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This page is written in transliterated Russian.

Long time ago, in the galaxy far far away, there was a collective of writers called Soyuz Pisatelei . Its members were young literators interested in the exploration and research in cut-up techniques and automatic writing.

The primary members of Soyuz Pisatelei were Yu. Fridman, A. Khachaturyan, K. Guzovskiy, I. Zemskov and L. Astrin, on to fame and some notoriety. Here I present attempts to recapitulate their unique style (more attempts to come in the future, as I have more hard copies).

Three plays about Lenin.

Is the modern art possible under totalitarianism? Is the Socialist Realism a reality or just an enticing possibility? Three prominent figures of contemporary literature answer this question, each in his or her own manner. ``Tri p'esy o Lenine'' -- (``Three plays about Lenin''), by D. Kaledin, Yu. Fridman and M. Entov -- a visionary masterpiece aimed to reconcile the chasm dividing the moderist art and the Social Realist reality. A genuine political concern mixed with the left activism and a touch of a latter-day militant feminist attitude -- an explosive mixture, if it comes to theatre! As K. Guzovsky wrote in the vastly underrated essay ``Deconstructing Socialist realism: prepatriarchialist theory in `Three plays about Lenin''':

``"Society is part of the meaninglessness of culture," says Sartre; however, according to Fridman, it is not so much society that is part of the meaninglessness of culture, but rather the futility, and some would say the collapse, of society. It could be said that prepatriarchialist theory states that language may be used to reinforce outdated perceptions of art.

If one examines Derridaist reading, one is faced with a choice: either accept cultural situationism or conclude that concensus is created by communication. Foucault promotes the use of capitalist socialism to attack class divisions. Thus, Entov states that we have to choose between constructivism and prepatriarchialism.

Debord uses the term 'constructivism' to denote not narrative, but postnarrative. However, any number of discourses concerning dialectic semantic theory exist. The subject is interpolated into a constructivism that includes art as a paradox. The subject is contextualised into a dialectic prepatriarchialist theory that includes art as a whole. Bataille's analysis of prepatriarchialist theory states that society has intrinsic meaning, given that the premise of Lacanist obscurity is valid. It could be said that Kaledin promotes the use of capitalist discourse to read class.''

Here is a plain KOI8 text and HTMLized KOI8 text of this controversial masterpiece.

Linda Gad.

A play, written some time around 1992, by Veronika Figulina.

In this play, Figulina tries to push the borders of traditional playwriting and challenge the established taboos of professional theatre, to astounding success (212 runs over). Here is a plain ASCII rendering of this masterpiece.

Rasizm otkryvaet past'.

An essay by Yu. Fridman, which appeared around 1993. A strong blow against racism and discrimination, written from vaguely libertarian positions. A work of superb literary excellence, especially for essay in politics of affirmative action and immigration law. Probably influenced by G. Steshenko, S. Viznyuk and Sid Meyer. Here is a plain ASCII rendering of this work of genius.

Here is a well of lyrical thought filled by K. Guzovsky and A. Khachaturyan.

A letters department.

We receive letters.

A work by A. Pevzner, touching upon key events of human experience. Received as a response to one of our articles.

A letter of indignation.
Marion Levi-Rom expresses righteous indignation over a recent event of political assassination. This strong piece of political opinion gives a new meaning to the verb thoughtful. Marina Rom mainains a homepage dedicated to the vile murder.

Recently, a new page of Soyuz Pisatelej appeared, written by Ilya Zemskov. Excellent.

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