Jews against Usenet Cabal,

or Dimitri Vulis as the reincarnation of its Nazi predecessors

This one posted at Shabbath. Way to go, ``rabbi''.

Subject:      Re: Usenet Cabal as the reincarnation of its Nazi predecessors
From: (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg)
Date:         Sat, 07 Sep 96 12:18:13 EDT
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Organization: Congregation Bnei Niddoth
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                    *                       As a religious Jew, I am
                   / \                       morally outraged by the
                  /   \                      anti-Semitic actions of
                 / Jews\                    the small band of Usenet
                /against\                      forgers such as Chris
     *---------*-_-------*---------*        Lewis. I have telephoned
      \       / I I Usenet\ B"H"  /              Northern Telecom at
       \B"H" /  I~I  Cabal \     /          1-800-NOR-STAR and swore
        \ .__   I~I  _  _   /~) /           upon the Talmud that our
         \ \ \  I_I/I-II-I/~/' /                synagogue will never
          * \~~\'   `-'`-'~I  *             again buy any product or
         / \ \_ ) ~\_ /~~  ) / \            service from them due to
        /   \  \_    Y    )'/   \            their net-abuse. Please
       / B"H"\   \   ^   / /     \          telephone this toll-free
      /       \   |~   ~| / B"H"  \         number at once to inform
     *---------*---------*---------*          Northern Telecom about
                \ B"H"  /                     our boycott. Please do
                 \     /                     not patronize companies
                  \   /                     that employ anti-Semitic
                   \ /                         forgers such as Chris
                    *                        Lewis and David Wright.

In article <4v5ur1$>, (Ricardo Hector Gonzales) writes:
>Let me first say that as a Jew who lost several relatives in Hitler's
>death camps, the parallel of the Holocaust with the Usenet Cabal is
>absolutely truthful and appropriate.  In fact, the damage caused by the
>Usenet Cabal may even exceed the harm of the Holocaust.  It is time for
>us to judge and penalize the Usenet Cabal because they must pay for
>their system of complete control, censorship, and favoritism.  They
>are even worse than Hitler's regime in that their actions are well known
>and no one has yet stepped in to stop their oppression.  We must stop
>their reign of terror.
>Dr. Dimitri Vulis ( wrote:
>: Dr. John M. Grubor, the founding father of Usenet, has fixed the problems
>: formerly associated with improper campaigning by proposing the use of numbered
>: ballots, and by ignoring the NO votes once over 300 YES votes are counted.
>: The problems you referred to no longer exist.  Thank you, Dr. Grubor.
>We have a lot to thank Dr. Grubor for.  His method lets us stop the old
>unfair campaigns to block groups that a large number of people want,
>making USENET a much more fair place.  It's pathetic that the current
>system allows oppressive groups to block newsgroups that are intended
>for discussions that some people don't agree with.  There are huge
>campaigns of prejudice and hate to stop these groups that a large
>number of people, but a minority, want.  All groups with over 300 YES
>votes should be created, as Dr. Grubor has correctly implemented in
>his system.  It just makes so much more sense than the old method.
>The only exception would be namespace problems, but these are rare and
>easily correctable.  Once the name space is fine and 300 people vote YES
>for the group, therre is no issue to discuss.  Just because some vocal
>group opposes the topics that will be discussed in a newsgroup is no
>reason to not create it.  We can't let that sort of censorship have any
>place on USENET.
>: Already, tale's (spit) treatment of Kashmiris, Tibetans, Macedonians, et al, is
>: no different from the Nazis' treatment of Jews and Gypsies. The only difference
>: is that no one democratically elected "group-advice" (spit) or the "despammers"
>: (spit). In fact, the only democratic election David C [no dot] Lawrence (spit)
>: ever won was the "Kook of the Century" vote - by a landslide.
>This is true.  Tale has a long history of abuse towards minorities and
>openly supports prejudice.  The system of listening to NO votes is bogus
>because it is used to stop the expression of cultures and ideas that
>people would rather oppress.  This has to stop now and with Dr. Grubor's
>system it will.  USENET needs to have diversity and tale and the old
>corrupt voting system stands in the way of this by ignoring the need
>to discuss ideas in the groups they deserve.
