Personal effects

Above: Misha and Yulya, September 9 1996; photo made in Moscow by Alya Zigangirova at her apartment. Our children, Sima and Alesha:

(same occasion, 9-9-96)   (leaving States, 25-3-96; photo by Katya Kapovich)   (same occasion, 25-3-96)  

On the middle picture, you see a bit of my backside. The doll is called Felicia. The plastic snake is not ours, I don't know what it's called. Please notice the Cambrige taxicab; that was the one which brought us to the airport.

My poems are at the famous Love, lithium and the loot of Lima page; my artwork ``real art of 1000 monkeys''; a couple of articles for the Usenet and forms to search for even more articles are at the page of Relcom.culture.underground.

I decided to have a place where I put together my articles for other websites. Here it goes (Russian only):

Misha Verbitsky