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You may order UR-REALIST merchandise using your favourite credit card at multicards.com. We offer the following items. All tapes $5.99

UR-REALIST music is extremely non-commercial, and we don't expect to make money from these tapes and CDs. We take pleasure in offering you these rare recordings of heavenly music, that's all. However, UR-REALIST music might be bad for you -- it's addictive and dangerous for your psyche. You have been warned.

UR-REALIST music was variously described as "dark psychodelic", "garage gothic" or "this weird Russian shit". The featured artists -- Rada i Ternovnik, Chorny Lukich, Kooperadiv Nishtyak -- are first caliber stars of Russian underground scene, who play experimental, aggressive and uncompromising indie music. Due to the sorry state of Russian independent recording business, they've got almost no distribution, in Russia as well as abroad. We hope to alleviate this situation a bit with this credit card shit.

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