>: If you believe in reincarnation, then you see that the net-Nazis of the Usenet
>: Cabal must have been important Nazis in their former lives. The Kabalfuehrer
>: David C [no dot] Lawrence (spit) is Adolf Hitler reincarnate. Russ Allberry
>: (spit) must have been Dr. Joseph Goebbels in former life - that's why he spews
>: Cabal propaganda on news.groups. The self-described bastard operator from hell
>: Peter da Silva (spit) reminds me of Bohrman, the head of the Nazi party.
>: (Stephanie da Silva must have been Ilsa Koch.)
>I can believe that David C [no dot] Lawrence and Russ Allbery are of the
>same spirit as those who killed my relatives and I see nothing but harm
>in their oppressive methods.  Peter duh Silva is a horrible person also
>because of his support for behavior that is harmful to USENET.
>: The corrupt "vote thieves" Jan Isley (spit) and Dan Hartung (spit) would have
>: been low-level Gestapo functionaries, responsible for "fixing" the single party
>: votes and making sure that exactly 99.99% of voters cast their ballots for the
>: National-Socialst candidate - no more, no less.
>Their old voting system is bad enough without them fixing the votes and
>corrupting the entire process.  They need to be excluded from the voting
>process and let impartial third parties with no Cabal ties to handle
>voting with the new open system.
>: The NorTel forger Chris Lewis (spit) is clearly the reincarnation of Eichmann.
>: The tens of thousands of forged cancels every month are the moral equivalent of
>: the Holocaust. news.grops and are Auschwitz today.
>: Remember Nuremberg, Russ. :-)
>I think it's time to judge the Usenet Cabal and make them responsible
>for the harm they have caused.  Let's have some real justice around here.
>Once they are out of the picture, USENET can belong to the people instead
>of a small group of piss-poor systme administrators who are lusting for
>power and meaning in their lives, which they try to find by controlling
>other people and sending forged cancellations for messages that offend

Look back, Russ Allberry... Do you recall how you ended your previous life
swinging at the end of the rope in Nuremberg?

Subject: Usenet Cabal as the reincarnation of its Nazi predecessors From: Ricardo Hector Gonzales Date: 1996/09/09 Message-Id: <> X-Mail2news-Path:! X-Nntp-Posting-Host: Newsgroups: news.admin.misc (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg) wrote: : : * As a religious Jew, I am : / \ morally outraged by the : / \ anti-Semitic actions of : / Jews\ the small band of Usenet : /against\ forgers such as Chris : *---------*-_-------*---------* Lewis. I have telephoned : \ / I I Usenet\ B"H" / Northern Telecom at : \B"H" / I~I Cabal \ / 1-800-NOR-STAR and swore : \ .__ I~I _ _ /~) / upon the Talmud that our : \ \ \ I_I/I-II-I/~/' / synagogue will never : * \~~\' `-'`-'~I * again buy any product or : / \ \_ ) ~\_ /~~ ) / \ service from them due to : / \ \_ Y )'/ \ their net-abuse. Please : / B"H"\ \ ^ / / \ telephone this toll-free : / \ |~ ~| / B"H" \ number at once to inform : *---------*---------*---------* Northern Telecom about : \ B"H" / our boycott. Please do : \ / not patronize companies : \ / that employ anti-Semitic : \ / forgers such as Chris : * Lewis and David Wright. I am a Jew also and want to let you know that I've received a large number of support messsages from other Jews who are outraged at both the Cabal's antisemitism and its parallels with the Holocaust. There has been some talk about forming mailing lists or possibly a newsgroup so that we can take action against the cabal. If you could spread the message in your synagogue it would be very helpful. There will be action taken as soon as we can agree to how severe it will be. We've already identified the Cabal members who are most harmful to free speech and the discussion of Jewish topics and we will make sure their censorship attempts are stopped. R.H. Goldstein
Subject: Re: It's official - David Lawrence is running for the Kook of the Month From: (Jonathan Kamens) Date: 1996/05/21 Message-Id: <4nrt6m$> Sender: (Jonathan Kamens) References: <> To: (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg), Cc: jik Followup-To: Organization: jik's Linux box Newsgroups:,alt.usenet.kooks,alt.censorship,news.admin.misc,soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.israel In article <>, (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg) writes: |> [drivel from "Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg"] "Rabbi Ruthenberg", is of course nothing more than one of Dr. Dimitri Vulis' alter-egos (or, at least, if there really is a "Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg", he didn't write this message and has no idea that someone is forging messages in his name). This is, of course, patently obvious given that "Ruthenberg's" writing style is identical to Vulis' and Vulis has put words in "Ruthenberg's" mouth that no Young Israel rabbi would ever say. This will be made even more obvious if you do a search for "Shlomo & Ruthenberg" in the old news archive in DejaNews. Perhaps someone in New York should give Young Israel of Brighton Beach a call at (718) 648-0843 (thanks to !), ask to speak to Rabbi Ruthenberg, and ask him if he's aware of the postings being made to the Usenet in his name. Considering that the rabbi of a large synagogue in Brighton Beach is a rather public figure, and the views attributed to him by Dr. Vulis' forgeries (and by extension to his synagogue mentioned in the "Organization" line of the forgeries) are rather offensive to most people and therefore likely to damage Rabbi Ruthenberg's reputation and the reputation of his synagogue, Rabbi Ruthenberg may very well have legal recourse against Dr. Vulis and be interested in pursuing it. I have (a) removed bogus newsgroups from the distribution of this message, (b) cross-posted and directed followups to, and (c) CC'd a copy of this message to the folks at PSInet, who will perhaps put a stop to these forgeries (although somehow I doubt it).
