Egor Letov, Kontr Kult Ura i drugie

A little archive of texts about Russian music, mostly in KOI.

Interv'yu s samim soboi.

An interview of Egor Letov, visionary and musician, taken from the last (ever) issue of ``Den''' newspaper (October 1993). Some poetry of Egor appended. Those weak of heart are better off not reading this article. For the record, I am in complete agreement with Egor. Here is the Russian transliterated version, and here is the KOI8 version. A collection of annonated links to other GO pages is in my hotlist.

"Priyatnogo appetita!"

Another interview with Egor (KOI), 10.09.90. The best one, in my opinion. He explains why it's necessary to spit in everybody's faces to be free.

World War III - live performance


There is too many material which is constantly updated and so on. Ther isn't enough time to crosslink all my pages. We started publishing an on-line news service (Russian, KOI-8) which (among other things) gives information about new and updated articles. At the time being (issues 1-3) there are 4 articles about GO i Egor Letov, one about Kooperativ Nishtyak, and a whole page about Rada & Ternovnik. Everybody is invited.

Kontr Kult Ura

Alex Petrushko posted to several articles from a Russian underground almanac Kontr Kult Ura, all in KOI. Most of them I have not seen, because Relcom is not available around Harvard. Please send me if you have something that I don't have (not including stuff found on the multitude of GO WWW pages).

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