different but related artwork

At long last Threshold House have finally got around to scheduling a release for the complete unedited soundtrack
to THE ANGELIC CONVERSATION, the 1985 feature film Derek Jarman made for COIL to accompany.
Due out in early August via World Serpent We are discussing producing a collectors edition (possibly as few as 20
or 30) in a apecial presentation case with additional artworks signed by COIL and Derek Jarman. Contact us for
more details.

Coil have been privileged to contribute a short piece to the soundtrack of Derek's latest film BLUE. The scoff was
co-ordinated by Simon Fisher Turner and also features music from Durutti Cohunn, Miranda &x Garden,
Momus, and Bnan Eno. The film is unique in that it is literally a blue movie - the only visual element in is a
saturated blue coIourfield. The accompanying soundtrack explores. using music. di:,logue and narration. Derek's
attempts to come to terms with the effect of HIV and AIDS related illnesses. partictaarly the blindness that has
crept up .n him. It is an uncompromisingly direct, touching and very funny film, to be on limited release soon.

We will be pressing a blue vinyl 7" ep featuring our music from this film, plus a track taken from The Gay Man s
  to Safer Sex the soundtrack of which we composed. to be sold mainly through mailorder.

Another COIL 7" single is released in July/early August on the Clawfist label. One track IS SUICIDE A
SOLUTION? is an extended variation of Who'll Fall from Stolen and Contaminated Songs. This is backed by a
new track AIRBORNE

In 1983 John Balance was involved in putting out a semi-official Throbbing Gristle album called Assume Power
Focus, consis6ng of rare live tracks. 500 copies only were pressed, and it has long since been unavailable.
However a box of 25 copies in mint condifon has recentiv come to light from the collection of Tom Craig who
collaborated with john on the fanzine Stabmental in the late 70's. These are being offered for sale at #23 each.
These is not a re-pressing and these are the only copies available anywhere.

Coil and Threshold House have severed all ties with Wax Trax! Records of Chicago, Illinois. The split was not
amicable. Wax Trax! owe Coil a considerable amount of royalties for Love's Secret Domain. and refused to pay
up unless we signed a new and draconian multiple album contract with TVT, the label that bought out WaxTrax!
when they filed for bankruptcy. Needless to say Coil found this attempt at manipulation despicable and have since
left the label. The scheduled and announced Wax Trax! release of Scatology and Horse Rotorvator in the US will
not take place. We are hoping to secure a deal with a very supportive and sympathetic label very soon.

Coil are presently working towards some sort of completion on their next album proper - sometimes called
International Dark Skies, sometimes called Backwards - we shall see. It and related singles will appear through
Torso/Boudisques in Europe and the UK. Early signs indicate the album will be vintage Coil - churning noise
constructions. sounds stripped down and built back up for power and raw poetics. William Burroughs guests on a
couple of tracks. alongside contributions from Terence McKenna, Tim Simenon, and Marc Almond as well as a
very diverse and unusual instrumentation from traditional Celtic Bodruns to Theremins to John Lennon's actual
Mellotron recorded for us by Trent Reznor of Nine. Inch Nails in the very room where Sharon Tate and dinner
guests met the Manson Girls one night in 1969.

Coil's Neither His Nor. Yours track re-appears on CASH COWS - The Best of Giorna Poetry Systems 1965-
1993 alongside W.S. Burroughs, Cabaret Voltaire, Philip Glass and many others. This ia a US only release for
The original mix of Windowpane appears on a German compilation album ELECTROCITY.
A new Coil instrumental BABY FOOD is set to appear on an imminent Sub Rosa compilation CHAOS IN
EXTENSION. It is the first Coil track to utilise a new process Threshold House has been developing called
Sidereal Sound - a further extension and appreciation of the Deep Listening theories that underlay the Love s
Secret Domain project. More on this in a later bulletin.
N.B. For those who have been asking. the vinyl version of Stolen and Contaminated Songs did not go ahead.

Coil recendy remixed a NIN track Gave Up for their recent Fixed CD, and a version of this remix was used for
the opening sequence of a new movie featuring Harvey Keitel called Young Americans. We haven't seen the film,
so can't comment. but the first minute and a half of the soundtrack is great!