Subject: It's official - David Lawrence is running for the Kook of the Month From: (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg) Date: 1996/05/20 Message-Id: <> References: Organization: Young Israel of Brighton Beach Newsgroups: alt.usenet.kooks,alt.censorship,news.admin.misc,,,,soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.israel,talk.religion.jewish.orthodox,talk.religion.jewish.orthodox.chassidic,talk.religion.jewish.conservative,talk.religion.jewish.reform In article , (M. Legare, etc.) writes: >Ok. Now comes the moment you've been waiting for.. the nominees for the >MAY KotM Awards Mob! > >David Lawrence (tale) > >tale? tale is being nominated for KotM? tale, the guy who's managed to >keep most of the USENET newsgroups from becoming even MORE of a tangled >heap than they already are? ... As a religious Jew, I support this nomination. The net.kook David C [no dot] Lawrence has totally lost track of which Usenet newsgroups are "official" and which are "bogus". tale's been spamming news administrators with hundreds of rmgroup requests, asking to remove valid newsgroups like rec.arts.movied.erotica,,,, and most of the Judaism-related newsgroups to which this article is being posted. (Is tale an anti-Semite?) The newsgroups tale's trying to remove aren't even on UUNET's blacklist of "bogus" newsgroups. No site should honor the bogus rmgroups being spammed by David C [no dot] Lawrence. If you've voted YES for these newsgroups, please vote again: echo I vote for David C Lawrence for KOTM May 96 | mail
Subject: Lawsuit of the century: Cummens v. Boursy on Court-TV? From: (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg) Date: 1996/05/23 Message-Id: Expires: 23 May 97 22:55:55 EDT References: <4o1puf$> Organization: Young Israel of Red Hook Newsgroups: news.admin.censorship,talk.politics.misc,,news.admin.misc,alt.culture.usenet,alt.cyberspace,alt.journalism,alt.wired,alt.usenet.kooks,,,soc.women,,alt.politics.white-Power,alt.politics.nationalism.white,soc.culture.african.american,soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.israel,soc.culture.palestine In article <4o1puf$>, (Jonathan Cummens) writes: >In article , (Stephen Boursy) writes: >|> Just to demonstrate what an idiot this Kamens is he does not >|> know the difference between slander and libel. Slander is verbal >|> Kames--you must be thinking of libel but I haven't libeled you at >|> all. You do have a serious problem with premature ejaculation as >|> your harassing email clearly demonstrates. > >My wife, who is a journalist, has studied libel and slander law, >something which you, Mr. Boursy, have not. > >She was thought by a professor who is also a practicing lawyer that the >courts treat electronic communication as slander more often than they >treat it as libel, because the legal distinction (N.B.: I'm talking >about how the LAW views libel and slander, not about whatever >definitions for them appear in the dictionary) between slander and >libel is not actually on verbal vs. printed, but rather on permanent >vs. transient, and the courts do not consider electronic communication >permanent (now, I think they're wrong, but that's another story). Is the trial going to be on Court-TV? Will the niddah testify under oath how many (milli)seconds it