Lecture notes for the course "Homological methods in Non-commutative Geometry", Univ. of Tokyo, Oct. 2007-Mar.2008.

The lectures take place on Tuesdays, in the Graduate School of Mathematics building (Komaba campus), rm. 128. I will be updating this page as the course progresses. I hope to have the notes for each lecture available before it starts. I will occasionally rewrite earlier lectures, cf. changelog at the bottom of the page. The notes are in PDF format. If you have any problem with printing them out, or if you have any questions or comments on the contents, please let me know! If you are in Tokyo, you can also reach me at my office, rm. 522 (I'm generally there at least after lunch, but to be sure, perhaps it's better to make an appointment by e-mail).

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Offtopic: here are the slides of my talk at A. Fujiki's 60th anniversary conference in Osaka, Nov. 1- Nov. 5 2007. This is seriously "work in progress", some "theorems" have not been written down yet -- use at your own risk.