This murderous Jew: Hi Hitler

From: (Mustafa Soysal MS57)
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Subject: Re: The Jews of Auschwitz were Musselmen
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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 16:23:48 -0500

Is this another attempt of skewing the reality by the Doenmehs?  This is
just what I was expecting to be the historical truth.  Somehow it sounds
too easy to be discovered, although the attempt of skewing the meaning
of Musselman is typicaly Doenmeh.

I would not be surprized if this was another conspiracy of the Doenmehs
(remember, Talaat the Doenmeh had found shelter among the Doenmehs in
Germany) to kill non-Doenmehs.  Then there is the parallelism between
Enver Pasha taking the Turkish soldiers to the East in the winter
without proper gear'n supplies for having them freeze to death and
Hitlers sending the Germans into upper Russia without proper gear to
freeze them.  Both Hitler and Mustafa Kemal were semite Jews by race.
So were the so called "Young Turks", Talaat being one of them.

In article <4eo4s2$>,
Joel Rubin  wrote:
>God knows where this flame-war/spam started or is going but from what I 
>have read of the Holocaust literature (fortunately, I am without first 
>hand knowledge), people in the death camps who were on their last legs 
>were called "Musselmen", which is a form of the word "Muslim". I suppose 
>it had something to do with pictures of starving people in what is today 
>Pakistan or Bangla Desh or somewhere like that. On the other hand, 
>people with relatively cushy jobs (like any job in the kitchen or 
>someplace where you could steal stuff) were called "Canadians".
>This does not mean that the "Musselmen" bowed down in the direction of 
>Mecca 5 times a day anymore than it implies that the "Canadians" played 

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