Peter directed the video for NIN's WISH which was played heavily on MTV. The song went on to receive the
Grammy for Best New Metal songl He has also been working with Robert Plant. and Masters oF Reality amongst
Steve Thrower has been recording with his new band Identical for possible release later in the year and has done
two soundtrack pieces for FIlms called When I Grow up I Want To Be Beautiful and Clingfilm. (Which was paid
for and then banned by Ch~nnel 4 because it contained too many penises.)

John Balance would be interested to hear from anyone with anything for sale relating to the occult artist
AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE (AOS) - original/books by or illustrated by him, original artworks, paintings, magazines etc.
Anything and everything considered. esp. a copy of the original book The Starlit Mire by Bertram & Russell,
published by John Lane 1911 (not the Temple Press version). Also Poems and Masks by Vera Wainright,
published by the Toucan Press in 1968 and Charles Grindrod's The Shadow of Raggedstone, published in 1908.
Also anything at all to do with Aleister Crawley esp his drawings and paintings. original and rare books. Also any
rare and unusual items by William S Burroughs. Brion Gysin. the cat artist Louis Wain, and any Clarke Ashton
Smith stuff esp original artworks.
Can anyone locate a copy of the bootleg Kate Bush CD called Alone at my Piano or in complete contrast the
European LP of Charles Manson songs called Poor Old Prisoner Boy, released about a year ago.
If you can help with any of these please contact us via Threshold House on 081-742 7347. All sensible calls
gratefully received and appreciated

Issue one of BLACK SUN will be available from Threshold House in July. This A5 booklet ~vill function as the
in-house Threshold House magazine and its first issue will contain an excellent long and detailed interview with
John Balance and Peter Christopherson, as well as previously unseen photos, graphics, short features. stickers and
writings by members of Coil and others induding John Giomo, Boyd Rice, David Tibet. AOS etc.

See the enclosed price list for details of how to order. Please note the following items have been deleted or are
otherwise unavailable. Sorry! Tainted Love 12'; Anal Staircase 12'; How to Destroy Angels 12" on Laylah (new
remixed CD version still available), Nightmare Culture 12'; The Snow DJ promo 12'; Windowpane DJ promo
12" (pic disc still available), and Hellraiser 10".

Threshold House Tel 081-742 7347 Fax 081-995 2961

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Subject: Re: Billy Idol...cyberpunk?..what the fuck?!
From: alien@podbox.UUCP (Alan Hines)
Date: 10 Jul 93 06:56:40 CST
References:    <>
Organization: Texas KunstNet - Pair O Dice BBS
Lines: 130
Status: RO

Ya know, I was falling asleep at my terminal when I wrote my 
original response to this - after some thought, I've decided getting 
dissed this badly just doesn't sit well with me, and besides, I'm not 
the type to walk away from a brawl.  So please join me now as I take 
our friend Eddy apart. (Eddy Robinson) writes:

>>any real thought or depth behind it (Skinny Puppy, Psychic TV,etc.), 

>Please, you exhibit the same blinkeredness you claim to despise. 
>Psychic TV are OK; to call out their names and mention Burroughs & 
>Gysin is just to appropriate the mantle of (what you perceive as) 
>their credibility. Now the quality of that credibility is a completely 
>other issue, which I don't intend to argue here. The point is that to 
>appeal to the "True & Original Believer" ethic is a useless tactic. 
>You mention Gysin: I can point you back farther down the line at 
>Wilhelm Reich. Doesn't enhance the argument.

I will repeat the impetus of my original post, since you obviously 
couldn't grasp it:  The entire concept of cut-up video sculpture as a 
means of subverting Ego-controlled consciousness was IN FACT 
pioneered by W.S.Burroughs and Brion Gysin, and later refined into 
its current form by Genesis P-Orridge back during the Throbbing 
Gristle era.  In the intervening time, this concept has been wholly 
co-opted by the Corporate Media Monopoly, which has watered it 
down into an advertising vehicle, especially in regard to mainstream 
music videos whose sole intent is to SELL RECORDS.  This is not an 
issue of credibility or originality, or who got where first - this is 
all self-evident.  The issue is that the original concept - using cut-
up imagery to alter consciousness - has been seized upon, 
prostituted and thereby nearly castrated by shallow, corporate-
financed posers.

