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UR CD 03
Kooperativ Nishtyak
25 Dzhonov Lennonov

1. It wasn't and isn't 
2. Clouds above the home
3. Dali
4. Hans' dead dogs 
5. A star
6. A big spell of the hedge
7. Spring
8. Blavatsky
9. Gaer
10. Winter gods
11. A structure of the world
12. Oracle
13. Cosmogony
14. Tao

Do it yourself with your skilled hands (1992)

16. Do a right thing (and stuff it up your ass)
17. Fandango
18. Frenkel's cranes
19. The fingers of Vertinsky
20. Vertinsky is dead
21. Winter evening in Gagry with dead Vertinsky

total length: 71 minutes

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Kooperativ Nishtyak (Tyumen) made their reputation as the most diverse and prolific Russian punk and post-punk band; after almost 15 years in music, they have no rivals in quality and quantity of released records, with styles ranging from gothic to Oi! to easy listening. All said and done, Kooperativ is simply the best Russian band, punk or not. Kooperativ is also the least politically correct band in Russia. This is why Kooperativ is blacklisted, most of their stuff is not distributed and virtually unknown. UR-Realist tries to breach the silence surrounding this great band.

Kooperativ's vocalist, Kirill Ryb'yakov wrote quite a few songs of another monumental Russian band, "Instruktsiya Po Vyzhivaniyu". Alexandr Andryushkin, the multi-instrumentalist, played in the great and famous Grazhdanskaya Oborona and also in Instrukciya po Vyzhivaniyu.