High candle.

From: verbit@coxeter.harvard.edu (Misha Verbitsky)
Subject: Re: BERLIN 1945
Date: Wed Jun 07 02:14:26 EDT 1995

In article <3r2ik5$61l@ringding.cs.umd.edu> cema@cs.umd.edu (Simon Hawkin) writes:
> On Tue, 06 Jun 1995 16:31,
> RZ59@ibm3090.rz.uni-karlsruhe.de wrote:
>*> >Da kak Vam skazat': konechno, vse, chto Vy pishete -- pustoj
>*> >flamebait, i mozhno bylo ne obraschat' vnimaniya. K sozhaleniyu,
>*> >esli obraschat', to poluchaetsya, chto durak. Vy kak xotite --
>*> >chtoby na Vas obraschali vnimanie, ili chtoby net?
>*>  Mne kak-to vse ravno. Esli est' chto skazat', skazhite.
>Vot ya i xochu skazat', chto Vy -- durak. Takoe tverdoe mnenie u
>menya slozhilos' posle neskol'kix mesyacev chteniya Vashix

        Just right when Borzhka first appeared with his
        awful articles about Nabokov, I made a number of posts
        where I mentioned that Borzhka is a vicious idiot,
        a pretentious idiot, an idiot free of consideration,
        and to top it all an idiot tasteless as hell. Nobody
        abided by my notes, so I stopped attacking Borzhka, 
        deciding as usually that scs readership deserves those authors
        it gets. And only after Borzhka started posting non-PC
        stuff these freaks noticed what I told all along!
        SCS readership consists of ugly desperate mindless PC 
        who attack that Borzhka freak because he goes against their
        understanding of Politikal Korrektness. What pathetic
        imbeciles you are. You are not different from Borzhka!


"Oh how we laughed at your failure to see in us, yourselves.
  when you scorn us you thrust a dagger in your own heart,
for those who know not their own Self know nothing at all.
   "so this guitar kills fascists?"
   does it really you braindead bastard
(liner notes to _Oh How We Laughed_  by Death in June)