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From: (Misha Verbitsky)
Organization: Socialistisches Patienten Kollektiv
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 19:50:14 GMT
Subject: Re: The Plan Must Be Fulfilled......
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In article <543gvt$>, David Johnson  wrote:
> (Misha Verbitsky) wrote:
>>Akh ty Stalin, parnishka zhestokiy
>>Ty zachem v 37-mom poshutil
>>Vernykh lenintsev dergal ty tokom,
>>Ponastroil ty bratskikh mogil.
>>A oni byli kak svyatye,
>>Kak yagnyata, druz'ya Il'icha.
>>A teper' ikh vnuki krutye
>>V mikrofon nashu glasnost' krichat. -- Sergey Zharikov.
>From: adomrin  (Alexander Domrin)
>Subject: A message for Misha Verbitsky.
>Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 15:47:55 -0400 (EDT)
>    Misha, PRIVET!
> Thanks for a citation from DK. Actually the text was written not by 
> Sergei Zharikov, but by Andrei Arkhipov. Originally Zharikov 
> planned to record NEPRESTUPNAYA ZABYVCHIVOST album 
> not with Aleksei Vyshnya (who sings the song that 
> you cited), but with Sergei Kuryokhin. 

	Another interesting connection between DK and Kurekhin
	(aside from political -- Kurekhin's membership in NBP, 
	etc) is that Sergey Letov (brother of Egor) was a 
	member of DK for a long time, and he was also
	playing with Kurekhin in a lot of Kurekhin's records
	(there is I think even a joint record of Letov with Kurekhin).
	views with Kurekhin or Zharikov, is an orthodox jazzman
	in his other work and is very sceptical towards extreme music. 
	Could you shed some light on how this (rather traditional)
	musician tolerated the people like Zharikov? Maybe Egor
	exagerrates his brother's timidness?

>I will be in Moscow in November 
> and will tell both Zharikov and Arkhipov that an excert of their song

	Thanks. By the way, isn't Arkhipov the same guy who (with
	Zharikov) was an ideologue of early LDPR and published
	``Sokol Zhirinovskogo''? There is an Arkhipov mentioned
	in Limonov's ``Limonov Protiv Zhirinovskogo'', but I have not
	this book with myself. 

> appeared in David Johnson's list. That would be fun! Do you know that
> Zharikov's magazine "K TOPORU" was banned by Yeltsin in October of 1993, 
> and that Sergei is still under criminal investigation, but - 
> publishes another magazine "ATAKA"? He also reissued 7 of his albums

	Yes, I know of Ataka, but for all my stay in Russia (6 months)
	I was unable to find it anywhere, even if I checked Gorbushka
	(D. K. Gorbunova) and Museum of Revolution regularly (about
	weekly in fact). I have bought most DK CD's, though -- they
	are among the best of all stuff issued on CD in Russia. 

	I think that Zharikov should put Ataka on WWW -- it's a lot
	harder to find than Limonka, which is about 800 copies each
	issue. One surmises that Ataka has about 50-150 copies each
	issue and no distribution to speak of. To think of it, Limonov
	will also benefit from WWW publishing -- outside of Moscow
	his newspaper is impossible to find.

	I have searched the Net, but I was unable to find anything
	about DK (or Manager, or Chernozem, or Chernyi Lukich, or
	Kooperativ Nishtyak, or IPV, to that matter). I offer my own page 
	for all materials
	about this (or related) music. Right now there is only
	interviews of Egor Letov, a couple of posts from 
	Usenet and some articles by S. Guriev. Please send
	me anything you have (email

	Finally, I liked Neprestupnaya Zabyvchivost' so much I tried
	to find Vishnya's solo work (he has I think 3 or 4 solo albums), 
	but nowhere in Moscow I could find anything. Is there a place
	one can get these?


P. S. A search on Limonka was less fruitless. For instance, I found

"I was born in Carcassonne in the south of France near Toulouse.
It was 21th September 1970........(sigh!) After a nice and quiet
childhood, I had started to be interested in foreign
parts. At the beginning of the 80s, I met Limonka, a bulgarian. It was
the start of the beginning!!!"


Subject: Re: The Plan Must Be Fulfilled...... From: "Vladimir V. Sivchik" Date: 1996/10/17 Message-Id: Distribution: world Sender: References: Organization: unknown Reply-To: Newsgroups: soc.culture.russian,relcom.culture.underground, Hi! (Misha Verbitsky) wrote: > Yes, I know of Ataka, but for all my stay in Russia (6 months) > I was unable to find it anywhere, even if I checked Gorbushka Check Minsk. :-) Yesterday morning I saw 3 issues of ATAKA in a book store and found them very interesting. But I was out of money. Maybe, next time... > I think that Zharikov should put Ataka on WWW -- it's a lot > harder to find than Limonka, which is about 800 copies each > issue. One surmises that Ataka has about 50-150 copies each > issue and no distribution to speak of. To think of it, Limonov > will also benefit from WWW publishing -- outside of Moscow > his newspaper is impossible to find. Limonka (as well as NBP and Arctogeya) will be represented in the net soon. There was article about this ('To deliver from the control in Internet') in issue #47 (september,1996). In next issue #48 an e-mail address of above mentioned organizations was given already. Also, WWW-page will be made in near future. The electronic versions of Limonka, Elements, books, new non-censored texts, etc. will be put on there. Apropos, Misha, Limonka is very easy to find even in Minsk, Belarus. The issues are distributing operatively and permanently since this summer. All shall be well, (-| Vladik |-)
~ From: (Misha Verbitsky) NNTP-Posting-Host: Organization: Socialistisches Patienten Kollektiv Reply-To: Message-ID: Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 15:51:29 GMT Subject: Crusade against humanism Newsgroups: soc.culture.soviet,soc.culture.russian,soc.culture.purebred-sovoks The newsserver I use was down for I think 3 days now. Sorry if I reply not promptly enough. First of all, thanks to Henrietta who pointed out my error Re: Yelena Perkhunkova. I (due to a bad grammar) thought she prefers Stalin's destruction with Hitler's army over the converse, and it turned out that she prefers destruction of both by some stronger power. I'm sure that this hypothetical strongest power would turn up by necessity a way more bloodthirsty, genocidal and collectivist than Hitler and Stalin combined (how else it would manage to defeat two strongest armies the world), but never mind. Instead I turn to the [ K. Zhikharev -- by the way, nice to see K. Zh. again ] >> I kto sejchas vspominaet o zhertvah chumnyh morov? [ Y. P. replies ] >Ot chumy vsyo-taki nashli sredstvo. >Vot kogda najdyotsya sredstvo ot man'yakov, ubijc, terroristov, >nasil'nikov, vlastolyubcev shagayuschix cherez trupy i t. d. i t. p.... >togda mozhno budet i zabyt', navernoe... >Yelena. Discounting the intonation, which reminds me strongly of another avatar of progressive civilization (Borjka), the idea voiced by Yelena are the most patologically disgusting, utterly paranoic and pugnaciously degenerate lie suffered by our civilization. I mean it, quite squarely. The human animal is predator by the nature. Getting rid of predator instinct is getting rid of humanity -- you may create a timid, non-aggressive animal instead, but it won't be a human anymore. This is nothing -- after all, the goal of humanity is getting rid of human and create the Uebermensch instead. But will this Aquarian creature which Yelena and other progressist desire be an Uebermensch -- or a robotized, thoughtless animaton instead? Let us see. The worst danger which assails the civilization is lie enthroned. This lie is the system of simulacra of the modern Western brainwashing programme or the Nazi racist notions or the Communist blind necessity-driven class warfare. As soon as some truth becomes established, it or Democracy or Race are nothing but vile parodies now. Quoting Ragnar Redbeard, ``The most dangerous of all enthroned lies, is the holy, the sanctified the privileged lie - the lie that everyone believes to be a model truth. It is the fruitful mother of all other popular errors and delusions. It is hydra-headed. It has a thousand roots. It is a social cancer. The lie that is known to be a lie is half-eradicated. But the lie that even intelligent persons regard as a sacred fact - the lie that has been inculcated around a mother's knee - is more dangerous to contend against than a creeping pestilence. Popular lies have ever been the most potent enemies of personal liberty. There is only one way to deal with them: Cut them out, to the very core, just as cancers are. Exterminate them root and branch, or they will surely eat us all up. Annihilate