takes J. "OpenVision" Cummens to cum? Will the parties bring in more zonos as expert witnesses, to debate how soon is "premature"? Will the plaintiff's deposition (including a statistically significant series of scientific measurements) be televised? This would make a good show, but any student of Talmud will say that neither libel nor slander could have been committed. Yose ben Yochanan, ruler of Jerusalem, said in Pirkei Avos: Let your house be open wide. Treat the poor as members of your household, and do not [converse] excessivly with the women. They said this even about one's own wife, surely it applies to another's wife. Consequently the Torah says: Anyone who [converses] excessivly with a woman causes evil upon himself, neglects Torah study, and will eventually inherit hell. It is therefore a form of praise, not defamation, to claim that a Jew spends his lifetime studying Usenet instead of wasting it on his wife. Journalism is not an appropriate occupation for a Jewish woman. Yonni might last longer with a real Jewish woman, who sits at home and takes care of at least 10 kids and has no interest in any journalists. ]OpenVision, Inc. (OV-DOM) ] 7133 Koll Center Parkway ] Pleasanton, CA. 94566 ] ] Domain Name: OV.COM ] ] Administrative Contact: ] Wright, Tom (TW111) Tom.Wright@OV.COM ] (510) 426-6451 ] Technical Contact, Zone Contact: ] Baker, Patrick (PB158) Patrick.Baker@OV.COM ] (510) 426-6451 ] ] Record last updated on 20-Dec-94. ] Record created on 17-May-93. ] ] Domain servers in listed order: ] ] SPANKY.OV.COM ] FROGGY.OV.COM ] PAD-THAI.GZA.COM
Subject: Re: Look! Old news long since resolved! From: (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg) Date: 1996/09/07 Message-Id: References: <4ttg26$> <1996Aug27.234016.15952@giant> <500l18$> <505pjp$> Organization: Congregation Bnei Niddoth Newsgroups: news.admin.censorship,news.admin.policy,alt.culture.usenet,,alt.uunet.anti-Trust,alt.cyberspace,news.groups,soc.culture.israel,rec.pets.cats,alt.sysadmin.recovery,alt.journalism,alt.wired In article , cheap corporate whore (Daniel P Dern) wrote: >In article <505pjp$>, boursy wrote: >> I love cats. Even a Cabal member who likes cats >>can't be all bad. > >And all Cabal members like cats. (It's a membership requirement.) >Q.E.D., > (a) No Cabal member is bad. > (b) Steve Boursy is a Cabal member. > (c) Socrates is a cat. > (d) All of the above > (e) None of the above. > (f) Other. > (g) Cats like Cabal members. > (h) TINC (There Is No Cat) > (i) Many sysadmins have cats. The most important qualification for Usenet Cabal membership is to have a small penis. Dern made it.
Subject: Nomination: The Right Reverend Colin James III for Kook of the Month From: (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg) Date: 1996/09/02 Message-Id: Organization: Young Israel of Red Hook Newsgroups: alt.usenet.kooks,alt.religion.kibology,soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.israel,soc.culture.russian,alt.revisionism,alt.personals.jewish,news.admin.censorship, The Right Reverend Colin James III got Andrew Mathis fired from his second job in two months (at the Princeton Review, on Thursday). I hereby nominate the dear bishop for both the Kook of the Month for September 1996 and for the Golden Killfile Award. Vote early and often!
Subject: Budka From: Jennifer S. Mullen Date: 1996/09/03 Message-Id: <> Reply-To: X-School: Penn State University Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban The following has been posted quite extensively to lots of animal-related groups (I found it on rec.pets.herp, of all places). The original writer is around and getting quite snippy with anyone who doubts him. Is there anyone here who knows if this really goes on in the Ukraine? All I know is that there are no periodical or newspaper abstracts in Penn State's database, and that a web search was pretty futile. Be sure to note the expiration date. -JSM --------------------begin quoted material---------------------------------- From!!!agate!blanket.mitre. org!!psinntp !psinntp!psinntp!perun!shlomo Tue Sep 3 14:23:31 1996 Path:!!!agate!blanket.mitre. org!!psinntp !psinntp!psinntp!perun!shlomo From: (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg) Newsgroups:,alt.activism,alt.animals.dolphins,alt.animals.felines ,alt.pets.ferrets,alt.pets.hamsters,alt.pets.rabbits,rec.animals.wildlife, od.veg,rec.pets,rec.pets.birds,rec.pets.cats,rec.pets.dogs,rec.pets.dogs.activit ies,rec.pets.dogs.behavior,rec.pets.dogs.breeds,, gs.misc,rec.pets.dogs.rescue,rec.pets.herp,soc.rights.human,talk.politics.animal s Approved: Hashem Subject: Re: UKRAINIAN SOVIET SAVAGERY TO DOGS AND CATS (Was: Cruelty to homeless dogs and cats in the Ukraine) Message-ID: Date: Mon, 02 Sep 96 22:11:00 EDT Expires: 02 Sep 99 22:11:00 EDT Organization: Congregation Bnei Zonoth Lines: 101 Xref: alt.activism:186345 alt.animals.dolphins:8615 alt.animals.felines:14782 alt.pets.ferrets:7313 alt.pets.hamsters:7962 alt.pets.rabbits:19065 rec.animals.wildlife:17798 rec.pets:35114 rec.pets.birds:67934 rec.pets.cats:189552 rec.pets.dogs.activities:8980 rec.pets.dogs.behavior:39508 rec.pets.dogs.breeds:62834 rec.pets.dogs.misc:46754 rec.pets.dogs.rescue:12784 rec.pets.herp:78587 soc.rights.human:40534 talk.politics.animals:74194 In article <>, (alex) writes: >>Subject: Cruelty to homeless dogs and cats in Ukraine >>From: Leon Mishnaevski, MPA >>Date: 1996/08/29 >>Message-Id: <503t48$> >>Organization: Comp.Center (RUS), U of Stuttgart, FRG >>Newsgroups: rec.pets.dogs.rescue >> >> >>This is written in order to draw your attention to the extraordinary >>situtation with homeless dogs and cats in Ukraine. Hopefully, somebody could >>provide some help or at least inform other people in Western countries about >>the cruelty to animals in Ukraine. >> >>It is known that due to hard economic situation, many people (especially old >>people) can not afford themself to keep a dog or cat, which they have kept >>during many years. So, many dogs and cats found himself on a street, without >>any chance to find food or new home. One should note that there are no laws >>in any of post- Soviet countries, which can defend animals from cruelty; it >>means that anybody can damage or kill any animal, and it is fully in >>correspondance with the acting laws. That is why there is a number of dogs >>and cats ohne paws, eyes, tails or with burns on the streets of Kiev; >>cruelty to animals is not to be punished in Ukraine. >> >>Nevertheleless, many animals live. The administrations of many Ukraininan >>cities (and, in particular, the administration of Kiev) consider this >>situation as a problem which should be solved by any means. In any city, >>there is such organization - `` Budka'' (it is a state institution), in >>which former criminals work usually and which deals with killing the >>homeless dogs and cats. >> >>It proceeds as follows: through the city, a small lorry go; when the driver >>notices any dog or cat, he stops the car, catch the animal with the use of >>large tongs (in so doing, the animal becomes wounded often), and throws it >>in the car, where there can be a number of dogs already. The animals are >>packed in the small car, like stones. Thereafter, the animals are delivered >>to a central station, where they stay without food and water, in small >>cages, dense packed by many dogs and cats, during several days. Then, they >>are killed: first, a dog is stuned, then one takes off its skin (the dog is >>yet alive, but stuned), and then the dog dies itself (the people from >>``Budka'' as well as many other people in former USSR think that the skin, >>taken off from living dog or cat, is better - they use the skins for winter >>caps and fur coat). >> >>(All that can be proved - there is a film, which has been demonstrated by >>Swiss TV; there are many publications in Russian and Ukrainian newspapers). >> >>All trials to stop the activity of ``Budka'' both in the Soviet