Now, as P-Orridge himself brilliantly put it, this is a natural 
function of Control vs. Deviance.  The Control Establishment NEEDS 
its deviant fringe to make the new discoveries and originate the new 
ideas, which it then co-opts and uses to its own ends.  This in turn 
pushes the Deviant Culture forward, always struggling to break 
through the next boundary, move to the next level.  As true and as 
necessary as this is, I still laothe the way the Establishment 
consumes what threatens it - cut-up videography being a prime 

>>You'd better fucking believe that's going to be met with violent 
>>opposition by people like myself, who are actually trying to expand 
>>on Gysin, Burroughs and P-Orridge's work in a meaningful way.

>It apparently hsan't struck you that there might be mmore than one 
>approach to the issue. The tone of this persuades me that you 
>haven't grasped the fundamentals of the very things you claim to 
>study. It doesn't *matter* whether people get mindfuck from 
>listening to Genesis-P, or watching the latest Idol video, or doing 
>drugs, or chaos magic or whatever.

I refer to the above response, except to add that along the same 
lines, one can alter one's consciousness by either drinking a six-pack 
or smoking a joint.  The difference is, one way will make you holler 
and act stupid, the other will inspire you to maybe paint a picture, 
or play music, or do something else creative.  To me, this is about 
the same difference as that between watching Billy Idol and 
watching Psychic TV. 

>Now, you're not going to come back and argue that the TOPY brand of 
>mindfuck is somehow qualitively "better" then aany of the others, 
>are you?

Again, I refer to the above response.  But in addition, I'd point out 
that TOPY, and P-Orridge in particular, have published several 
brilliant essays and books that show infinitely more depth than 
anything Billy Idol has done.  I suppose if you're a drooling, illiterate 
imbecile, one could be just as well as the other - reality is 
subjective, after all.  But the way I see it, there's no comparison, 
and I must conclude that either you've never read a damn thing that 
TOPY has put out, or you're so profoundly shallow and inept that in 
your reality, hundreds of pages of thoughtful writing somehow equal 
paltry, stupid attempts at poetry ("Shock to the system...feels 
good...all right").  So yes, I guess I am arguing that one is 
qualitatively "better" than the other.  Let's hear your argument that 
it's NOT. 

>>fuck, did somebody hand you a copy of Mondo 2000 and say "hey 
>>billy, you're way passe, this is what's cool now, get hip"?  That's 
>>pretty much how it appears.

>Bzzzt! That's *exactly* the effect that Mondo 2000 is supposed to 
>have. It lies at the heart of the whole magazine.

S'funny, in all the time that I've been a contributor (about 2.5 years), 
I've never heard any of my fellow writers or editors put forth the 
idea that proselytizing the ignorant mainstream "lies at the heart of 
the whole magazine."  To use an American colloquialism, M2K 
preaches to the choir.

>>history, you're shocked to discover that upon declaring yourself 
>>some kind of spokesman for a hyper-intellectual counterculture

>I presume you're the living embodiment of this hyper-

Living embodiment?  Not hardly, but much closer than, say, Billy 
Idol.  I've no desire to get into some petty comparison of IQ scores, 
but suffice it to say that I have a rightful place in said 
>>might have made to the punk era (during which most of us were in 
>>elementary school, which basically makes it ancient history) has 

>And therefore junk,'re really quite amusing you know. 

Therefore passe, decrepit and unworthy of my attention.  And you're 
really quite the pompous dick, you know.  

The rest of your points have been adequately addressed in my earlier 
post, or at least those that merit a response (your vapid definition 
of "art terrorism," comparison to Scientology, Sigue Sigue Sputnik 
citation and "Zaibatsu" reference notwithstanding).  But this is 
becoming tiresome, and I think I've defended my original post as 
much as necessary.

"Cause the cathode ray tubes      XXXXXXXXX
 to resonate and implode;             X        
 You Are Your Own Screen."          XXXXX           For easiest mailing
                                      X        address all correspondence to:
       - Genesis P-Orridge.       XXXXXXXXX    
                                      X     dogface!podbox!