them, or Well, what is the only way an individual can fight a machine which brainwashed and robotized the general population (just like the Americans are robotized right now)? The only way to get through to them is by violence. Incite poor to riot, bomb the rich quarters, initiate the programme of modern guerilla -- otherwise humanity is doomed. There won't be no Uebermensch if the machine is let to dominate the society. ``Kill, kill, kill - for inner peace and mental health'': the words of original Sozialistische Patienten Kollektiv. The artist's responsibility is to ensure the continuance of human creativity and to facilitate the creation of Uebermensch. This is why terror has become the chief form of artistic expression. As Andre Breton said, the only truly Surrealist work of art is to go into the crowd and to shoot randomly at people. Once you stop the terror, you stop the art entirely. I mean ontological terror just like I mean terror physical: to overthrow the established lies is a violence just as painful as to kill people in the name of chaos and destruction. There is no difference. Finally, what is the long-term effect of the egalitarian, liberal attitude, when all people are considered equal and no violence perpetrated? The races of humanity degenerate visibly from generation to generation, and this is because evolutionary pressure is no longer a major factor. This is why degenerate races are doomed to die (like Romans) to be replaced by barbarians. If the Western society will cultivate liberalism any longer, it will die out or will be exterminated -- just like very soon in United States, more than half of population will be colored, because the degenerate Whites stopped procreating and are being replaced by virile Hispanics and Blacks. Either way, as soon as the pressure of Social Darwinism is completely lifted -- the race is doomed to die, in a space of just a few generations. Hence the main beneficiaries of humanity are exactly ``man'yaki, ubijcy, terroristy, nasil'niki, vlastolyubcy shagayuschiye cherez trupy i t. d. i t. p'' Misha. Odin chelovek skazal: "Menya postoyanno odolevaet zhazhda." Drugoj sprosil: "Pochemu by eto?" A tot otvetil: "Stoit mne pomyt'sya, i menya nachinaet muchit' zhazhda i muchit menya vosem' dnej podryad, a moyus' ya raz v vosem' dnej." --- "Nemetskie shvanki i narodnye knigi XVI veka"
From: (Misha Verbitsky) NNTP-Posting-Host: Organization: Socialistisches Patienten Kollektiv Reply-To: Summary: Verbitsky's fascist post is disgusting Keywords: Verbitsky's fascist post is disgusting Message-ID: Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 10:34:51 GMT Subject: Embellishments Newsgroups: soc.culture.soviet,soc.culture.russian Dear bugs, I have redone a number of things on my homepage. * The Cranks page is somewhat embellished: + a file of Shlomo Ruthenberg's more recent articles is added, http://WWW.MATH.HARVARD.EDU:80/~verbit/scs/cranks/shlomo.html + a file of Simvlad teasing of Archimedes Plutonium is added. http://WWW.MATH.HARVARD.EDU:80/~verbit/scs/cranks/simvlad-96-pu.html + The posts of Alexandra Dubovaya are HTML-ized into maximal readability. http://WWW.MATH.HARVARD.EDU:80/~verbit/scs/cranks/dubovaya.html I arrived upon a conclusion that Alexandra was the most important poster throughout our history: a focal point of soc.culture.soviet. Deeps immeasurable. Studying her articles, one perceives futility of one's existence. Studying her articles, one understands one's own karma. * Small alterations done to the music archives: http://WWW.MATH.HARVARD.EDU:80/~verbit/Music/music.html All in all, there are 1.5 Mb of old articles, interviews, etc here -- watch out. * I added an entry http://WWW.MATH.HARVARD.EDU:80/~verbit/well/usenet-kibo.html (Usenet Is, by James ``Kibo'' Parry) to the Well of Beauty page http://WWW.MATH.HARVARD.EDU:80/~verbit/well/well.html It's the best reading I had in months. * Two pages with new poems (illustrated somewhat) added to http://WWW.MATH.HARVARD.EDU:80/~verbit/Me/me.html. The illustrations page http://WWW.MATH.HARVARD.EDU:80/~verbit/Me/Pictures/index.html is redone radically. * A new poem added to http://WWW.MATH.HARVARD.EDU:80/~verbit/Me/yulya.html: http://WWW.MATH.HARVARD.EDU:80/~verbit/Me/Fridman/golshti.html Coming soon: I am planning to make a page for the dead puppeteer Igor Fokin, a page for Elena Green archives, type in more works of Soyuz Pisatelei and put RWCDAX (the Russian extremist journal I am associated with) on-line. Takie vot dela. Misha. Vot tak my zhili, tak i zhivem, Tak i budem zhit', poka ne umrem, I esli my zhivem vot tak - Znachit, tak nado! --- M. N.