time and >>after failure of USSR have been failed. >> >>Of course, there are in Kiev charitable people as well, they feed, defend >>the homeless animals, and keep from 3 to 10 dogs or cats in their small >>flats, but they can not change the situation in general. Unfortunately, >>there are also people which try to make a business on the suffering of >>animals (among them, there are many official organizations, which become >>money, write large projects, but do not feed or defend any dog). >> >>In Kiev, there is a shelter for homeless dogs (address: Otto Schmidt >>Str.2/A, Tatarka, Kiev, UKRAINE). In this shelter, there are about 200 dogs, >>mainly, the dogs which were rescued from the ``Budka''. Many of them are >>without paws, etc. (I have photos of the shelter and dogs, and would be glad >>to show them; I was there in April 1996 ). The shelter is supported by only >>one woman, Galina D.Shiyanova. She has not property or money, she does not >>work, but she spends all her time with dogs. She ask alms on the central >>street of Kiev, and they (i.e. 200 dogs) live only by the alms. >> >>200 dogs eat the meat never, but only bread, beets and water. They live >>badly, but they did not died in pain at least. As said, there are of the >>shelter, the woman, when she asks for alms, the dogs in the shelter, and I >>am ready to present the photos. >> >>Now, the administration of Kiev is going to confiscate the building of the >>shelter and to transmit it to the neighbouring Orthodox Church and some >>businessmen. Thus, the sole shelter for homeless animals will be closed, and >>the dogs will be killed in ``Budka''. >> >>May be, if the information about the cruelty will be published in Western >>journals or newspapers, the Ukrainian administration would stop the >>confiscation of the shelter, and, hopefully, stop the activity of ``Budka''? >> >>---------------------------- >> > >Got anymore information on those Ukrainan savages, any *real* organizations >for protecting animals from Ukrainians there ? Any phone numbers or >addresses of reliable, * non-Soviet * people there that would help? No point >in contacting various Ukrainian Embassies or Consulates. They are rude, >brutal and stupid people anyway and wouldn't understand and just laugh, and >think and/or tell you that * you * were the one that was crazy and stupid... > >You told your story, why not do something about it? > >So how does one contact Galina D.Shiyanova or get money to her, or send her >things??? And how to do so in such a way that those lying, thieving, Soviet >Ukrainian savages don't steal it??? > >alex :As a religious Jew, I am outraged. What Ukrainians goods and services can I :boycott to protest their atrocities? Do the "zhivodery" export "salo" here?
Subject: Re: A Vile, Mendacious Silverfish From: (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg) Date: 1996/01/17 Message-Id: <> References: <4dhd2l$> Organization: Young Israel of Boca Raton Newsgroups: soc.culture.soviet,soc.culture.russian,alt.flame,alt.usenet.kooks,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.african.american,news.admin.policy,soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.soviet,soc.culture.ukrainian,soc.culture.israel, B"H" As a religious Jew, I too am outraged by the anti-Semitic forgeries spammed by some "Peter Vorobieff" via Compuserve. To whom can I complain about him?
Subject: The final solution for the premature ejaculation problem From: (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg) Date: 1996/06/05 Message-Id: <> Organization: Young Israel of Red Hook Newsgroups: soc.culture.israel,soc.culture.jewish,alt.religion.islam,alt.politics.white-Power,alt.2600,alt.revenge,alt.revisionism As a religious Jew, I am shocked that none of: Hamas / Hizballah / Party of God / Revolutionary Justice Organization / Organization for the Oppressed on Earth / Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine / Popular Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine / Ansar Allah / Palestine Liberation Front / Followers of the Prophet Muhammad / Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Muslims / Fatah Revolutionary Council / Arab Revolutionary Brigades / Islamic Resistance Movement / Vanguards of Conquest (whew!) have gotten around porking the Jewish Fascist Yoni Kamens or his zonah wife. You can help by mailing your donations (cash only) to: Dr. Ramadan Abdullah Mohamed Shallah (SS# 589-17-6824) Dr. Musa Abu-Marzuq (SS# 523-33-8386) c/o Arab Republic of Palestine Mission to the United Nations 115 E 65 St, New York, NY 10023, tel: (212) 288-8500 Be sure to mark all envelopes "for the Yoni Kamens fund"!
