I needed a separate picture for Yulya's page, so I used xfig (which is beyond crude) to create the picture now found on Real Art of 1000 Monkeys page. When I obtained access to a scanner, this picture was removed for good (replaced by a nice photo), but its fragment still looms faintly, in a way of Yulya's logo. In February of 1996, I put on WWW another work of Yulya -- her translation of Alexandre Grothendieck. About this time, I perforce switched from Mosaic to Netscape, which I learned to hate with passion.

The middle of March 1996 was the moment when I suddenly obtained an access to a scanner. The scanner sucked, but I was able to scan some photos, subsequently processed with xv. I am mighty proud of my work on my own picture, on the title page -- it's linked to the original photo, so you may compare which one is better. I also scanned a couple of my artworks, but, comparing with what I have now, the scans were awful. For an illustration, s ee the bottom two pictures at my Pictures which suck page.

We left States in March 26, 1996, but during the March I have made two more pages. The Russian Poetry page was created primarily as a vehicle for the works of our friends Katya Kapovich and Philip Nikolaev, professional writers living in Boston. Here is also an interview with Timur Kibirov, taken by Philip and Katya, and some other related bits, plus links to Russian professional poetry elsewhere.

During the March of 1996, my music archives took the 3-part form they have now. My hotlist was annotated and made public earlier, some time around Spring of 1995; during the Fall of 1995, I archived the Russian articles about extreme music. In March of 1996, I made public some of my archives of old Usenet postings. Deja News archives articles posted after mid-1995, but the earlier stuff is still scarce.

Misha Verbitsky Apr 11 1997