From: (Misha Verbitsky) NNTP-Posting-Host: Organization: Socialistisches Patienten Kollektiv Reply-To: Summary: Verbitsky's fascist post is disgusting Keywords: Verbitsky's fascist post is disgusting Message-ID: Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 17:23:16 GMT Subject: Re: Limonka! Newsgroups: soc.culture.soviet,soc.culture.purebred-sovoks,soc.culture.russian,relcom.culture.underground Rejoice! Limonka, Russian premiere newspaper, now has a homepage: To give you a taste of this exquisite beauty, I send a couple of articles from the last issue which my friend has typed in. NATSIONAL-BOL'SHEVISTSKAJA PARTIJA zajavlenie GOSUDARSTVA UKRAINY NE SUSCHESTVUET! TREBUEM RAZRYVA DIPLOMATICHESKIKH OTNOSHENIJ S KIEVOM! TREBUEM ZAKRYTIJA POSOL'STVA "UKRAINY" V RF! V to vremja kak avantjurist Lebed', presleduja lichnye tseli, otrezaet Chechnju, podav tem signal k total'nomu raschleneniju tela Rossii, lenivyj udav - Ukraina - perevarivaet proglochennuju eju dobychu - Krymskij poluostrov. Pri polnom molchanii truslivoj obschestvennosti Rossii. Rajskaja zemlja kurortov i divnogo morja, vmeste s gorodom-geroem Sevastopolem, - bazoj Chernomorskogo flota - otdany byli prestupnym roscherkom pera tak nazyvaemoj "Ukraine". "Ukraine" - gosudarstvu-khimere, gosudarstvu-anekdotu, kostjumirovannomu, operetochnomu, a la "Natalka-Poltavka", gosudarstvu, hikogda ne byvavshemu, ne dobivshemusja istoricheski i fizicheski prava na suschestvovanie. "Ukraina", rodivshajasja iz chernil'nitsy Belovezhskikh soglashenij i ambitsij zhirnykh kievskikh chinovnikov, - verni Krym! Perevarit' tebe ego ne pod silu, ty vse ravno budesh' vynuzhdena otdat' ego tataram i Turtsii. V obstanovke vyrozhdenija natsional'nykh chuvstv, polnogo obyvatel'skogo bezralichija bol'shinstva naselenija RF k sud'be russkikh, okazavshikhsja vne Rossii, Natsional-Bol'shevistskaja partija vo ves' golos zajavljaet: My nikogda ne smirimsja s poterej russkogo Kryma! My budem borot'sja vsemi sredstvami za vozvraschenie Krymskogo poluostrova v sostav Rossii. Svjaschennye kamni Sevastopolja, obil'no politye russkoj krov'ju, zhgut nashi serdtsa. Nas takzhe potrjasaet polnoe otsutstvie geroizma u nashikh sootechestvennikov. My otkazyvaemsja ponimat', pochemu ofitsery i matrosy Chernomorskogo flota vedut sebja kak poslushnye ovtsy, gonimye na zaklanie. Vy sprjatalis' pod bab'i jubki, ofitsery, pozabyv o slave lejtenanta Shmidta, bronenostsa Prikaza svyshe ne zhdite, ego ne budet. Istoriju vershat ne truslivye i podazhnye generaly i admiraky, no geroicheskie lejtenanty. Esli ne vy, to nikto! Esli ne segodnja, to nikogda! Natsional-Bol'shevistskaja partija ne priznaet suschestvovanija gosudarstva "Ukrainy". My trebuem ot prezidenta i pravitel'stva razryva diplomaticheskikh otnoshenij s gosudarstvom-anekdotom. Trebuem zakrytija posol'stva "Ukrainy" v RF i peredachi zdanija bezdomnym detjam. NET RAZDELU CHERNOMORSKOGO FLOTA! KRYM - RUSSKAJA ZEMLJA! KUCHMA, - TY PODAVISHSJA SEVASTOPOLEM! ROSSIJA - VSE, OSTAL'NOE - NICHTO! NBP, 8 oktjabrja 1996 goda, Moskva. I vot esche perl, ottuda zhe: "Zhurnalisty pokhozhi na mukh, rasprostranjajuschikh po miru kusochki kala, glistov