Subject: Re: Homosexual anti-Semite Peter Vorobieff is forging cancels for our articles again!!1! From: Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenberg Date: 1997/05/06 Message-ID: Newsgroups: [More Headers] (Dragon Fly) wrote: >Yes, I'm sick and tired of this Peter Vorobieff. Isn't everyone? He is the most hated person on soc.culture.*. >He is spawing Usenet with most vicious anti-Semitic crap >I could ever imagine for years, and nobody seems to care. A lot of people care, and they've all been complaining to Dr. Siegfried Hecker about Peter Vorobieff's forgeries, cancels, false complaints, and other net-abuse. >Not even administration of Los Alamos National Lab >whose facilities Peter Vorobieff is using to promulgate his >fascist views. Perhaps we need to contact the Inspector General's office regarding the net-abuse at the Los Alamos National Lab! Why is our tax money used to sponsor a foreign national whose only contribution to the DX organisation is the unending spew of rabid flames about "hebes", "yids", and "clipdicks"? >I fully support freedom of speech on Internet, however >what concerns Peter Vorobieff the things go beyond that. >He and his anti-Semitic "partagenosse" Dan Korolev >tried to mailbomb me and Office of Human Recources at >Ohio State University claiming they hired "too many Jews". >On several ocasions he threatened me personally, and forced me >to hide my email address to avoid mailbombing. Peter Vorobieff's terrorist acts are a mischievous-sadistic denial-of-service attack (MS-DOS) and should be reported to the FBI. You may also have a solid civil case against Peter Vorobieff. >Peter Vorobieff and Dan Korolev "" hate me >because they think I'm a Jew. That's because you have "a yiddische kopf"! (8-}> >Maybe that will help them if I say as it is: > >I'm not a Jew and never was. To homosexual anti-semites like Peter Vorobieff and Dan Koroleff, anyone smarter than them must be a "kike" - and this means 99.99% of the population. Peter Vorobieff must be a very miserable man because, in his paranoid delusions he is surrounded by all Jews. It's not surprising that Peter Vorobieff has called you "zhid". >Would anyone finally ask "" what Peter Vorobieff is doing >there besides posting anti-Semitic articles on the Internet? Nothing at all. The non-stop stream of anti-semitic obscenities and forgeries posted from during duty hours shows that Peter does nothing else from 9 to 5, without even a lunch break. >Hope everyone had a good Shabbos. Thank you. I've had a wonderful Shabbos and ate some delicious tsimmes. >] }As a religious Jew, I am outraged that my tax money is used to support >] }anti-semitic terrorist "research" at the Los Alamos National Laboratory >] }(highly reminiscent of Dr. Josef Mengele's "research" at Auschwitz) and >] }ask everyone who reads this article to join the members of our schul in >] }complaining to the following people: >] } >] }Stacey Fradkin is the H.R. contact for the DX organization: >] } >] }Contact: Stacey A. Fradkin (093170) >] }E-mail:, >] }Phone: 505-667-0783 >] }Fax: 505-665-3407 >] }Postal address: HR-5 STAFF, MS P915 >] } Los Alamos National Laboratory >] } Los Alamos, NM 87545 >] }Location: TA-8 Bldg 21 Room 111 >] } >] }Mike Lucero is the director of human resources: >] } >] }Contact: Michael C. Lucero (118471) >] }E-mail:, >] }Phone: 505-667-5433 >] }Fax: 505-665-5728 >] }Postal Address: HR, MS P124 >] } Los Alamos National Laboratory >] } Los Alamos, NM 87545 >] }Location: TA-3 Bldg 261 Room S262 >] } >] }Sig Hecker is the lab director: >] } >] }Contact: Siegfried S. Hecker (073444) >] }E-mail:, >] }Phone: 505-667-5101 >] }Fax: 505-667-2997 >] }Pstal Address: DIR, MS A100 >] } Los Alamos National Laboratory >] } Los Alamos, NM 87545 >] }Location: TA-3 Bldg 43 Room C401 >] } >] }Please keep e-mailing these three addresses: >] } >] } >] } >] } >] } >] }and request that an appropriate action be taken at once. >] } >] }Please repost this article in all the other Usenet newsgroups. >] } >] }Have a good Shabbos! >] } >] }Shlomo >] >] I'm sure Rabbi Ruthenberg will have a lot more to say about Peter Voribiev's >] forged cancels and anti-Semitic terrorist threats when the Shabbath is over. >] >] Meanwhile please follow the Rabbi's advice and complain to et al. Once again, here is the terrorist anti-Semitic threat which I ask you all to report to,, and, and which the homosexual anti-Semite Peter Vorobieff tried to cancel: }A member of our schul recently came across the following anti-semitic }article in the moderated terrorist newsgroup misc.activism.militia: } }[Line breaks added] }]Approved: (3d6661eb5c4e3137f4954b7f24ca08c4) }]From: }]Organization: None }]Return-Path: }]Path: altavista!!!!!!!!!!!!!militia-request }]Newsgroups: misc.activism.militia }]Date: Sun, 27 Apr 97 4:48:03 GMT }]Message-ID: <862116483$> }]Subject: How to