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Subject: An item totally irrelevant to the charter
Date: 28 Nov 1995 11:04:16 GMT

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Found on Throbbing Gristle mailing list.

From: smj@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG (Stephen M. Jones) Subject: Recipe for Success (READY IN MINUTES!) Date: Tue, 7 Nov 1995 23:04:40 -0600 (CST) Cc: GRIEF@SDF.LONESTAR.ORG,, president@WHiteHouse.Gov, HI MY name is BILL clenton and thank you for mailing to me a letter to my INformation Super tragedy addrress. I reel appreiate the effort thus cast forth by you, the ever willing csonumer. Please let us study this consumer moduel well with spring water in the oilest of what we must consume. I would like you for to consumme this very tastie dishy treat that my wife asked the nice black gentlemon to purgentleman to prepare in the kttchjen. i do hope you ^J^J^J don't mind it is a bit spicy and hot and might I add it is cultured because we are all one big happy race and jesus loves you for your coat of many hybrids... I knew of such one. my mother once told me to find the place beanthe the bed where I could hide if we heard my father knocking on the bedroom door. i had to go there so often and crouch and crotch my pouch with glee and splendor. ahh, you have forgotten me of my path to which i communicate to you in this message and that is of which we must consume PLEASE CONSUMEe because soon we must take over uncharted territory in the middle east and please, europe is next we must prepare the consumer to consume this and such as hate and war and pitty for the god damn hippies. RESIPY; OLD TIME KURRY .. slop. GET; --------------------------------------------------------------- 1 POTATOE and Peal thus so it is white like a baby's buttocks. 3 Karots and peal so they are rosey like my cheeks after my mother stuffed my under that bed.. ohhh ahh. 1/2 A yellow onion. Please be careful not to be the one who chops off the consumer trigger finger. we must nuturee and grow it to be planky planky blow that faggot commiee away. 1/2 a slab of korean curry.. it looks like a hersey chocloate bar but, I took the loyalty of trying it and it was not a very pleasnt surpleeze. It tasked like soemone put soemthing in a place where only the tinest and houlry defatil could such be there was it find. OPtional; if you purfer to be so bold, you may add some additsunal ingredience such as this: finely chopped garlic and a meat of your choice. If you choose to add a meat, pleaze knote that its isb est to cook it first in. PRO-DEATH^H^H^H^H^HCEEDURe. get a big pot and put some middle eastern oil in this thing. Make it get really hot buy bonds turning the heat to 11. Chop the potatoe into cubicals and the testicles into small karoke slice bundle brocolli with zest and chivarly. now, threw this all in the bot and stur around to cook it so evenly that it is cooked. after a while you might knotices there is something burning, if so, you forgot to turn down the pot heat to 5 so you must either start all oiver or continue if you did not Clear Machine. Once they are so eveanly cooked, you should added about 4 cups of water and turn to a boil. When BOil add this kurry slab and begin the process of stur and stur and stur and stur. this must be desolved. it is the duty of the asshole of demohyprocracy to make such a mixture of melting the souls into the necessity of beef eat meat treat. Now, you should just keep at it like a chimp and go .. like a fox. and stur and stur. bring down to a simmer if not you will burn it again. please turn it down and stur until thick and brown and thick. let stand for 43 seconds and try again. guess again. please try again. put a bowl of rice in the table and pour some of the brown mixture over the white rice. you may notices that the white rice turns brown. do not flatuate with disbelief yet. it is the only solution and the companies want it. please, consume now. feel the thick brown sauce down your throat and do not gag it because its what will happen. its real for it. If you have some of this sum left over. If you have a lot left over, please please please do them a favor and fill some CDs and catalogues and booklets and anything other crap they make in a water proffed bagget and poer this thickness hot into this bag so it becoms full. THen PLEASe MAIL THis SUBMIT THIS PLASE DONATE THIS TO: Hippie Gothikcore losage c/o Cleopatra Records 8726 S. Sepulveda Suite D-82 Loss Angeles, California 90045 The U.S.WAY