This is a copy of my Harvard page. It is left untouched after Spring of 1997 and will be kept this way. Cheers.
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Misha Verbitsky

We are not working for the spectacle of the end of the world, but for the end of the world of the spectacle.

This is a list of my papers with a few vague comments and anchors to LaTeX source and postscript. WWW searches: Google and Яndex. Russian journals (in Cyrillics): RWCDAX,, :LENIN: with a few of my articles. My Curriculum Vitae (Postscript format). The TeX version of CV. It is obsolete.

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Extracurricular materials.

Intercourse the CDA.
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News service (in Russian): End of the World News. The main server of ``End of the World News'' is

``Real art of 1000 monkeys'': my very own color drawing, 1989-97. Hundreds of pictures.

The book by A. Shen, Programming: theorems and problems, in Russian. This is a computer science course (originally read in high-school). The book ends with fairly advanced material.

Russian text of Recoltes et Semailles, the memoirs of Alexandre Grothendieck. Grothendieck is one of the greatest mathematicians of this century, and probably of the whole history of mathematics. His memoirs have vaguely psychodelic quality. I received $50 from a friend who sold some quantity of those in rave disco in Moscow. Translation by Yulya Fridman

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