eradicate Zionist pigs }]Lines: 9 }] }]With a great deal of excitement I watch for the brave struggle of our }]Arab brothers against Zionist aggressors. However, technical }]inaptitude of the Arab fighters sometimes is truly amazing. }] }]Why waste your efforts and precious Arab lives for insulated acts of }]martyr bombing, while it is possible to clean up Palestine from the }]Zionist pigs once and for all. The way to do it is to attack the most }]important strategic asset of Israel: water supplies. Not with a }]poison, but by radiological means. Water in Israel is not routinely }]tested for radioactivity, so the Zionists will begin noticing the }]funny things only after all of them start glowing at night. Here is }]the preliminary plan of the operation: }] }]On a single night a group of deltaplanerists delivers the bags with }]highly radioactive isotopes to the Mount Aquafer and dumps the stuff }]into the water supplies there. Simultaneously, another group of }]deltaplanerists dumps the same radioactive stuff into the Sea of }]Galilee. Simultaneously, yet another group of fighters dumps the stuff }]into the municipal water supplies pipes carrying the post-processed }]water to the major Israeli cities. }] }]I am working for a well-known U.S. National Laboratory responsible for }]the safety studies of nuclear weapons, and on my own time I have }]conducted many simulations of the above described scenario, all of }]which lead to the conclusion: within 5 to 10 years following the }]operation Israeli Zionists will be completely eradicated. I have }]developed the mix of isotopes that will be most effective and least }]detectable. }] }]I would be glad to give you much more detailed information on how this }]operation should be conducted and on the ways of obtaining the }]required materials, though I am afraid that the Mossad and some other }]known agencies will do anything , even kill me, to prevent me from }]doing that. So, if you want to contact me, just send me the e-mail }]immediately, because this account will not exist beyond coming Monday, }]and give me your contact information, preferably in an anti-Zionist }]Arab country, I will make the proper investigation of the contact, and }]if everything is clean, I shall get in touch with you at my }]convenience. }] }] Sir Peter V. Please don't process any more forged cancels! Sei Gesund! Article 109630 of soc.culture.soviet: Path:!!rice!!!!!!!!!mail2news X-No-Archive: Yes From: (Rabbi Shlomo Ruthenburg, the Usenet Rebbe) Newsgroups: soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.russian,soc.culture.soviet,news.admin.censorship,nyc.general,, Subject: Complain to about the Anti-Semitic Porno-Spammer Semyon Varshavchik Message-ID: Date: Sat, 17 Jan 98 22:09:23 EST Organization: Young Israel of Usenet Mail-To-News-Contact: Lines: 116 Xref: soc.culture.jewish:345820 soc.culture.russian:93105 soc.culture.soviet:109630 news.admin.censorship:56472 nyc.general:29102 Be advised that the notorious anti-Semitic Spammer Semyon Varshavchik has been spotted again posting anti-Semitic Spam in these and other newsgroups, threatening to mail-bomb Jewish posters, supporting his fellow Jew-hating anti-Semitic Spammers, and otherwise committing vicious acrs net-abuse. Semyon Varshavchik is best known for spamming his resume to thousands of recruiters worldwide with an obnoxious cover letter. This net-abuse got him blacklisted so he can no longer get a data processing job in New York City. Semyon Varshavchik is a Sovok (immigrant from the former Soviet Union) who rants in broken English about his unrequited love for the Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh and his hatred for the Jews. Semyon Varshavchik also spams young boys with his homosexual solicitations. Curiously, Semyon Varshavchik calls everyone he doesn't like "pedophile" as documented on his Net.Scum page. That's right - Spammer Semyon Varshavchik is such an asshole that SPAMBUSTERS dedicated an entire Net.Scum page just to him. For further informaiton about Semyon, see We Jews own and operate the Internet and we will not tolerate the kind of hateful garbage that the anti-Semitic Spammer Semyon Varshavchik spews in these and other Usenet newsgroups. Anti-Semitic Spammers must and will be silenced. We can do this with ease because we own and operate the Internet. Complain about Spammer Semyon Varshavchik to, because that's the ISP he uses to forge his hate-filled garbage. The First Amendconstrained by the First Amendment being a Jewish owned and operated private business and not a branch of the U.S.Government. The Jewish right not to be harrassed by the hate-filled anti-Semitic diatribes that Semyon Varshavchik and his net.pals spew on Usenet is more important than the First Amendment. Forward all unwanted junk e-mail to Spammer Semyon Varshavchik as follows: And have a good Shabbos.