i bolezni. Osnovnaja kucha govna zhirnogo mondialista-sponsora, obmotannogo zvezdno-polosatoj nakryvalkoj. Tam mukhi-zhurnalisty ebutsja, otkladyvajut sal'nye lichinki, plodjatsja i zapravljajutsja kalom. Zatem popolnjajut boezapas jajtsami glistov, strashnymi gribkami, virusami i gonokokkami s khvostami.Ubivat' ikh nel'zja, zhirnyj baryga na dast vzajmy vo vremja zasukhi, kotoruju sam, suka, i ustroit." GASTELLO %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Ura!!! Takie vot dela. Misha, Satano-Kommunist. P. S. Satano-Kommunism ne est' natsional-bol'shevizm, khotya my blizki. Satano-Kommunizm osnovan tom, chto idei kommunizma po suti svoei yavlyayutsya sataninskim zlom i napast'yu. Eshcho Anton LaVey (osnovatel Tserkvi Satany, evrei, kak i ya) otmechal, chto netu nikakoi raznitsy mezhdu ego filosofiei i vzglyadami sotsialista pridiot -- no Izrail' est'. Znachit Messia prishiol. Sataninskiy Messiya -- Ben-Gurion, kommunist.
From: (Misha Verbitsky) NNTP-Posting-Host: Organization: Socialistisches Patienten Kollektiv Reply-To: Summary: Verbitsky's fascist post is disgusting Keywords: Verbitsky's fascist post is disgusting Message-ID: Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 18:17:16 GMT Subject: Re: Limonka! Newsgroups: soc.culture.soviet,soc.culture.russian,relcom.culture.underground In article , Roman Kostin wrote: >In article , >Misha Verbitsky wrote: >> >>I vot esche perl, ottuda zhe: >> >> "Zhurnalisty pokhozhi na mukh, rasprostranjajuschikh po >>miru kusochki kala, glistov i bolezni. >> ... >>Zatem >>popolnjajut boezapas jajtsami glistov, strashnymi gribkami, >>virusami i gonokokkami s khvostami. > >u GONOKOKKOW NET HWOSTOW. Ehto spetsial'nye gonokokki: s khvostami. Byvayut ot zhurnalistov, rasprostranjajuschikh po miru kusochki kala, glistov i bolezni. Vy videli etu bredyatinu (sm. nizhe), kto-to eio vsio postit v scs, pro Scientologistov, Lrona Hubbarda i operatsiyu Elkina? LRon, neschastnyi, posle smerti vrode kak nichut' ne peremenilsya -- vsio tak zhe pishet SF. Takuyu zhe dryannuyu, kak ran'she, i ne odnu tysyachu stranits napisal. A teper' okazyvaetsya stal Yeltsina operirovat' s Satanoi. Udivitel'naya kakaya shtuka Scientologiya -- mertvyi scientologist gorazdo rabotosposobnee zhivogo. A krome shutok, ne vse eshcho veroyuatno znayut, kak nachalas' Scientologiya. LRon byl agentom FBR, s zadachei vnedrit'sya v Kaliforniyskuyu lozhu O. T. O. (okkul'tnoi organizatsii, sledovavshei Aleisteru Crowley). V Kaliforniyskoi Lozhe naibolee aktiven byl togda Jack Parsons, velikiy fizik (ego imenem dazhe nazvan odin iz lunnykh kraterov). LRon gde-to razdobyl neopublikovannyi togda eshco traktat Crowley (Book of Thoth, Tarot Egiptyan) i vydal neskol'ko ukradennykh obrazov za svoi sny. V eto vremya Parsons rabotal v tom zhe napravlenii, chto i Crowley v Book of Thoth, tak chto on zauvazhal LRona, poselil ego u sebya doma i daval emu deneg. LRon, kogda emu nadoelo stuchat' na Parsonsa, sbezhal s ego zhenoi; vmeste oni ukrali vse ego den'gi. Parsonsovskie magicheskie eksperimenty povernulis' ochen' stranno (on ukhitrilsya voplotit' elemental, simpatichnuyu ryzhuyu devushku po imeni Majorie Cameron, kotoraya vposledstvii igrala Kali v fil'me Angera Raising the Pleasure Dome). Raznye elementaly emu morochili golovu primerno kak u Meyrinka v Angele Zapadnogo Okna, i on nemnogo pomeshalsya -- tak, naprimer, reshil emigrirovat' v Izrail'. Poskol'ku Parsons vozglavlyal amerikanskie raketnye issledovaniya, etogo FBR nikak pozvolit' ne moglo i ego ubili (ofitsial'naya prichina -- neostorozhnoe obrashchenie s vzryvchatkoi). Kogda Parsons byl ubit, emu bylo, kazhetsya, 30 let -- bezuslovno, pogib naigenial'neishiy okkul'tist etogo veka. Nado polagat', chto prinyatie FBRom resheniya ustranit' Parsonsa bylo prichinoi begstva LRonnie s den'gami blagodetelya. Never mind. Cherez 5 let Hubbard osnovyvaet Scientologiyu na ideyakh i tekhnike, pryamo vydrannoi iz O. T. O. -- s toi tol'ko raznitsei, chto priiomy, kotorye O. T. O. ispol'zoval dlya razvitiya dushi i podchineniya stikhiinykh dukhov, Hubbard ispol'zoval dlya promyvaniya mozgov i vymogatel'stva deneg. Misha. P. S. Bredyatina iz stat'i pro Elkina i L. Ron Hubbarda v scs, obrazchik: RI-685Ri '"Very little Power over Koos" - L. Ron Hubbard' 3 Sept 96 RI-683i 'The Actual Future of Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard' 2 Sept 96 RI-632i 'The being L. Ron Hubbard, Current State' of 14 July 96 RI-634i 'The Operating Satan L. Ron Hubbard' of 12 July 1996 RI-645i 'The Operating Satan L. Ron Hubbard, more evidence' 1 Aug 96 RI-547i 'What the being L. Ron Hubbard is NOW doing to Scnists' 4 May 96 RI-529i-A'What the being LRH is doing NOW - Addition' 22 Apr 96 RI-529i 'URGENT - What the being LRH is doing NOW' of 6 Apr 96 RI-488i 'Very able people at serious risk in Scn' 23 Feb 1996 RI-546i 'Support for the being LRH now is Treason to Mankind' 4 May 96 RI-538i 'Official Expulsion of the being LRH from Scn' 17 Apr 96 RI-462i 'Corpses in LRH's Cupboard - IMPORTANT' of 25 Jan 96 RI-362i 'The incident EVERY Scientologist MUST know' 17 Nov 95 Bulletins about L. Ron Hubbard and his CofS RI-720i 'Forcing Miscavige onto the Church of Scientology' 27 Oct 96 RI-725i 'L. Ron Hubbard controlling Scientologists by fear' 27 Oct 96 RI-676i '"Doomed forever by L. Ron Hubbard"' 20 Aug 96 RI-677i 'L. Ron Hubbard: "Once Right, always Right"' 20 Aug 96 RI-692i 'How Koos destroys the Enemy L. Ron Hubbard' of 12 Sept 1996 RI-550i 'Nuremberg Trials for L. Ron Hubbard' of 4 May 1996 RI-421i 'The Charges against LRH' of 21 Dec 1995 RI-441i 'Edison versus L. Ron Hubbard' of 4 Jan 1996 RI-483i 'What Went Extremely Wrong since 1966 in Scn - Summary' 16 Feb 96 RI-484i 'All of CoS is one Mafia: "We stand tall!"' 16 Feb 96 RI-485i 'LRH's ACTUAL Condition in January 1986' of 17 Feb 96
From: (Misha Verbitsky) NNTP-Posting-Host: Organization: Socialistisches Patienten Kollektiv Reply-To: Summary: Verbitsky's fascist post is disgusting Keywords: Verbitsky's fascist post is disgusting Message-ID: Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 00:09:45 GMT Subject: Prigov's early text Newsgroups: soc.culture.soviet,soc.culture.russian,soc.culture.purebred-sovoks My friends have typed in a couple of early verses by Prigov. Stalin i Allilueva Byl dushnyj den' i blizilas' groza, Moguchij luch srebril ego sediny, I marshal'skaja na grudi ego zvezda, Dykhan'em vzdeta, vspykhivala divno. I ploschad' Krasnaja vnizu byla vidna, Gde pel narod v vesel'e prostodushnom, Ne bol'she murav'ja...voshla ona, I zapakh vplyl dukhov za neju dushnyj. On ves' naprjagsja, chtob ne vydat' ston, Ruka szhimala kholod pistoleta V prikrytom jaschike stola. "Kto on?!" - No rassmejalasja ona otvetno. On ruku rezko vykinul - kak grom, Pomchalas' po purpurnomu parketu Litaja pugovitsa s leplennym gerbom. Razdalsja vystrel. Trup osel zametno. I on rydal nad neju, kak ditja, Skupye slezy na usakh lezhali, Gotov rasplakat'sja byl - no nel'zja! - Ego dela, ego narody zhdali! Prigov, 1974 Mestnost' ostavlennej uzkokolejki. Vozdukh prozrachnyj, chuzhoj i neklejkij. Okis' li, med'... Da po ptitsam vidat' --- K oseni krayu ne privykat'. Mozhno prozhit' po primetam prostym --- Nebo nad kryshej, da pryamen'kij dym. Da navalilsya na dal'nij lesok Tuchi nezdeshnej krovavyj kusok. Prigov, 1963 (?) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Not that they are good, but give some food for thought. Misha. P. S. Actually, lately it happens so I expect the good poetry not from the ``professional'' poets, but from random sources: tolkienist lyrics, punk rock verse... My best successes on this route were lyrics from Chernoziom and Manager and (ahem) http://WWW.MATH.HARVARD.EDU:80/~verbit/scs/poems/nessis.html The ``real'' poetry is stale -- even if the last book of Prigov (yavlenie stikha posle ego smerti) is as good as anything (kogda byl lenin malen'kiy). I speak of good poetry -- bad one (like, Irten'ev, or Brenner, or Elena Shvarts) I dont' even consider. While, well, punk plays with the sin and excess and death and tolkienism plays with symbols with self-abandonment -- these things keep getting sharper, never duller. Once professional poets will again come to a point of nihilist self-submersion reached by GG Allin, Antonine Artaud and Manager, the professional poetry will become relevant -- untill then, poetry will be dead (undead, undead...) ``So, what ya gonna do when the novelty has gone''... (I. C.) "Where do dreams go when they die, mummy? They go to dreams of menstrual winters yet to come, beloved And do dead gods smell? Of dust and must and reaping time" -- Current 93 ofeliq dALEKAQ oFELIQ SMEQLASX WO SNE pUZATYJ DROZD, MOHNATYJ OLENX. pRIWY^NO PRO[LOGODNIJ NARISOWANNYJ SNEG lEGKO, SWETLO I WESELO HRUSTIT NA ZUBAH. nARQDNAQ oFELIQ TEKLA ^EREZ KRAJ zMEINYJ M#D, MALINOWYJ QD. rEZINOWYJ TRAMWAJ^IK, OCINKOWANNYJ MAJ pROSRO^ENNYJ BILETIK NA POWTORNYJ SEANS. wL@BLENNAQ oFELIQ PLYLA SEBE WDALX sIQLA NO^X, ZWENELA ZEMLQ. sTREMITELXNO SPE[ILI NIKOGO NE TAQSX ~ASY W SWO@ NELEPU@ SME[NU@ STRANU. pOSLU[NAQ oFELIQ PLYLA NA WOSTOK ~UDESNYJ PLEN, GRANITNYJ WOSTORG. lIMONNAQ TROPINKA W APELXSINOWYJ LES nEWIDIMYJ LIFT NA ZAPREDELXNYJ \TAV. dAL#KAQ oFELIQ SMEQLASX WO SNE uSTALYJ BES, RAKITOWYJ KUST. dAR#NYE LO[ADKI RAZBRELISX NA ZARE nA WSE ^ETYRE STORONY POPROBUJ, POJMAJ. (This is Egor Letov, from Sto Let Odinochestva -- sorry, no Manager texts around, and I'm too sleepy now to try to remember stuff).
Misha Verbitsky