Hasan B-) Mutlu

Hasan B-) Mutlu was a notorious Usenet spammer. Together with Ahmed Cosar (also spelled, at the times, as Koras), Mutlu unleashed on the Usenet the force of political auto-posting AI program which has no equals even now (5 years since).

Mutlu is a software engineer of some repute with background in Turkish Armed Forces, then employed at AT&T Bell Labs, and Cosar was a graduate student (tenured by now, I presume). The program they wrote was quite funny in a way it screwed people's names and generated insults. Still, the insults were mixed with a load of scanned propagandist files.

The program was triggered when someone mentioned Turkey or Armenia (this included Ken Aromdee's .sig about flaming turkey wings). The propagandist files were posted in about 100 articles weekly, in a list which included at least 8 newsgroups (invariably, soc.culture.soviet, talk.politics.soviet, talk.politics.mideast and soc.culture.turkey ), but usually more than 15 (most of which were totally unrelated: for instance, the vile robot used to raid rec.arts.movies and soc.culture.australian).

Each Mutlu-generated article was 4-10 screens long, and the perpetrators regularly (10-20 times per year) changed their usernames to avoid KILL-filing. This produced a healthy dose of irritation. Still, old-times miss Multu, with his wacky computer-generated humor and wild Subject lines like

Subject: `Virvir' The Self-Admitted Crook and Liar.

Subject: The Criminal SDPA-ASALA Grandparents of `Arromdian' The Gum Brain.

Subject: `Wieneramus' A mouthpiece for the fascist x-Soviet Armenian Government.

Here is Mutlu FAQ. Mentioned in the FAQ archive site (nysernet.org) does not work (March 95).

Nota Bene: Mutlu spelt his name as Hasan B-) Mutlu.

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