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Newsgroup: soc.culture.soviet
From: (Bill Palmer)
Subject: Re: Complaint of One Misha Verbitsky (was Re: POT CALLS...)
Date: 3 Mar 1995 08:57:35 GMT


My name--please note--is Misha Verbitsky,
My thoughts trite; my brain is mushy shit-ski.

Lermontov or Pushkin frankly I'm not:
My words and phrases come from toilet pot!

You say you don't like my poetic rhyme?
This doggerel fits sleaze like me just fine.

I, Misha, am not great with pretty words,
I much prefer to fight by throwing turds.

The Trivium I've sworn to never study,
With pungent brownish globs my thoughts I muddy.

Grammar/Rhetoric/Logic, that's for "squares"--
How simple to cite poets and put on airs...

I quote poems sounding wise and logical--
My own mind is strictly scatological!

To argue, ignorance can get you by,
You need more dirty names than other guy!

``The palmer is stupid'' -- his mind's unwilling
To comprehend glorious Chechnya killing!

I used to think I was big guy on net,
Bill Palmer kick-skied my lazy ass--YOU BET!

Just wait--I'll get my smelly vengeance soon
By drooling filthy words--my soulful tune.

My name I said was Misha Verbitsky,
My "mind" holds buckets of fascist shit-ski...

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Here is soc.culture.soviet politics, delightful paranoid brand which may inspire such ``poetry''.

As the end product, you may have crankery.

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