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Subject: Re: Throbbing Gristle
From: (Andrew C. Crowell)
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1993 20:31:18 GMT
Sender: (Net Noise owner)
References: <2268j4$>  <>
Organization: University of Illinois School of Music
Lines: 73
Status: RO

In article <> (David W. Vorbrich) writes:
>How would "See You Are (Recorded live at the Factory, Manchester
>1979)" which I have on _The Tyranny of the Beat_ album fit into the
>above discography?  I'm moving steadily into more instrumental, more
>authentically "industrial", music, and really like almost everything
>off of this compilation album.  I just ordered TG's greatest hits
>album, which just happened to be the only one carried by Noteworthy.
>I'm sure I'd like to buy more, and want a better idea of what each
>album sounds like.

Well, let's take the "official" Throbbing Gristle albums. If you run down
_every_ TG album, the posting would be very long (viz. Al Crawford's review
of the TG Live boxed set...the music's just too complicated to be simple
about). These are the original releases as they were put out by TG on
Industrial Records during the late '70s and early '80s. Here we go...
	_Second Annual Report_: This is a pretty rough little offering.
Side one really consists of different versions of two pieces: "Slug Bait"
and "Maggot Death", in varying live and studio versions. The audio and
the performance quality varies between each, but they're all quite creepy,
sludgy electronics...not stuff to put on for "relaxation". Side two is the
soundtrack to the film "After Cease to Exist", which is a rather tedious
exercise, in my opinion; lots of odd whirs, bleeps, hums...sort of a work
in the vein of "classical" electronic music, I think. Now, the weirdness
about this album starts: there are different versions of it. The very
first run of the vinyl version was all forward, nothing weird. The second
and subsequent pressings of the vinyl album were _backwards_, and the
"After Cease to Exist" music had some (forward) Baroque chamber music
mixed in...Handel's "Music for the Royal Fireworks", I believe. Finally, when
Mute got hold of the material, they reversed the master so that it was
forward again for the CD, and I _think_ they took the Handel out of "After
Cease to Exist". In short, you get your pick of what sort of mayhem flavor
you want with this one.
	_D.O.A.:Third and Final Report_: This is more of a "mixed bag"
release...more varied, like the _Greatest Hits_ release. You get four solo
pieces by band members on this, too. Of the "official" TG albums, this is
a more representative look at TG than the other albums; you get bits and
pieces of the varying directions they would tend to go in, from the
electro-dancy material like "AB7A" thru ambient tracks such as "Valley of
the Shadow of Death" to sludge like "I.B.M." or "Hit By a Rock". This is
the starting point (past the _Greatest Hits_ album) that I tend to recommend
to people wanting to get deeper into TG.
	_20 Jazz-funk Greats_ is next...a similar effort to _D.O.A._, but
more...commercial, perhaps? This is the album that has the danceable "Hot
On the Heels of Love", as well as the fake jazz-disco of the title cut...
a styling that Genesis P-Orridge liked to refer to as "Tesco Disco" (there
is also a TG piece by this title, too), after a British discount chain
store. But there's other weirdness on here, as well, including what many
still think to be TG's most disturbing song: "Persuasion", and "Tanith"
and "Exotica", which reflect the group's growing interest (at the time)
in the Polynesian lounge music of Martin Denny (the _Greatest Hits_ cover
is a parody of Denny's "Exotica" covers). More sludge and noise, too...
including the derangedly-exuberant "What a Day". Another good starting point,
in short.
	_Heathen Earth_ follows. It's a "live in the studio" album, recorded
as a live performance for an invited audience of 50 or so at the Industrial
Records studio in February, 1980. This is a really excellent representation
of TG's live sound, with no riots breaking out in the audience (not too
unusual at TG shows) and very good sound quality, as it was cut direct-to-
2track. This is a good starting point for venturing off into the morass of
live TG material, either in the boxed set, or in the individual releases
of live dates.
	And that's really it for the TG "official" works. You could probably
make an argument for including "Mission of Dead Souls" (final live show in
San Francisco) or perhaps their final studio work on "Journey Through a 
Body", but the above four albums are the releases cut, assembled, and 
released by Throbbing Gristle while "Thee Project" was still an ongoing 
thing. Hope that's helpful!

D.A.C. Crowell
Computer Music Project/School of Music
University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign