Raznye Gady.

Vladimir Vol'fovich

Vy, sebya prevozmogaya,
Shli naperekor sud'be.
Ya vam iskrenne zhelayu
Pobedit' v svoei bor'be.
Chtob vragam davali sdachi,
Chtoby Vam vsegda vezlo.
Ya zhelayu Vam udachi
Raznym gadam vsem nazlo.

Vova Tarabrin, 12 let, Ust'-Donetskiy detskiy dom.
(from the leaflet ``Pravda Zhirinovskogo'', issue 1 (2), 1995.)

Archive under construction.

Here I gather some of the most interesting (which often means most paranoidal) articles on politics, amongst those which appeared on soc.culture.soviet. Humongous archives still wait HTML translation.


Borzhka writes in a transliterated pigeon Russian. A choice quote (on the subject of Holocaust):

Etnos stal opasen. Eto odnoznachno. Genocid javlenie uzhasnoe, no u nego est' takie zhe uzhasnye prichiny. I esli genocid sostojalsja, znachit eti prichiny byli...

translated as

...[Jewish] ethnos became dangerous. This is positive. Genocid is something horrible, but it must have an equally horrible cause. And if Holocaust happened, these causes were true.

Not to be accused in promoting a genocide apologist, here is my own opinion on the person of Borzhka.

Conspiracy of Jewish Musselmen.

Soc.culture.soviet is traditionally invaded by Turkish nomads (I think of it as a form of Mongol yoke). This tradition begins with unforgettable Hasan B-) Mutlu and Ahmet Cosar (see also the poetry inspired by Mutlu). Some gems are too priceless to ignore. Here you see a conspiracy of Jews: Hitler, Mustafa Kemal and Enver Pasha, murderously sending the German and Turkish goyim to a sure death from freezing (also, this article refers to Muslim Jews of Auschwitz). Mustafa Soysal is a long-time Usenet writer, who first bloodied his pen during the first waves of Turkish invasion (his name is hard to forget owing to the fact it's fairly obscene in Russian).

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